Phantom Phinale

— The Video

(Bad) Manners Production, c/o Flight Simulator, RAF Coningsby, Lines, LN445Y.

Music by Queen.

Running time approximately 35 minutes, £15.00 + £1.50 p & p.

THIS PRODUCTION HAS been made by serving RAF aircrew and the proceeds are for charity. It is a tribute to the long-serving and apparently much-loved F-4 Phantom — designed in the 1950s and still a very powerful weapon. It takes us on tour with active squadrons in the Falklands and Cyprus, and on some of the displays performed last summer to mark the end of an era within the RAF. Throughout the video

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Jim Dorschner visited the Falkland Islands to report on the Air Component, British Forces South Atlantic Islands.

TWENTY-THREE YEARS after the 1982 South Hi Atlantic War with Argentina, British airpower in the Falkland Islands remains robust, capable and busy. British Forces South Atlantic Islands (BFSAI), which replaced the former British Forces Falkland Islands last year and now includes responsibility for Ascension, St Helena, South Georgia and Tristan da Cunha, remains based at RAF Mount Pleasant (MPA), 35 miles (56km) southwest of Stanley on East Falkland. The air component is led by Group Captain Gordon Moulds, a Tornado F.3 navigator with


A new conflict over the Falklands

Minister foreign affairs of England, William Haig found it necessary to warn the Latin American countries of their intervention in the so-called Falkland conflict, which takes place between Argentina and the United Kingdom.

Buenos Aires in recent years seriously increased efforts in establishing 100% strength influence over Falklands. It is worth remembering that London believes the islands located east of the Argentine coast, his own.

The situation around Falklands difficult in the past month. Then, many American countries forbid ships flying the flag of Falklands enter their ports. Haig believes that these acts are illegal Latinos. In addition, English

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