D.Fedoruk: Courts collect fines on wages riot

Member of an unregistered organization "Young Front" Dmitriy Fedoruk told us that deliberately ignored the call Baranavičy tribunal. He believes that illegally was arrested September 10 during trial Malady Yaroslav Hryshchenya: "Then in Baranovichi policemen were generally protocols on slips of paper on which was written, to whom and what article needed attributed. Then the courts moved to distant date, as, for example, on September 19. Do well to accurately prescribe penalties and smallness so to speak, tear off funds for wages arbitrators riot police. " Arrests in Baranavichy were planned well in advanceDmitriy Fedoruk absentia accused of hooliganism and

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Who will judge Dmitri Fedoruk

Activist of the unregistered organization "Young Front" KGB arrested yesterday on the street Semashko. The young man came to a stop public transport from the House of Justice.Fedoruk made on the protocol. What blame him, not even the lawyer said.

Behind bars in jail Akrestsin Street are 14 youth activists. They had read in court that they consider these arrests as a preventive measure authorities recently shares on July 27.

• Zmiter Fedoruk: "We should not mourn, and ensure that soldiers do not become sufferers", 04.06.2007

Brest activist BSDP (Gromada) take the army with an unhealthy heart

Sovereign Fedoruk, who is a member of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk), at one point called the draft board at the end of last week and was given a summons to come to the assembly point. Made this without taking into account the fact that once conscription is finished. In addition, more two years Marian reverse Fedoruk was recognized urban worthless draft commission to serve in the army, because the guy found heart disease.Marjan Fedoruk decided to appeal the decision to call him up for military service by sending a corresponding statement to the court of Leninsky district of

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Dmitri Fedoruk will be judged in the Russian court of Minsk

Earlier Zmiter Fedoruk was summoned to the Russian police district of Minsk.Pavel Kozlovsky policeman guy called and offered to come to the police station Russian region to view footage from "Chernobyl Way". By P.Kozlovsky Dmitri Fedoruk Tipo wrong behaved during the campaign.

Young Front activists summoned for questioning

Catherine told that the investigator was interested in her personal acquaintances with the activists of the youth organization. Sergei Grakhovo holding a notebook Dmitriy Fedoruk, who KGB confiscated during the search.Also Catherine Galician called for questioning minors Lena Makarevich and Catherine Krasnov. Maid refuses not that they know and O.Korban D.Fedoruka.Activists Junior Front believe that these interrogations aim to intimidate young people the other day street vernal shares.

Malady forced to repent

Activist "Malady Front" Dmitriy Fedoruk said investigators KGB had on him and Aleh Korban psychological pressure. Recall men were detained on February 4 and addition time kept in the bullpen, "American." Three days later released and ordered to appear for questioning.Since relatives for a long time did not know where Oleg, the police filed a statement that he was kidnapped by unknown masked. Now Oleg failed to participate in the press conference, as owed to give this occasion clarification Partyzanski police district of Minsk.Dmitriy Fedoruk told that their Oleg kept in solitary confinement. On snyadanne yachnuyu brought tea and porridge

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D.Fedoruk: Investigators suggested writing a letter to Lukashenko

At a press conference Oleg Korban was unable to come because he was obliged to give explanations to the partisan police department. When Oleg Korban arrested Feb. 4, the opposition written statement to the police about his disappearance, and now he explained to the police what had happened on Actually. Activists of the unregistered organization "Young Front"Dmitriy Fedoruk and Oleg Korban yesterday came out remand center KGB. Oleg and Dmitri have the status of suspects in a criminal case, which aroused the KGB under article 193 of the Penal Code for his role in an unregistered organization. Article not foreseen

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Malady can release detainees NIGHT MODE

Lawyers Paul and Alexander Sapelka Galiyev not exclude after Man indicted interrogation. Article 193 of the Criminal Code (in the role of an unregistered organization) does not provide for detention. If put to the court favorite "Junior Front"Dmitry Dashkevich, the investigators referred to the fact that he had no Minsk resident and was not fit for questioning.Mom Dmitri Fedoruk Ira hopes that her son will come out now:Fedoruk: "In this case I first lady and mother. I believe that our people are not in vain called moderate. I hope that common sense will overcome. Guy March 5 will be only

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We need a kind of family vtsarkavlenne

Ulitenok: "Now there is a perception that the destruction of the Belarusian family — is the result of socio-economic problems faced by the country. And your world?"Fedoruk: "I certainly believe that this first great spiritual problem of society. People who have lost hope and faith, it is hard to educate children. They do not believe in yourself, is it able to grow adequately replaced."Ulitenok: "It is believed that as a civilization Belarusians will be saved only when every second family will have 3 kids, and now we have half …"Fedoruk: "To the chagrin bolshennomu this problem at least some materialistic

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MF output of the UDF is not a cry for help, and — call to action

Ulitenok: "In the web write a lot about how if" Young Front "came out of the United Democratic Forces, so sick to sit on the bullpen, depart from universities and suffer and suffer …"Fedoruk: "What does it mean -" tired? "We as patriots and Christians realize: there is no victory without sacrifice. Current realities SLM — an association not for the creation of the candidates for change, but just for the sake of establishing the fact that we, say, have merged. Even when we are together, then — for what? None of the strategy, no decisions made without responsibility for

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