1 CND: Retention+ Sculpting Liquid and Perfect Color Powders

2 Young Nails: Acrylic System

3 OPI Products: Absolute Liquid & Powder Technology

4 NSI: Attraction Acrylic System

5 Hand & Nail Harmony: Acrylic System


1 Young Nails: Colored Acrylic

2 CND: Perfect Color Powder Collection

3 OPI Products: AbsoluteFX Color Powders

4 EZ Flow: Boogie Nights Confetti Acrylic Collection

5 NSI: Technicolor Colored Acrylic


1 CND: Sticky Base Coat >

2 OPI Products: Natural Nail Base Coat

3 Seche: Seche Clear

4 Orly International: Bonder

5 China Glaze: Ridge Filler Base Coat



Departments co


Trendy Tabletop

Meet us at the intersection of fashion and design. We explore trends like the revival of ever-lovely lace, which is turning up on both runways and tabletops.


62 Turning Tables

How very Interesting! We think you’ll enjoy the Interest-inspired telescope we created using pinboards that captured our imaginations.


Around Town: Savannah

From a fabrics parlor to a charming pub, Day of Savannah’s drool-worthy Back in the Day Bakery guides us on a memorable customized tour of her adopted city.

Classics Redefined

78 Tangled Up in Blue and White

The classic color scheme of blue and

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Night siege October 11

The community by_politics publish a statement of some members of such socio-political initiatives such as "third way", "eye", "Mutiny". The text says disagreement with the organizers of the "Euro march" to go October 14 permission from the authorities of the route Academy to Bangalore Square. The creators of this application call to gather at October Square Independence Avenue and move to the State Library. Comments:"Judging by the amount of passion that razdimayutstsa all completed zilch";"Translated into human language this means:" Let’s go get on the head! Later, all told how we hurt evil regime! ";"Great! If these strong organizations 14th

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Ivashkevich: There is no one who would argue against the Euro march

At a press conference favorite political parties told about preparation for the "Euro march" and other autumn activities of the opposition.September 30, 450 pickets planned sixty towns in Belarus — to protest against the social policy in the country.On This time shares applicants require officials informed answers if pickets will not allow. Followers of the parties stated that the pickets still held — in other legal forms.Favorite reads of the Communist Party Sergei Kalyakin:"What we want, we will.’s One thing — to block one or two picket in Minsk, but block 100 pickets … Well, let’s see how it will

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Citations a day or — August 14

"Before Belarus really even matter now stands not only geopolitical choice and civilizational choice: either we will participate in the development of the Byzantine Empire, or we will participate in the integration process in Europe."Favourite movement "For Freedom" movement Alyaksandr Milinkevich — about European March Democratic Forces"Self-defense committees created in Svetlahorsk, an advocacy group of businessmen — Soligorsk group protection from seizure — Slutsk. Variously called them. But the essence is the same: to stop this looting of businessmen. Decree on certification — to perform mystical businessmen. Entrepreneurs — mobile people: bring a product to go to realize it. And

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Why forbid favorite UCP be activists of the Freedom Movement?

Chairman of the Gomel city organization Joint civilian Party Andrew Tolchin intensively cooperates with "the Movement" For Freedom. "clarifies his position, followed by:"I’m a liberal own essence. And the fact that I am a member public organizations "Movement" For Freedom ", is not contrary to the charter of the UCP. Vo-2, can not be done so that the party was only one world — as in the present leadership of Belarus, where Lukashenko just always right."From the words of Andrew Tolchin, at the moment, virtually all members of Gomel city and regional organizations involved in the UCP "Movement" For Freedom.

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In Levki to Kupala

Poems in Competition sent several 10-s poets aged 18 to 30 years. Favorites recognized four young creators Ira Borisevich and Sergey Samanenka from Vitebsk, Ira Belsky from Novopolotsk and Ales Zamkovskiy of Polotsk.Followers Kupala contest received gifts from senior colleagues — Catfish and poet Lera department chairman Franz Sivko SBP. Incentive-winning young poet has also traveled to the museum Levki yes Vladimir Korotkevich in Orsha. Ales Zamkovskiy, Borisevich Ira, Ira Belsky, Sergei Samanenka and chairman of the Department of SBP Franz SivkoSumming up the poetry contest, Franz Sivko said subsequent will contest for young novelists of Vitebsk — the 125th

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Statkevich campaigning for candidates Evrakaalitsyi

The meeting was held in the district House of Culture Lepel. Present in the room was a little, but they intensely questioned and most female candidates, and favorite Social Democrats, who comes to the number of trustees of Mrs. Sadouskaya.Tomorrow Statkevich said to extend to the Smolensk market in Vitebsk propaganda leaflets candidates Igor Kanygina and Alexei Gavrutsikava. Together with it will agitate and last political prisoner, Vitebsk favorite businessmen Sergei Parsyukevich. Evening Statkevich accept role campaigning in meeting together with the candidate for the October-Vitebsk constituency number 20 Galina Kozyrevoj.

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V.Podgol: Around Lukashenko — Feedback horror and immorality

"Today, all efforts should be focused on one thing — destruction idol"Ilya Kopil, Minsk: "BNF and UCP hyping Kalyakina — render it evenly on the first position. And there is a danger that the change of power, these parties may find themselves in opposition to the current favorite of the Communists. What do you think about this?"Podgolov: "All these discussions about the political leaders of the opposition — who is stronger than who unwind more, someone who will obey — we must resolutely stop! All efforts should be focused on one thing — destruction idol. Initially, in the brain, and

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Photo report from the streets of Minsk

Midst of surprises parade — nobody’s baby

What prazdnichek without props?

Excellent lyazhytstsa municipal colors

Where’s my Ice Palace?

By guns had no ability to drive or approach

For all those ladies prazdnichkom — languid work

During speech Alexander Lukashenko"Belarus threatens NATO

Noble guard at the monitor?

"I do not shoot!"

…prospectus to Favorites …

…of Komsomol lake

Prazdnichek … Costumed?

Veteran in the heat became ill

After the president’s speech sounded colorful pipe


Minskers thousand gathered on the avenue favorites hour before prazdnichka, otherwise not allowed to

Occupation does not happen very much


Athletic prazdnichka started with

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