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Grapes fan

I №3 read an article in «Urals grapes» Ivan Petrovich Sailer and was very surprised by his care for the vines. Besides, the author refers to a new variety — CP F1, while stressing: «my own brand.» And it is with such knowledge? ..

Firstly, the author, in my opinion, gives wrong advice on formirovke vines. When shtambovoy formirovke, as I understood from the description, it carves a four vines and annually to replace her annual leave. But the vine — not currant, which has an annual cut was four-branch! In this age of the vine is just starting

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The battery farming of the 12th signaling and communication Voroshilov road is in bad condition. Leaders distance totally engaged in this economy.

The battery is not charge-discharge shield. Everything is done here in the temporary shelters. Batteries are transported from place to place. The premises of the storage and cross are not repaired. In the windows, and there are cracks in the floor. Devices and batteries because of this all the time gathering dust. When cleaning them every time it is necessary to disturb the wire, which may lead to breakage.

The battery is not a fan. The air


White-red-white flags appeared on BT

BT admitted that fans may have different political viewsDuring broadcasts of World Cup matches in the stands could behold cheerleading team Belarus under white-red-white flags. And while playing with team Slovakia white-red-white flag was unfurled for the Belarusian team benches.Belarusian TV has demonstrated in all the games live Belarus team. And always at the Ice Palace hovers many white-red-white flags.Pass them BT can not, as so called "Painting" with the championship broadcast without changes to all states.Both groups support, with historical, that with today’s official flags heartily rejoice when Belarusians throw the puck, and was very upset when she flies

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Hockey on many white-red-white flags

Belarusian TV is broadcast live on the first play of Belarusians — the Czechs and the Yankees. Both times, the Ice Palace soared many white-red-white flags.Media expert Leonid Mindlin clarify that employees of BT does not depend that the audience will see. Reflection of events in the championship (so called "Painting") on television — the total for all states, where these staring competitions."There is a TV, which acquired the rights to broadcast the championship. In this case, it is a Russian company. It gives television" image. "And it’s her staff — directors, cameramen, engineers — provide a picture of the

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Belarus — United Kingdom: 1:3

Opened the scoring in the 12th Minutka Steven Gerrard. 27 minutes Minutka Pavel Sitko scored in response. Team went on hiatus with a draw 1:1. In the 2nd half on the 45th and 75th minute time goals scored Wayne Rooney. During the day the police, special forces soldiers and aperupavnavazhanyya Criminal Investigation comped everywhere British football fans, recognizable by their brutal behavior.The police Leninsky district of Minsk said "Freedom" that no excesses in an hour after the match failed. England fans went to celebrate a victory of his own team, and the police were watching them from the side.Attendant assured

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Anti-gravity platform VS Grebennikova. Continued from Part 5

Why electrostatics? — On the platform comes complete with all pure electric elements. So electricity is used. But we also know that the platform has a compass, the presence of which prohibits conversion to powerful electromagnetic propulsion system no matter what the design. But the electrostatic field has absolutely no effect on the compass. It is also known that the great potential of the electrostatic field can do work (remember, said Tesla) and even being consumed. And as noted by Sib: In my opinion, it is present electrostatics. Getting high voltage on the order of tens of rilovolt

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Israeli company Urban Aeronautics is drafting a high-speed UAV VTOL UAV based AirMule, reports Flightglobal. Work began in 2009, when they were first produced models such tests UAV in a wind tunnel. The air flow rate during the test was 250 knots (465 km per hour).   As expected, the option cargo drone that can develop tremendous speed, powerful engine will get 1600 to be 20 percent more AirMule machine and 50 percent heavier. According to preliminary calculations, the new drone will be able to reach speeds of more than 250 units and will be needed by the military


The murder of Yegor Sviridov: Moscow came to Manege (photos, video)

Almost all gathered at Manezh Square, where on Saturday accomplished unauthorized rally football fans and nationalist organizations, developed into a mess, left the center Moscow. At the current time, as stated in the police department, the situation is under control.

Agreement to voluntarily leave area preceded access to the gathered heads of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltseva. The chief of the Metropolitan Police asked people to leave and promised that the authorities of the Interior will continue to respond appropriately to all such manifestations of crime as murder fan of "Spartacus" Yegor Sviridov.

Recall that on Saturday at Moscow's Manezh

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Women’s Wrestling League watch online

Who are familiar with Wrestling fights, maybe thinks that such a sport and the ladies, things are completely incompatible. And at the same time is lot as a member of the show, as well as the ardent fans specifically ladies of wrestling. Ladies' Wrestling — it's very sexy, as all participants show — it's cute and sexy babes. Add to this a spectacular fight and you will understand why this particular form of wrestling has so quite a few fans, especially among boys.

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Dictionary of Liberty

Society Douste

Vyacheslav Rakytskyy

Douste — Toxic substance to kill harmful insects. Although this has long been the bane forbidden to eat, her memory lives strongly in the people.

That's what I remember my childhood, when we, "Pioneers of Soviet country," walked endless collective farm fields, and who is an enema, and who broom sprinkled cabbage, potatoes, corn, gray poison. And sometimes, bavyachysya and one another.

In winter, eating the same cabbage with Dostum — Poison, which for decades have not decomposed.

Later we sound JOURNAL read that even in the ice of Antarctica have found God knows where there

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