The last pharaoh and the fall of ancient Egypt

In 30 BCE, a love affair between a powerful queen and a respected military leader caused scandal in Rome and ultimately brought about the end of a royal dynasty

Cleopatra VII remains an icon of both the ancient and modern world. Today, she continues to captivate and puzzle historians, remaining one of history’s most enchanting and enigmatic figures.

The alliance of Mark Antony and Cleopatra changed the face of the world. A coalition which began as a political statement soon evolved into a tumultuous, and later tragic, love affair.

Despite her florid reputation, Cleopatra took only two lovers — both

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Hello to Fall

Fall always puts me in the gathering and harvesting mood. It’s a precious few weeks we have to reap the bounty from our gardens, tidy up the yard, and still enjoy long evenings on the deck, maybe now with a light sweater tossed around the shoulders. Some people moan that fall is just that last inevitable blink before the snow comes, but it really should be savoured. If we think good thoughts, it might last until after Halloween!

After we harvest the tomatoes and tidy up outside, it’s time to turn our attention to the inside. Our readers tell us

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Anniversary of the disaster: flowers at the stone with the word sorry

Indirect observers for those events become your correspondent Russian edition of "War Journal", currently editor of "free previews" Vasily Zdanyuk.Commander showed hypervigilantThe journalist was given the task to do an interview with the then head of defense forces (PVO) of Belarus Valery Kostenko. But talking about the development of a unified Russian-Belarusian air defense system a couple of times interrupted duty reports about an unknown object near air Birch, who did not respond to requests and continued to delve into the area of Belarus. To illustrate the actual care of military, General finally ordered to beat "drone"."Well, and later, when

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Figure a day or 147

It should be noted that a third of the dead were p» yanymi. Most — 104 people — victims of a violation of labor protection requirements, another 24 were killed as a result of road accidents.

Quote a day or August 6

"This again is a fantasy about the export of revolution or democracy, and these fantasies are usually poorly finished. I do not think that democracy was imported here in the Czech Republic, or that someone taught us that if we needed a similar education. I believe that the system has fallen from domestic circumstances and I believe that in the same way it falls, before or later, in Belarus, Cuba or somewhere else. I believe that heroes who think that they have brought down communism, they say a lie, they amuse themselves, or in some places we have abroad. "

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Kasparov: Putin will drop Belarusians drop Lukashenko — we

Kasparov: "They have their difficulties similar to ours. How insulting joke many Russians, "our train is approaching the station Minsk." Indeed, share naughty experience is useful, but at the same time we realize that we are fighting with different modes. But I believe that the fall of the Putin regime will help them, as well as the fall of the Lukashenko regime will help us. "

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1st In Rakov on Thursday wives "Peri" blanks for the prevention Second search of the apartment the Young Ivan Shyla 3rd Kasparov: Putin will drop Belarusians drop Lukashenko — we Fourth Milinkevich: Bush says Belarus remains the focus of the U.S. Fifth sentences participants protests: 3-5 days

A. Lord: Hitherto imperialism falls

"As for political component of the Belarusian-Venezuelan cooperation, it is obvious — and I would have said that he did not look very presentable, because it political friendship 2-authoritarian control. Hugo Chavez — Influential figure in its own region in the midst of a certain number of states. Rhetoric about the fall of the South American imperialist rhetoric of the cool smell of war. To This time imperialism "falls", and we can not rise above the level.

Because you saw is true, that Lukashenko from that show commitment to old stereotypes like disassociating. Especially since on the background and let

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Florian priest Kozlovsky: Crane gave me

Representatives local authorities visited the scene only after the written appeal believers. And builders hastily zamaystvali hole. Ice Palace in Saligorsk built next to the church. Crane weighing 140 tons fell about 23 hours on Saturday. Rector of the church, the priest Florian at this point was in the building and oh so recalls the incident: "On the 3rd floor of a room from me. And just this crane standing in front of me. The room had a window open and any shred of a second look — this crane flies on me. Here’s the first shot was where I

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Ussuri hatchery started modernizing the shunting of TEM2

On the Ussuri locomotive repair plant (branch of "Zheldorremmash") started work on the modernization of the shunting of TEM2. Enhanced capacity of TEM2 likely to remain at the same level, which he has now — 1200 horsepower. However, it will be installed instead of one two diesel-generator sets manufactured by Caterpillar and Cummins. This will account for the management of individual diesel generator sets save fuel, explained the company. Also, thanks to the installation of imported diesel consumer can save on maintenance and diesel engine oil. Since 2016, the load of the plant of "Russian Railways" will fall.

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