What is the perfume — Witchcraft flavor or chemical formulas




Algebra measure harmony can be, well, chemistry — the magical, magical, fascinating flavors. Everything smells to classify because the spirits — it is actually a mixture of various aromatic substances dissolved in the quality of the available alcohol. Still smells "should be similar to a whisper, but

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After the death of the soul fall … radio




Mikhail Volodin, March 4, 10:10

Messages from the dead can be heard on radio frequencies assures his readers of "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Corresponding publication visited the newly established Russian Association of instrumental ITC, where he saw many interesting things. The first step is to listen to the journalist

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It is easy for women to kill? watch online

History of the German terrorist Brigitte Mohnhaupt — German levoekstremistskoy member of a terrorist organization "Rote Armee Fraktion". She coolly killing politicians and trade union control of Germany in the 70s of the last century. Of all the women terrorists, it was the most cold-blooded, murderous and purposeful. Others do not pass the tests — committed suicide, abandoned terror, made a deal with the government or repent. She remained true to herself … In 1982, the suicide was arrested and sentenced to five indefinite prison terms.

Atrocities, killings and other

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Elegant ladies hats from «Loricci»

In France at the time was saying that lady without a hat — it's like a tree without leaves. Many of the ladies began to attract the attention of holders of a stylish hat, which created on the basis of drawings of famous artists. The creation of elegant ladies' hats famous Coco Chanel. Since then, much time has passed, but the ladies' hats not lost its relevance. And now, ladies prefer to use a variety of hats: hats, caps, berets stylish and much more.

Very popular Russian manufacturer of ladies' hats Loricci and a half decades has been

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Cause of death in the Krasnoyarsk zoo giraffe is not yet known

Official results of the examination into the death in a week of two giraffes in the Krasnoyarsk park flora and fauna "Swarms stream" will be announced no earlier than October 12, RIA Novosti chief veterinarian Park Alexander Pinchuk.

Male and a female died in a zoo in the week. A special commission to investigate the cause of death of animals. Previously reported that the park's director said a possible cause of death of a male giraffe heart failure, and females — stress due to conflicting relations with another female.

"According to preliminary data of the cause of death of the

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Full body massage female body watch online

Training videos …Full body massage a woman's body ..

A man and his features

Even today, March 8,

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.  


Cloudy with occasional sunshine, temperatures near zero. 

Do not pass:

Minsk club "Reactor", the group "No ticket" gives a concert "Spring Party".

Minsk, DC MAZ, Dmitry Vaitsyushkevich and WZ-orkestra, concert "Only you alone."

Minsk Club Coyote, concert band Rouble Zone.


Brussels, Home of negotiations between the EU and Serbia and Kosovo.

Prague visit of Croatian President Ivo Yasipavicha.

Moscow visit of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden's visit to Russia.

Washington, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will present the award "For courage" of

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U.S. veterinarians are trying to save a rare female turtles

The female of the rare sea turtle Byss taken for treatment to Florida from the Virgin Islands, where the hurricane "Isaac" it ran aground, according to the Associated Press.

According to veterinarian Doug Mader (Doug Mader), an ultrasound showed that the 56-pound patient bears more than 100 eggs, many of which are still alive.

Status of turtles currently rated as critical. In the event of her death, vets promise to do everything possible to leave the eggs, because this species is considered endangered.

Female space watch online

In space exploration personages ladies sex, then why take up much less space than men. At first ladies gallakticheskie applets were allowed, but later joined the ban, they were later allowed again, etc. This film tells the story of the history of ladies' space. As an example, the life in space 7 ladies, four of which are Russians and three Americans. As themselves ladies feel in space? What matters to the men's team? For what lady takes with him into orbit whip? Lena Serov's going to fly to the ISS in 2014. This — the fourth woman-astronaut.

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The role of women in the Russian majestically War: Facts and Figures

The female part of our multinational people together with the men, babies and the elderly made on his own shoulders all the burdens of the war majestically. Ladies inscribed in the annals of war, many glorious pages.

The ladies were at the front of the band: doctors, women pilots, snipers, in parts of the defense, communications workers, spies, chauffeurs, surveyors, reporters, even tankistkami, gunners, and served in the infantry. Ladies heavily involved in the underground, in the guerrilla movement.

Ladies have made a huge amount of "pure male" professions in the rear, because the men went to war, and

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