Whats on your pigs menu?

You could probably call Todd Ilasivell and his wife Janette accidental farmers. The couple were living a busy urban life when they inherited Janette’s parents’ farm on the outskirts of Hastings. The Haswells were keen to give farming a go and turned what had been a small working farm — first with dairy cows and then sheep — into a lifestyle block.

“We’ve ended up leasing out 50 acres to a local grower, and the rest of the space we use to play around with. We’ve got a couple of cows, some chooks and three pigs, and soon we’ll add

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The ES-175 can feed back and its bulky to some, but it boasts the longest unbroken production run of any electric guitar model

The ‘lowlier’ ES-175 has its own set of fans, across all genres. A hollowbody ES was an unusual choice for a future prog shredder, but Howe has remained faithful to the guitar that has supercharged his career. ‘The 175 is a brilliant guitar,’ Howe says. ‘The parallelogram inlays are beautiful, the whole guitar is beautiful.’ Back in the 1990s, even legendary guitar-collector Howe was having a clear-out. ‘I’ve bought a lot of guitars I didn’t need,’ Howe told G&B. ‘I’m selling 45 at the moment. But I’ve kept my ’63 ES-175, which was the first Gibson I bought. I played

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The two most common metabolic diseases in New Zealand are milk fever and ketosis, with hepatic lepidosis expected to become more common as farm livestock are fed increasing amounts of supplements.

Hypocalcaemia (lowered blood calcium)

Animals affected: cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, camelids

Risk factors: high or low body condition score, bad weather (w’et and/or frosty), sudden change in feed type, sudden feed restrictions

Symptoms in cattle: excitement agitation, muscle spasms, staggers, eventually unable to stand, often sit with their head ‘kinked’ around at right angles, back towards their bellies, dry muzzle, cold legs, ears, constipation, drowsiness Symptoms in sheep: staggers,


Feeding pregnant cattle

Every year, I attend a field day hosted by the Government-owned Landcorp called Beef Cows 4 Profit. Its intention is to lift the productivity and profitability of its beef breeding herds by studying its population of around 30,000 Angus cows.

I have found the research tremendously interesting, primarily because the local farm — Takakuri, near Kaeo (the other two are on the East Coast and in South Otago)- is not dissimilar to mine in terms of its climate, terrain, soil types and pasture composition.

Such field days are of value to anyone with any number of animals and I encourage

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We learn to know the world

Graduation ribbon graduate of VGIK Yemeni Fadhel Mutlak «alien clouds over Beirut» won the Golden Prize at the XIII Moscow festival. A rare case in the history of international film festivals.

The origins of this success, in a demanding, creative atmosphere prevailing in the training workshop, which was conducted by the winner of the Lenin Prize, People’s Artist of Russia, Professor A. Kochetkov and his colleagues Honored Artist of the RSFSR PV Rusanov and young documentary A. Yu . Ivankina. Five years ago, they began working with sixteen boys and girls, to pass the competitive examinations. They taught a

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Once there was a saw

Back in the late 80s

LAST CENTURY I heard from one of my masterovityh COLLEAGUE ON THE EXISTENCE bandsaws With «Magic» feature, allows you to cut any thickness WOOD. At that time, I already in the ground to learn to work with wood, build a cottage, and begin to look closely to artistic techniques work with this material.

In those days, even the construction timber is practically absent in the sale, and only about wood for artwork and say nothing. In small quantities it can be a «get», t. E. To intercept the «borrowed» from the state. A circle

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In protection Dozhinki 2500 policemen involved

In policing in Rechitza 2.5 thousand policemen involved in including 450 internal troops.Recently "Dazhynki" inhabitant Rechitsy Oleg Sobol said in an interview with "Freedom":"Militia full city. At every intersection — paddy MAZ. Now daughter said, now the school will not feed — there will be feed up police officers, riot police and others who came to the city in an indescribable amount. "Liquidator Basil Siliverstov watchmen Lukashenko was taken to the infirmary Rechitsky, 22.09.2007 Lukashenka: "Gazprom" means to raise gas prices for Belarus 15-20%, 22.09.2007

Dnieper-Busk channel: more asunder than connects

My acquaintance with covered with legends Dnieper-channel Busk came during the trial to get into the cut "artificial" water village. Given that other ways, such as ferry, there is no waiting for meeting with loaded up to the top of the barge, excursion boats. Reality was more worldly: on the other side of the empty channel in the queue for the ferry was a funeral procession. Next to me, waiting for passengers from the ferry, bus parked ritual office. Ferry — even in another world"Since there is no side of the cemetery, we only cemetery here — says a

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Workshop on production of compound feed for poultry launched Youth in the Altai region

All processes are automated in a feed mill. The composition of feed produced is about 20 components. It is worth noting that the company has nearly 18.3 million hectares of arable land, most of the arable land — more than 11.3 million hectares — occupied by crops. Therefore included in the feed grain — its own production.

In the factory contains more than 627 million birds, of which 513 — laying hens. Starting the feed department now will ensure all poultry feed mill. Furthermore, they are used for feeding cattle (over 1620 animals), and pigs (animal 1570). The construction of

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Do not feed the trolls

Among the many trolls, nesting on the site of "Made in us," there is one prezanyatny character. "Igor Polyakov," is called. Thanks to his odorous activities before us parted mechanism network mezhslavyanskoy incite hatred (Recom by the people "hohlosrach", "bulbosrach," etc.).

But in order. Trolls on Suna divorced entire population with their leader, the beta males and degenerates. There is a broad ideological and whom, it believes in its own verbiage hamster. And there are obviously planted figures were worked out in a modest net gesheft. The meaning of the utterance and the other is not significantly different, and

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