16 Weeks Pregnant


The second trimester is often called the most enjoyable time of pregnancy toxemia retreated and finally one can easy to eat. Tummy is already visible to the naked eye … And the most important and long-awaited event — approximately 16 weeks already one can feel fetal movements (especially if it is not the first pregnancy).

During this period, you may be asked to be tested for the so-called "triple test" intended to explore the "genetic health" of the child.


Fruit length (from the head to the pelvic end) — 16 cm appears response

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3D (three-dimensional) ultrasound

Being a guest of the very advanced young parents today you will be able to see notonly pictures of their beloved offspring from the first days of life, but also a video about the unborn child. Moreover, not in the form of flat images, and volume. The screen is clearly visible as a toddler moves arms and legs, squints, opens her mouth …

In the capital can boast of such personnel for thousands of people, because the three-dimensional ultrasound research or 3D ultrasound, as it is called, has ceased to be exotic. And quickly turned from a new

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How to determine the sex of the baby?

Paul Child defines a man, or rather, his sperm carrying the X (girl) — Or Y (boy) chromosome. If women bred parthenogenesis (asexual), they would have only been born a girl.

However, the understandable desire of the parents as soon as possible to find out: what color sliders to choose available shops galore?


Accuracy of determining the sex of the fetus depends primarily on the duration of pregnancy and, unfortunately, the experience of the expert. To8th weeks of fetal genitalia are not differentiated. The process of their formation is completed by the10-12 weeks of pregnancy. But

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Moons Child


Moon's Child 19.11.03, the



Dr. Richard Kall claims that in 1969 the astronauts "Apollo-11" brought a piece of moon rock, in which there was a human fetus. More than 24 years NASA strictly concealed this information, as long as one of the lab is not stolen artifact and gave him to explore the South African geologist. The last six years, Dr. Cull studied the rock with the fetus in her laboratory in Durban.

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Ethics of Liberty: Libertarian attitude towards abortion

The Ethics of Liberty — One of the major books M. Rothbard, which can rightly be considered the basis of "libertarian theory."

Murray Rothbard (Born Murray Rothbard; March 2, 1926, Bronx, New York, USA — January 7, 1995, New York, USA) — American economist, a representative of the Austrian school in economics, one of the followers of the tradition of Ludwig von Mises. He played for the freedom of business and non-interference of the state in economic activity. The representative of the libertarian and a supporter of the construction of the anarchist society based on the free market.

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Ultrasound during pregnancy

Ultrasound research (U.S.) is a method of examination of internal organs and tissues, based on an analysis of the differences reflect the ultrasonic vibrations from the structures of varying density. For physicians, this definition is short and clear, but not particularly clear majority of potential mothers. So it makes sense to explain in more detail what kind of research.

The principles of ultrasound diagnosis

The device, similar to a microphone — that is installed during ultrasound on pregnant woman's belly — called Transducer, or, more simply, the sensor. The sensor does produce vibrations. Moreover, with such a high

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U.S.: see — then heal

The ancients said: "Forewarned — forearmed" and "I came, I saw, I conquered." These, as is fashionable to say, slogans can be designated role ultrasound (U.S.) in modern diagnosis and treatment. The possibilities are constantly expanding ultrasound, without practically impossible today to do any one of the fields of medicine — gynecology, obstetrics, surgery, cardiology, internal medicine, pediatrics.

More details about this method tells founder of ultrasound and prenatal diagnosis in our country, the head of department and functional ultrasound Scientific Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology, consultant medical center "VITAMED", MD, professor V. DemidovH.

— Vladimir, what

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In Japan started selling 3D-models of unborn children



Prospective parents who can not wait for the moment when they will finally be able to take their child in his arms, can now buy a three-dimensional model of the fetus and show it to your friends. Japanese inventors have come up with a way to turn the results of conventional ultrasound in the anatomically correct copy of the unborn child. Nine-centimeter piece of resin, which is a model of the fetus, enclosed in a transparent block replicating the shape

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