If you think ceiling roses and corbels are only for heritage houses, think again. Check out these designs that can work with any style of home


If you are looking to do something a bit different with your kitchen splashback or even a feature wall, this Geometric pressed metal will certainly have guests intrigued. This is another great way to take an old idea and make it new.


This Colonial-style archway from Bailey interiors is fit for a king. The thick arch and equally impressive columns that are attached will create a



I GOT TURNED on to The Hunger Games last summer and immediately read all three books over the course of a few days while on vacation in Hawaii. It drew me into a world that wasn’t just fascinating but totally unique, and, specifically, the character of Pete really appealed to me. We’ve been fans of Josh H. for a while here-he was in the October 2009 issue-so we already knew he was down-to-earth and talented; when we learned he was going to play the leading role of Pete in the movie adaptation, opening this March, he was an obvious choice

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We’ve covered all our bases in terms of data security, but what about the physical security of our machine? What happens if we lose it, misplace it, or it gets stolen? Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to combat these scenarios, as well. Let’s take a look at the options.


Most all Macs include what’s known as a «Kensington Lock» port. This security port allows you to lock down your Mac using a simple cable that’s similar to a bicycle lock. You can get very fancy locks with all kinds of bells and whistles,

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Tracks for oil

As part of the annual contract to supply spare parts for road-building equipment Chelyabinsk tractor builders completed the first shipment of upgraded track tapes of "Surgutneftegas".

Until the end of January to the oil and gas company will be shipped to 50 tracks for tractors and B-10 diesel-electric bulldozer production CTZ worth around eight million rubles. Deliveries will continue in the coming months.

Upgraded caterpillar tracks, for the first time ordered Surgutneftegaz, feature lubricated. Introduction lubricant reduces wear of these parts is more than four times. Also reduced operating noise is

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Bolivia to hit showers

Downpours have caused flooding and landslides. No casualties yet reported. Most of the country went under water. Authorities evacuated population. Flood waters washed away everything in its path. Most affected provinces El Chapare, in the central part of the country. Water is reached 2 meters. Meteorologists say that the rains will continue till March 15.Video:

Mi-18 — the remainder of the project

In the second half of the 1970s, the Soviet Air Force found a new helicopter that could lift into the air more than 30 people. E-8MTs had suitable capacity, but that it is positioned in the number of soldiers, paratroopers was impossible because of the size of his cab. Realizing this in OKB. Mile, as in his Kazan branch (now Kazan Scientific and Production Enterprise "Helicopters" Mi ") which then worked on all modifications and completions of Mi-8, offered a simple increment fuselage Serial helicopter by using additional sections. A similar approach is quite a long time, which was used

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Langoliers. Feature film

Passengers and crew airliner suddenly fall into another dimension. When they are landing at the destination, but it is empty. Oddities grow, gradually moving into psychosis and bloody nightmare. Monstrous Langoliers eat not only people and objects, but also the space …

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Lights. Feature film

The main character — Jack Torrance — came to an elegant retreat hotel keeper to work during off-season, along with his wife and son. Torrance here have never been to. Or is this not the case? The answer lies in the darkness, woven of criminal nightmare.

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Supershtorm in Seattle. Feature film

Warm day, nice weather … Nothing indicated that the worst will happen. Still terrible happened: the military shot down a UFO over the U.S. West Coast. After an alien craft had been shot down on the planet begin to happen extreme weather events. And if you do not find a solution to this problem, in the world there will be global changes that will cause an irreparable disaster

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Delimiter. Feature film

A mysterious explosion destroys New York City, but a few citizens can survive by isolating themselves in the basement of the building. But what seemed an ideal refuge, soon turns into a trap — first heroes terrorizing people in chemical protection, and then rushes to the monastery brought strangers virus.

Separator (2011)

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