Fair trade

The owner of the famed Bread & Butter tradeshow opens a second 14 oz. retail store in Berlin

Well, I could be a rich, but I created a fair,» laughs Karl-Heinz Muller, V owner of the Bread & Butter trade fair, a semi-annual fashion and denim blow-out heard round the world, and held in Berlins historic Tempelhof Airport (a shuttered space with iconic canopied roofs that easily shelter 500 exhibitors and more than 80,000 attendees twice a year).

In addition to his Bread & Butter fame, Muller also is the owner of two retail stores in Berlin named 14 oz.,

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Elections in Russia: the configurations are not expected

These Duma elections will be held for the first time only in the proportional system. 450 mandates will compete only political parties. More past the 2003 elections were held under a mixed system, half of the deputies elected on party lists, half — by the majority system, which operates, for example, at the moment in Belarus. Now the Ministry of Justice has published a list of 15 parties, eligible participate in the elections. In Russia rather stringent conditions for registration of parties: must more than 50 thousand people, more than 500 members in more than 45 regions of the country.

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Retchitsa: Entrepreneurs Fair Slavic require guaranteed jobs

Concerned about the loss of jobs activists public associations "For Free Development of Enterprise" addressed to the executive committee with the requirement to ensure the place of work.Now in the second half of a day or at a meeting of businessmen fair "Slavic" vice-chairman Rechitskoye Executive Committee Vyacheslav Pamaleyka assured the public that the executive committee will give the period of reconstruction temporary place trade at a site near the cannery.Authorities also promised after reconstruction calculated for one month, the number of retail locations at the fair will not decrease.In turn, the director of commercial enterprise "Danaprys" Alexander Marinich said

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Here’s what else you can do in Minsk NIGHT MODE …

On Komsomol lake I get somewhere in the eight in the morning — for many visitors, the account goes on thousand people. Trading takes place in an ordinary gym at bazaars, as the ware market first 1990s. Each such collapse tolchetsya a dozen people. I go to meet people with bags full of books.Reporter: "What brings you here?"Lady: "As usual, like all — purchase books. In principle, there is assortment of more than fair "World of books." Well, the price here is better. "Pensioner: "There can be cheaper to buy magazines on rukadelli. They I was very Intriguing. "Man: "There

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S.Shushkevich: It’s a harsh international business

"I believe that if question on a fair tribunal is not povinet if Karadzic, he has long was necessary most come. And so, that it found that Americans greeted with this, of course, that this is a harsh international business. And I hope that the court will be fair. It is alleged that he ruined thousands of innocent people. But here must be fair tribunal "- says Stanislav Shushkevich.

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Hunting hope that the courts fair

Reporter: "At the moment we are interested in the 1st lawyer. How do you think the courts are fair in Belarus?"

Man: "By bolshennomu account — fair, I think so."

Reporter: "What you can not suit in court, what points?"

Man: "Spabornasts process just a little too weak. This new phenomenon, it has not yet developed as we would like. "

Reporter: "How do you think, as a lawyer affects on the process?"

Man: "It is my belief, I think he still has an effect better than it was 10 years ago.

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UAZ is negotiating with Cuba to supply vehicles

Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant in talks with Cuba about the possibility of supply 200 cars for the state institutions of the Republic.

Meanwhile, UAZ will participate XXX-th International Fair of Havana «FIHAV-2012" in the Republic of Cuba and the shipment of cars already produces UAZ Patriot and UAZ Pickup sea through the port of St. Petersburg. Traditional party Havana Fair, this year will present a UAZ car UAZ Patriot and UAZ Pickup in picking a diesel engine ZMZ-514 environmental class Euro 3 with a 2.2 liter Common Rail system and turbocharger company "Garrett." Cars have a new interior, new

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Mogilev on the case of Alexander Zdzvizhkou

Man: "I am perfectly well, even militant. This sentence not only disproportionate, it is quite absurd. Hopefully, that will be from religious leaders of various denominations appropriate reaction. To me, at least, would have liked."

Should treat with respect to other people’s religion … Maybe a little punishment was be. Plant — it was not worth

Old lady: "No, I would have given conditionally."Youth"In Europe, it is not judged. We Muslims in the country, one might say, a national minority, and their faith can not just insulting."Reporter: "Do you think the verdict fair?"Man: "No, unfair. Could do a fine or

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Those who lost a job offer job fair

But the former owners and their employees are not laid off have seen the usefulness of this innovative form of employment — before they were not satisfied with the proposed specialty.According to the deputy director of the Vitebsk employment center Valentina Chapurko on "Job Fair" with job offers were invited to more sewing and commercial enterprises of the town."The fair was aimed at making hired to work with individuals and personal businessmen who are not re-registered as private unitary enterprises. Much of this lady. ‘Cause we invited companies where labor is used ladies: trade, health, alone we have seamstresses about

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Savior in Yelabuga visited by more than 100,000 people

From 2 to 4 August Elabuge large-scale events were held: VI All-Russian Spassky Fair and VI All-Russian Festival of bell ringing.

For the first time the fair was attended by 867 of decorative and applied arts, crafts and folk art, representing 136 cities and settlements of Russia (27 of Tatarstan), Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Greek island of Rhodes. Goods were imported about 22 million rubles, sold more than 12 million rubles.

Of the 19 cities in the country have come to Yelabuga 42 ringer, but only Festival of bell ringing brought together 109 participants: bell

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