How to celebrate Valentine’s day minchane? (Audio)

Listen:Sleeping in the north district of Minsk. Club "Graffiti". Snowy evening. And already on the way see and hear that there people going out with pleasure.The band plays "Acoustics" band. Explains club representative PaulPaul: "I reverse the Month offered to make them festive program from specially dedicated to lovers of days. They promised something heartbreaking. They play flamenco, jazz, blues … a cover that closer to the" Beatles "… But in the treatment of" Acoustics Band "Reporter: "Today reflected in the activities of the club? "Paul: "It’s everyone. Someone travels with it as it is not clear what. For me

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Eros Agapov branch

Although if you want everyone can find it myself, for the sake of encyclopedic reference, I note that the origin of "lovers’ holiday" Merkle and avtentyzm most of his patron — understood. Dominated by the view that it was a Roman priest or bishop acteristic of that at the end of III century died of suffering death in Rome. He secretly crowned Tipo legionnaires who were forbidden to marry. But this is unlikely, as to the IX. no separate sacrament of marriage. It was a mild blessing ritual, together with a pair of confession and communion joint (the Eucharist). Yet

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Performance in Saligorsk ended detentions

Young people are fixed on the scene about stretching Soligorsky executive committee with the words "We love Belarus." In the types of angels and love hearts they congratulated passers.

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The will of the universe watch online

What to do if for you, 13 years old, you in love with the most beautiful girl in the school and you predicted that you have left to live for a day or 3? If Destiny is written in the books that you perish in the tragedy in the coming Sunday, and your grandmother recently had a terrible prophetic dream? If you do not believe the fate and fatal destiny — you just laugh. But the seventh-grader Dima Konoplyev believed, and then at another, and so to think seriously about the imminent death, and made the decision

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