USNs first female F-14 pilot killed

NAVY Lieutenant Kara S Hultgreen died on October 25,1994. when her F-l4 Tomcat crashed on a landing approach to the carrier USS Abraham Lincoln operating off the southern Californian coast of the United States. Hultgreen’s back-seater, Radar Intercept Officer (RIO) Lt Matthew P Klemish, ejected and was rescued. Lt Hultgreen (29), was the first woman naval aviator to check out as a combat-ready Tomcat pilot, and the first of the USN’s and USAF’s growing cadre of women combat pilots to lose her life while flying a fighter.

Hultgreen joined the Navy in 1987, when women were barred by Congressional policy

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Keeping cucumber-lemon

It is strong and vigorous plant with very thick compared to most of the cucumber vines, stems and large leaves. The stem grows to a length of 5 m. To grow this plant trellis preferred method, the design must be powerful enough, and twine — thick to growing vine trellis is not filled up. When the stem grows to 2-2.5 m, it simply throws down through the frame trellis. With proper care climber is literally littered with cucumbers that grow on the main stem and in the axils of the first and second sheets stepson. In order to stimulate the

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Grapes fan

I №3 read an article in «Urals grapes» Ivan Petrovich Sailer and was very surprised by his care for the vines. Besides, the author refers to a new variety — CP F1, while stressing: «my own brand.» And it is with such knowledge? ..

Firstly, the author, in my opinion, gives wrong advice on formirovke vines. When shtambovoy formirovke, as I understood from the description, it carves a four vines and annually to replace her annual leave. But the vine — not currant, which has an annual cut was four-branch! In this age of the vine is just starting

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As inhabitants of Vitebsk relate to the substitution of residence for registration?

Lady: "I treat this with laughter. I suspect that it made for people to run again in the passport office to pay any new taxes. State funds also need somewhere to take! Soon it will take for the air we breathe! "Man: "This residence was once introduced at Stalin. And, certainly, it is a feature of the totalitarian system. Because it was necessary cancel. But I am afraid that check — it will be the veiled residence. And we still we have a lot of trouble with this recording! "Lady: "With one side, it is excellent: you can live in

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Defect love increases cravings for cigarettes

Mogilev more than 10 ka organizations declared themselves centers where smoking is prohibited. Among them schools, cafes and even a few companies and companies. They say about it in the public health department of the Mogilev regional center of hygiene and epidemiology. According to department officials, to become the center, the organization must take a specific decision. In the municipal medical institute, where smoking is absolutely prohibited, visited Mogilev our correspondent.Mogilev municipal honey Institute announced himself as the center, smoke-free, two years back. One of the initiators of this solution was school teacher Vladimir Kozlov. According to him, while going

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If impose bilingualism in Ukraine, then they will be one language, as presently we

Woman: "I think you have your own language. That she was. Yushchenko and rights." Man: "There should be two municipal language. Lives there are many different nationalities, especially in eastern Ukraine. And it makes no sense to translate all one language." Young Man: "This is their business. And from our experience shows that they make a mistake." His woman: "We’re here not that many know. But I think that Sasha is right. " Lady: "Rarely have we used the Belarusian language. And, perhaps, that even lost forever. " Reporter: "So Yushchenko still wrong?" Lady: "Maybe so …" Woman: "And why

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Viagra for women

Recently, the company "Pfizer" developed "Viagra", you are asked to create a similar tool, but for women.

Problem medical treatment of female frigidity is not new. In stores offering "sexual" products for women, there is a large selection of all kinds of pills, creams and ointments for the stimulation of female sexuality. A variety of case studies indicate that at least 30% of today's women have lost interest in sex, and about 20% say that, in principle, unable to achieve orgasm.

The most common reason for that — insufficient blood flow to the pelvic organs (similar violation

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Peacocks can be used instead of guard dogs

Vladimir Bantsevich — recognizable in Belarus "lawn". Collected together with his wife Tatiana on Polesian swamps drug they were processed for medicines and pharmaceutical drinks. But in the past year has led tribunal Kobrin district: Bantsevichy engaged in activities without a license, and sentenced the owner of 3.5 years of "chemistry." Sovereign Bantsevich complains that unfair, in his opinion, the punishment prevents another project — the creation of the farm for feeding peacocks. It has not only the design documentation, but contracts with zoos Riga and Moscow to purchase exotic bird eggs. A couple of years farmers raise a dozen

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Poll: Why Belarusians hard to go abroad?

Reporter: "In your opinion, why Belarusians so hard to get a visa to zabugornye country?"Man: "I think the premise Belarusian government. Affairs with other countries is quite tense."Woman: "I do not know."Lady: "Summer, people are willing to travel, to see other countries. Because the queue."Lady: "Do not ever encountered. Itself never anywhere else is not going to go because I do not know, in the embassies was not."Woman: "Since many people, the holiday season. Maybe embassies enough employees. "Lady: "The difficulty is not that we are confronted, and that they do not give these visas. And that is why we

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17 Weeks Pregnant


So now you can enjoy not only the look of your round tummy, but also the first movements of the little man — he starts to move! Chest continues to grow and can begin to produce colostrum — a yellowish substance that baby is fed in the first days after birth. The most time take care of her and start to prepare for the upcoming events: after a shower rub chest with a towel, put in a bra rough in texture fabric. During this period can also add 4 kg. Of the unpleasant — you may have

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