There’s a farm in the Overberg that never sleeps. It’s always busy there. If the owners aren’t converting the farmhouse, the outbuildings or the barn into a lively party and wedding venue, they’re rearranging the furniture. Or the potted plants. And now, rumour has it, they have something new up their sleeve-and it sounds intriguing…

You can safely bet on the good morning crow of an out-of-time rooster when you visit Halfaampieskraal. But that’s it, and that’s good. For the rest of your

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In the winter of 2010, ceramicist Clementina van der Walt and Her partner, entrepreneur, Albie Bailey, decided to go on a road trip. On the street outside their Green Point apartment, World Cup fever was at a pitch.

Their journey would be slow, with the possibility of scouting for a place in the country and an itinerary that included Calitzdorp, Ouotshoorn and Barkly East — all the way to Grahamstown. But before they were due to set foot in the «City off Saints» they fell in love with a rambling Victorian school in the Groenfontein Valley.

Eleven kilometres outside Calitzdorp,


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Set high on a misty pass above Magoebaskloof in Limpopo, Kuhestan is at its most spectacular in spring.

Driving the 12km from the village of Haenertsburg to Kuhestan Organic Farm in Limpopo first impressions are of a valley steeped in a rosy glow. Thanks to the abundant swathes of azalea bushes that line the road with colour, everything is pink. Bursts of pure white and apricot are thrown in for good measure but it’s the cerise and the crimson that really set the tone. Shahrzad and Brett Hone run a raspberry and avocado farm from this lush part of the

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"Too many cooks spoil the broth" — The old Russian proverb could not be better characterize the state of the fur trade in Yakutia. The fact that there are seven official purveyors of furs. Also, in recent years, especially in Yakutia activated eighth — unofficial, but for him it will go further.

Prior to 1963, fur-bearing blanks in the Yakut ASSR was in charge of consumer cooperatives in the face of his republican body — Holbosa. Then YASSR farms Ministry of Agriculture began to take their own furs directly to the Irkutsk fur-bearing base. Since 1968, 47 state farms receive

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Blooming gardens Kulunda steppe

Kulundinskie steppes are known for high yields, but less well known here and enemies of crops — dry winds, against which the collective and state farms lay shelterbelts.

Tree saplings of forest trees for this purpose grow Chistoozernoe plodopitomnichesky farm, Novosibirsk region. Initially, it was nursery. But since 1948 its staff grow trees of fruit crops. They reasoned: if there are growing elm and maple, why can not bloom and bear fruit apple tree?

Enthusiasts were among workers and professionals. Agronomists Koenig MD and ND Romanenko gave new cause of all the free time. Many have made tireless hands of

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Well prepared for the opening of hunting

Not long left to wait for the coveted summer-autumn hunting on a feather. Passed during the breeding season. Growing up young upland, waterfowl and other game birds.

Due to the warm winter in the wintering grounds, returned home more than in 1970, aquatic and marsh game. Good traction Woodcock showed that with this kind of thing is well. Many wood pigeons flew.

Now, while young is not got no wing, especially the need to provide him rest in forests, ponds and around them. We must remember how much damage does broods capercaillie, black grouse, grouse, ducks and even a frequent

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In the seven years FINISH

Plodovinsovhoz «Almaly» Kurdayskogo district, organized in 1957. Before him was tasked to — during the years of the seven-year lay industrial garden area of ​​1600 hectares. This is a difficult task, but, as life has shown, it is quite doable.

Soil and climatic conditions of Chu valley in which the farm is located, as commissioned by the man created by nature to lay the garden. From the north and the northeast — the mountains, covering the flow of cold air masses; south and southwest — open valley with a rich and fertile land. Altitude 1100 meters. At this altitude fruit

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In July 1963 the farm «Bilkey» Gaysenskogo production management, Vinnytsia region, the seminar directors, agronomists and foremen horticultural state farms Ministry of production and procurement of agricultural products of the Ukrainian SSR on the exchange of experience. The seminar was attended by officials of the Ministry of production and procurement of agricultural products of the country, regional management of production and procurement of agricultural products, the regional party committee on agriculture, industrial control, scientific workers of the Ukrainian Research Institute of Horticulture and others, more than 100 people.

As a guest at the seminar was attended by the chief agronomist

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Reasonable use of resources of the North

The vast territory of the northern regions of the Russian Federation.

But the natural wealth of the North is not enough used.

Issues of development of basic sectors of the economy, and the meeting was devoted foremost reindeer herding, fur farming, hunting and fishing, which took place in the city of Magadan. These workers come to the tundra and taiga Murmansk, Tyumen, Irkutsk, Arkhangelsk region, Primorye, the Krasnoyarsk, Khabarovsk territories and the Yakut ASSR.

Presentations were made by the chairman of the Magadan Oblast Executive Committee comrade. Chistyakov, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Yakut ASSR comrade.

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The right to love

Written by VICTOR POTEYKIN director — Vladimir Nazarov operator — Alexander Ryabov artist — IRINA LUKASHEVICH Composer — Alex Muravlev Lyrics Leonid Derbeneva Irina Potocki recordist ELENA Urvantseva

Roles performed:

Fedor — Ivan Shabaltas

Elena — Irina MALYSHEVA

Peter Danilovich — Vladimir Samoilov

Claudia — Valentina Talyzina


Alexander — MICHAEL Kokshenov

Nina — Irina SAFRONOV

Dergachov — Evgeny Shutov

Fedyulya — GERMAN Kachin

Millet — Gennady Yukhtina

Berazhkou — Nicholas Dupak superintendent Dakshin — Alexander Kudinov

Paul Shumilov — VICTOR KORESHKOV married — Sergey Zhigunov, Elena Antonova

Niurka Shumilova — LIGHT Stupak


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