One staffer has found a way to cure her acne for good — but it comes at a cost…

For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with my skin. What my mum promised would be a temporary case of teenage acne was still there at the age of 26.

People can be really cruel when it comes to your face. An ex once told me quite bluntly that, despite my best efforts at coverage, I wasn’t fooling anyone. And at a party one guy approached me only to ask, «What’s that on your face?» Prick.

It gets to




I’m writing in regards to your “Technique” feature articles. I’m a 14-year-old boy living in Minnesota with hopes of becoming a pilot someday. I really enjoy the tips on how to perform specific procedures in an airplane.

I like how «Technique» isolates the different aspects of the maneuver or procedure and provides a description of how and when to perform the task.

I can’t wait to see what I’ll learn next month.


I have been a reader of Flight Training for 23 years. I can’t believe you published the article “Two Touchdown

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There is a strange, subtle contrast between Eyedress’s languid beats and drowned-out vocals and the emotional urgency poking through the crevices of his music. With lines like “Your touch is so temporary,” the love and loss circling one another in his tracks are intense but fleeting, grounded deeply in the here and now—a YOLO kind of romance, if you will. And it is precisely this hyper-awareness that makes Eyedress such a hit among his listeners (“My following is mostly hipster kids who like weird stuff”), arming him with the focus to provide the audience a rounded musical experience.

His first

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Shades of JOY!

Smart tips to ease the nerve-wrecking task of choosing the perfect colour for your home…

Like most life-changing decisions, choosing the perfect paint for your walls is a daunting task. With so many colours, shades and tints, being overwhelmed is perfectly natural.


Ask yourself the most important question of this whole painting exercise. How do you want to feel in this room? Do you want your bedroom to be warm and cosy or would you rather have a cool and breezy feel? Soft, neutrals and cool colours have a tendency to create quieter, calmer feelings, while stronger colours

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An iridescent green glass tile forms the backdrop of this renovated bathroom.

Beauty may only be skin deep, but sometimes that might be all you have to work with. Small spaces are a given in most apartment blocks in New York — and the rooms in this 1960s-era apartment were no different.

«The apartment was in its original condition when my clients bought the property,» says Alan Berman AAIA, president of Archetype. «We were contracted to carry out a complete remodel, which included updating the guest and master bathrooms.

«The construction comprised 75mm-thick concrete walls with wire mesh and

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Ernies secret weapon.

The games that Ernie played on his laptop paid of at the Open. This is why.

Ernie Els has his laptop to thank for winning another major. Not his caddie or his equipment. Not his fitness work ethic or his coach (especially since he barely has one). They might all play a part, but the real secret to success have been the hundreds of hours since January that he has spent staring into the screen of his computer playing games like a teenager.

Now what you expected to hear? These, of course, aren’t ordinary games, they’re scientific ones designed to

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Interior designer Fox Daniels is not afraid to use big colours in small spaces. We step inside her gorgeously Bohemian city crash pad.

When designer Fox Daniels lived in Paris, she fitted out her tiny city apartment like “a jewellery box” She has taken a similar approach to her Hollywood Road pied-a-terre slash office, thinking through every inch of the 800-sq-ft space in order to adapt to the limited confines.

“I wanted to create the idea of a loft,” she tells IIJ, as she sits in her beautifully re-upholstered pink chaise longue. First, she knocked the walls out of the

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The only person with a sense of humor — it Ryhor Baradulin

Politicians, too, are often expressed accurately and on first look funny. In the early 90’s, when television and radio were carried out with the direct reports of the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation, people wrote "Pearl" for the then Speaker of Parliament Nicholas Dzemyantsey. Nikolai Ivanovich said at one point on the sacramental phrase "trasyantsy": "Who is like hotit, and that Ghawar." And it went: "Vklyuchytse sixth microphone, there anus people have long stait." "Sit down, deputy Kryzhanovsky, and at the moment call your name …"Well, after an entire era came 1st policy of citations which can be not

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Liberty Poll: Do you consider yourself a European?

Reporter: "Do you consider yourself a European, and why?"Man: Only geographically consider myself European. After all, there is more than anything else, that I was assured this would be. No freedom, no freedom for business — nothing. "Lady: "I do not know, I’ve never been in other statesah. And here I feel that — life is better, as it was earlier. "Man: "I am a citizen of Latvia, but I live here, began in Belarus. I think yes — Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania — part of Europe."Guy: "I feel Belarusians. And the Europeans — well, maybe because I live on the

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Village Putryshki: According prices we are Europeans, and in salaries …

Lady: "It is clear that I feel, and why not? Seems that there may be, but we are here Europe — and you’ll have to the Urals. And there, after Urals went Our homeland. And we — Belarus, Ukraine — occupy half Europe. "Woman: "I do not know, it must know the head. On this question we will not respond, you can? "Woman: "It is clear that there is. Unrealistic here feel themselves European — just because of our way of life, because of our everyday routine. The town can still be emotions European — there is life closer to

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