SX280 HS £290

The PowerShot SX280 HS is ideal for travel and is Wi-fi-enabled — and connecting to Wi-fi is straightforward but very slow. While not perfect, the Wi-fi is great to use. You can quickly connect the camera to any Wi-fi network, create an ad-hoc Wi-fi network from within the camera, connect the camera to your smartphone and back up images to a PC. Battery usage is heavy with Wi-fi and GPS running so consider a spare battery.


F900EXR £259

The F900EXR includes a host of networking options. The wireless features allow you to

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What the future may bring for digital cameras and what features are here now

Camera Tech

By David Willis From the camera obscura to the smartphone, a camera design requires only a few key ingredients: an imaging plane (digital sensor or piece of film); a way to preview the composition (screen or viewfinder); and a way to project the image to the imaging plane. Digital cameras incorporate miniature computers, hardware and software to capture, interpret and store this information while film cameras provide a housing for the roll of film and a way to move the film forward. Digital camera designs were formed largely around these legacy analog systems so photographers who had invested

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Smart flashguns, clever features

Some flashguns are a lot more advanced than others. Check for the functions you need to suit the way you shoot

Super Tip!

Ni-MH batteries are preferable to alkaline cells for use in flashguns. Not only are they rechargeable, but recycle speeds between flashes also tend to be noticeably faster. One problem, however, is that most Ni-MH batteries lose their charge quite quickly: it’s annoying if you put freshly charged batteries in your flashgun, then go to use it a couple of weeks later and find that they’ve already gone flat. Some Ni-MH batteries I are engineered to hold their

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RAF Tornado

An add-on for Flight Simulator 2002/2004 and Combat Flight Simulator 3. By Derek Davis

The Panavia Tornado is one of the most exciting military aircraft flying today and the release of Just Flight’s add-on, RAF Tornado, will help to satisfy the thirst of many Tornado aficionados.

RAF Tornado production values are high throughout and this reviewer was pleasantly surprised at the wealth of detail and the innovative features. The external modeling of the Tornado is stunning, with the aircraft exhibiting a photo-realistic finish. RAF Tornado also provides a multitude of camouflage and markings representing various nationalities and theatres of operation

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Modern icon

Volkswagen third-generation Beetle will make young friends fast e’re happy to report that the design of the 21 st Century Beetle largely stays true to its initial concept: a sterner, masculine vision, and one that promised to look and feel fun. VW’s chief designer Walter de Silva realised that it was pointless trying to reinvent the old, iconic Beetle. It was created for a world that no longer exists. The 21st Century version is, well, 21st century. It’s larger, wider, bulkier and heavier than it was before. The wheel arches are less pronounced, and the roof is flatter and longer.

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Fewer features, more focus on your hosting

MAMP stands for Macintosh Apache MySQL PHP, the latter three words respectively describing the web server, database language, and compatible web-programming language it provides. It’s a free download from http:// mamp.info. The free version has all you need to get started.

It’s very focused and doesn’t include any of the supplementary features bundled with OS X Server, but don’t let that deter you. The pay-off is that this makes it very easy to manage. Also, because it ships with an integrated MySQL server, it’s ready to run content management systems like Joomla and

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Getting Inked

Exceptional color InkJet All-in-one printers for the home and office


Canon’s PIXMA Black series of inkjet printers arc the epitome of print sophistication; the new PIXMA MG2I70 all-in-one photo printer doesn’t just look good and perform great, but is also designed with an array of creative features intended to bring your still prints to life. With an enhanced Full HD Movie Print function. you can edit frames to tweak resolution quality or reduce noise before printing. It has new features that allow you to merge multiple video frames into one printout to show the flow of motion,

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Photography Monthly newcomer, and pro photographer, Tom Wilkinson takes a first look at Canon’s new semi-pro EOS 70D

In the lifecycle of DSLR releases, three years is a fair stretch. Due in late August 2013, with the 60D having been released in summer 2010, should we therefore expect this new model to come with a complete overhaul of features, or just a few upgrades here and there in the spirit of natural camera evolution?

First impressions from the spec list show a number of advances since the 60D, firstly a 20.2MP APS-C sensor and new image processor (the DIGIC 5+)




CANON HAS ANNOUNCED the highly anticipated and much-rumoured EOS 70D. Following on from the successful EOS 60D, the new model boasts a jump in resolution from the EOS 60D’s 18-megapixel to an impressive 20.2-megapixel via a new APS-CCMOS sensor. The spec list reads well, with the EOS 70D packing a DIGIC 5+ image processor, WiFi connectivity and a 19 cross-type point autofocussystem. The AF system is worthy of note — the EOS 70D is the first Canon camera to boast Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology — each pixel featuring two diodes

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Constant feature of Jewish Settlement

1910. Burke Rayzner, Liozno Everyman, for their own long age in the fourth just gets injunction Smolensk police leave and return to his native village Liozno that the Vitebsk region. Again and again to an old power vorachivayutsya songs — about illegality of residence for "constant feature of Jewish Settlement." And in Smolensk — own home, work, prakormlivae SNM» w. In caps and hats Rayznera walks guys half the town.All my life Berkey held pending cancellation apostille "Pale of Settlement." Then he left Smolensk, then again there vorachivalsya then had a permanent job, then again odd jobs. And flowed between

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