Solid performer

On first glance this machine looks very much like the Czech machines that came in a few years ago.

Though very basic in their looks they were also built very robustly — qualities embodied by this Far Eastern planer/ thicknesseser from Charnwood. The metalwork on the planer is ail very chunky and solid, contributing to its considerable 210kg weight.

That mass is especially noticeable when swapping between planing and thicknessing modes as there’s no gas strut to help take the strain j when lifting the beds, and as both beds lift simultaneously, you need to be reasonably strong!

The planer

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Mid-market machine

Things are constantly on the up for the would-be table saw purchaser. Go back only a few years and it would be aluminium extruded tables for the entry and mid-level saws, but cast iron is the expected starting point for many of us now when we look for a table saw.

You can get a lot for your money if you look around, and here Record has gone for a small panel saw aimed at the light trade or higher end of the hobby market and equipped with some good features for around the £1000 mark.

Sliding beam

Most notable

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Larging it

I’ve lost count of the number of these machines I’ve had in my workshop for review, and for the most part they’ve a(l been very similar. This mortiser from Axminster is something of an exception as it incorporates a number of useful developments to improve its performance. The table is much larger than usual, and this is effectively made even bigger by the extension wings at each side. The fence is adjusted forwards and backwards on a rack-and-pinion arrangement, controlled by rotating a lever on the left-hand side of the column. Once it’s in position, it’s locked by the use

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Hitachi C6UY circular saw

Good news! I think the Hitachi chief designer has been put on ‘gardening leave’ as the garish flashes and zigzags of black that seem to dominate anything new it launches have been removed, and this saw now looks more like then Hitachi of old, and if that matches the performance of old, then it’s a good thing in my book!

For a sami-diameter blade, this is a quick and sizable saw both in stature and cutting performance, and weighty enough to feel solid in use.

That’s down to a good build structure such as a hefty alloy base, 1300W motor

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Yellow acacia

This name has no rights

Since childhood, I remembered the yellow acacia, who grew up not far from our house. For children it was extremely attractive. By midsummer its branches grow amazing whistles, the ability to make a six-year kid who once elevated to the authority of the yard.

ozzhe found out that in Russia there are two trees, popularly referred to as the acacias, — white and yellow. Moreover, both do not have any right to it. These Acacia — mimosa trees of the family — are growing mostly in Africa. And with our «acacias» they have in

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Here and urgent efforts are over, all planted, watered, fertilized. It’s time to enjoy the garden. Growing trees, flowers, soft grass lawn … Oh, just enjoy the morning sun, make their way through the foliage, or evening silence and the freshness of the garden.

But we are organized: the obvious beauty and certainly will provide what you need to change, to alter, to complete … And if you are busy at work and can not devote much time to my cottage house, what to give up their pans? No way!

Smirnov from the Vladimir region, for example, believes that


To Dozhinki fallen village conceal colorful fences

At highway Bobruisk-Retchitsa, 20 km from the district center, there is a hamlet of Old Red. It refers to the Council of Agriculture Demyahovskaga. Agrotown village not be dropped. Streets here hourglass, hooves trampled state farm herds. And the house — completely cottages. So long fence along estates bent to the ground. Such neglect decided to disguise the new slate wall, painted in pink, purple and reddish color.Knows the village lady, Mrs. Maria:"Lukashenko will go to town on Dozhinki, so it gave the chairman of the Council of Agriculture Schiffer with state farm yard. He came, and I say," Oh,

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What ended the hunger strike in Navaelnya unhealthy?

Kakih-nibud 100 meters and a concrete fence closes. Get out of the clinic in town now can only be through the gate or the gate where a policeman on duty. Unhealthy tuberculosis they say that the regime of their content in the clinic became more rigid, if something goes wrong — immediately discharged.Chief Doctor: "Journalists have made the problem of where it does not exist"In the morning I Navaelnya in front of the National Tuberculosis hospital. Policeman executed documents, called the main doctor. Mieczyslaw Dougan flatly refuses to talk and certainly not allow that I passed on the countryside. Said

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B.Zaborava painting exhibited in the Uffizi Gallery

Much of the collection "Uffizi" is devoted to the art of the old one from early Renaissance to the late 18th century. Boris Fences became the second after Marc Chagall artist from the former Soviet Union, whose work is represented in this art piggy Florence."Self-Portrait with a model" which is currently exhibited in the prestigious "Vasari Corridor" gallery "Uffizi" is a huge canvas, about 2 meters wide and 1 meter high. Left figure of the artist reflected in a mirror, and the right — figure girls, made in a manner fotanegatyvu. Critics called the picture a variation on the "painter

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As speculated for Christmas?

According to the Belarusian folklore researcher Vladimir Vasilyevich, tarot Christmas fascinated not only women:"Gad, and boys and girls. Maid, maybe more, and guys too. However, it is often quicker prevented virgins. Maiden, for example, will transfer over the fence of boots, and the guys on the fly to intercept it, and then have a girl from bribe him not to go after the whole winter season in the same boots. And, of course, the most popular divination was when obymali stakes in the fence, there are guys tasam participated. Walked along the fence, and the girls read: "count the rings,

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