The Father’s bosom

Actor Vladimir Dolinskaya doted in his daughter. Still: this clever, beautiful and talented actress, which extol and colleagues and directors. But this is not about a family oasis shlos without storms. For Dad drove her child out of the house, why he received a hostile reception to the novel as a little girl, and the girl managed to convince his father — all this and many other told us herself Polina.

After the release of the series on television screens «Maroussia», where our heroine starred her christened Russian Natalia Oreiro and «wild angel from Moscow», Polina and she laughingly calls

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I came, saw, raped

To understand the psychology of the people of that time, it is necessary to become familiar with their myths. For their gods the Greeks and Romans wrote to myself, so that the behavior of the inhabitants of heaven — is the embodiment of secret desires of ordinary mortals. Greek myths — that children under sixteen years of reading is not recommended. Sex, blood and violence there is so much that the level of XXX porn seem innocent transfer «Good night, kids!». Take Zeus (the Romans — Jupiter), ruler of the sky, thunder, lightning, responsible for all the world. This

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Galileo Galilei

The father of modern astronomy provided the basis for our understanding of the Solar System.

Italian astronomer, mathematician and physicist Galileo Galilei was born on 15 February 1564 in Pisa, Italy. He is often referred to as the father of modern observational astronomy, due to his pioneering telescopic work. Vilified for supporting heliocentrism, he is ultimately one of the most important figures in the history of astronomy.

Galileo was encouraged by his father, a musician and wool trader, to study medicine. Eventually, despite flirtations with becoming a monk (to which his father objected), he enrolled at the University of Pisa

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Packs of yogurt and cooked apples

I is the 75th year, but that on the passport. And in the soul — no half! I live alone, disease course, bouquet. However, I do not give it to bloom.

By profession I am a kindergarten teacher. I communicate with former employees — pensioners, about half a century have been breeding and breeding gladioli, dahlias, lilies. I visited a circle of nature lovers, where sharing experience and planting material, read their poems. For participation in exhibitions and competitions gardeners have a lot of letters. All three of my sons are also involved in the cultivation of flowers, so

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In Synkavitskay church now sounded Mighty God

A 12-hour prayer service in the church began. Immediately felt how raschudesnye speakers here. All the same, the church not only inimitable own outdoor unusual architecture. Whoever built it, conceived as the voice will sound here.Artemy father abbot very loudly read prayers and sang the chorus instead of two seminarians Zhirovitsy. Their voice and floated around the temple, creating a beautiful atmosphere.Father Arseny before that did not hide his own excitement, however, saw that happening in merapryemtva quite cozy atmosphere, as students from schools Elkavskay not allowed here, and the congregation is quite insignificant.Father Arseny: "The local population is not

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Olga Klaskouski: We wish to take out in Belarus and make it a show trial

Klaskouski: "Two years reversed my daughter and I got in Poland Miroslaw political refugee status, and 10 months later, Miroslav was stolen from the territory of Ukraine and my ex-spouse still unknown persons. Child was exported across the border without any documents, without a passport, and without my permission to travel abroad. After 10 months, I do not have any contact with the child, and this time in Minsk against me has passed a number of cases in court, I was deprived of custody of her daughter. After a while my mom was able to find a daughter in Minsk

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Ernest Sabila: It is the will of God that the spirit rises civilization …

Meeting with the priest Belarusian Evangelical Church Ernest Sabil accomplished indoors Company Belarusian schools. Come youth, there are a few older people, see graying head.Sabila: "I was with their community registered in the apartment, the years have passed, now it has become lawlessness. Lawlessness Why is it that has changed? Mood changed father, and the father has changed. Was Shushkevich, Lukashenko has become …"Dmukhovskyy: "Why did my father now can not build the church, why people had hunger strike to achieve their rights? "Ideologue, "Man, who wishes do something contrary, they knocked on this hunger strike. "Dmukhovskyy: "It is their

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Igor Cooley: From surname Cooley easier than by name Milinkevich

Karatkevich: "Both my interlocutors currently in Warsaw. Igor ’22, Vytautas 18 years. Igor, tell us about programmke Kalinowski."Cooley: "The program was created Kalinouski year earlier repressed for youth — all recognizable after the March events. This program — a very excellent, from time to time only opportunity to get an education for young people, which for political reasons was excluded from our universities."Karatkevich: "You have chosen specialization" international affairs. "Kalinowski in the program have a choice or just rassredotachivanie where who goes there?"Cooley: "There is a choice, of course. My situation is a little different, since I had already studied

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Chalč: People are divided into four categories: smart, literate, and the usual hitretsky

Curious, how much is a house in this paradise? A couple of minutes to please the eye, I asked such a question even Nestor and giggly halchantsy hostesses strong house overlooks the River. And got a philosophical response.Galina: "I’m not selling this hut."Reporter: "But why?"Galina: "Because it is the homeland."Reporter: "A homeland is not for sale?"Galina: "Just goes into the heritage of each other."Reporter: "Is there someone to give?"Galina: "There. Two kids. "Reporter: "Not for any money?"Galina: "None. Maybe after they have already implemented it. Then let as desire. But I’m not selling. "Reporter: "The place resort".Galina: "There was so

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Quote a day or May 17

"In football he plays, but it’s hard to play, because when you peel the ball, sore leg and back. Because he still tries to play the least." Daughter of political prisoner Alyaksandr Kozulin Julia in response to the question, whether plays her father in the bullpen in football, about than readsla superiors colony. Now Julia had a meeting with the Pope in the colony "Vitsba-3."

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