Lawyer: Secrets in no Zeltser

The process will be closed, as the case in March, first investigation, received state vulture lurking. Let me remind you, a lawyer from the U.S. Emanuel Zeltser arrested March 12 immediately upon arrival in Minsk from London. Advocate Emanuel Zeltser, recognizable Belarusian lawyer Dmitry Harachka for more than 4 months each working day visiting the defendant in his own prison of the KGB "American." Such visits are explained in the midst of the rest of the health of Emanuel Zeltser, reached for information that Emanuel Zeltser is in "critical condition." First, I asked a lawyer Harachka how recently the court

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Why lawyer Zeltser visits every day?

Declined to answer this question and lawyer Dmitry Harachka, protecting arrested Yankees. Sovereign Harachka referred to the fact that the case of Emanuel Zeltser been classified "state of Enigma." Earlier it was reported that Emanuel Zeltser feels very bad, it lacks pharmaceuticals. That’s what Dmitry Harachka told "Liberty" on the defendant’s health: "Everything remains as it was. Nothing changes. Improvements does not have a health mourn." Correspondent"And give him needed medication?"Fever"Some pass, but local. And those who have registered to him in America, do not convey. I had to pass him some medicine, but it is not essential for this

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New epidemic — now comes to us GOAT FLU

The spread of swine flu is gradually declining. However, disturbing reports are now coming from the Netherlands — there is a new flu epidemic begins — goat. The disease is transmitted only until the animal to person, but it has become a cause of the disease goat flu more than 2,300 people. Six have died. [Cut]

As directed by the government, which is seriously concerned about the scale of the epidemic, the destruction to be about 20,000 goats and sheep, which are the so-called messenger of virus fever Q. According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Netherlands, the

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Russian scientists have developed three DNA vaccines against dangerous infections

Scientists of the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology (GNTSVB) "Vector" developed a DNA vaccine against smallpox, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever and hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, told the CEO GNTSVB Alexander Sergeyev.

"On the" vector "works on pre-clinical studies of three vaccines based on DNA. That is, the DNA vaccine — Ultra-modern drugs against smallpox, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever and hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome. The results of these studies show promise in animal use and subsequent promotion to conduct clinical trials, "- he said.

Also in 2012, was developed inactivated vaccine against West Nile.

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In Krasnodar Territory, a regime of emergency due to African swine



7.08.11.Ocherednaya outbreak of African swine fever outbreak occurred in southern Russia. Mortality due to swine, and the threat of a deadly animal disease which can not be cured and vaccination, Krylovsky district of Krasnodar region declared a state of emergency.

Deaths of more than 50 animals was recorded in the farm, 3 km from the village of Krylov. Samples have been sent for investigation to the local veterinary laboratory. Only in the area of the threat are about 12,000 pigs.

Krylovsky district authorities held an emergency meeting to prevent the spread of African swine fever, which

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Crimean fever in Rostov region


27.06.11.Zhitelnitsa Tatsinskiy district of Rostov region, engaged in cattle breeding, became the third man in the region, who died this summer from Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF), said on Monday the Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Evgeny Kovalev.

"In the third case of Crimean fever woman died in Tatsinskiy area, which was engaged in agriculture", — said Kovalev. He said that, presumably, the woman caught in order to remove and crush ticks from their cows.

"To remove ticks only in gloves, and then put in a jar and put into specialized agency," — he said, RIA "Novosti".

He noted

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In Kazakhstan, established tropical heat

April 13, 2013. All week, Kazakhstan live in full summer heat. Every day is updated more than a dozen temperature records. In Astana and Karaganda temperature reaches 27 in Almaty? 30, in Kyzyl-Orda — 36 degrees.

The cause of the unseasonably hot weather was a powerful wave of heat from the Central Asian deserts. The southwestern portion flows are well warmed air, which continue to further warming in a clear, cloudless weather.

It is remarkable how closely the Kazakh meteorologists described the current anomaly in its monthly forecast. The information published on the website Kazgidromettsentra April 1, says, "starts month

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A map of the thermal wave propagation in Australia

January 27, 2013. The last 4 months were the hottest in the history of the continent. January 7 was put in a stunning temperature record +40,33 ° C during the day and in +32,39 ° C. In January, every day more and more settlements fell under the influence of thermal wave. The spread reflects the heat created by NASA and the Australian weather bureau heat map, onto which the temperature data for all states Australia.

Ironically, the map at the same time there are values that are at 27 degrees above the average rate of the day and

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Rodents attack Ulyanovsk region


Several people were newly infected with "mouse" fever at the gas station.

16.12.11. During 11 months of 2011 in the Ulyanovsk region hemorrhagic fever zaboleli74 person.

According to Rospotrebnadzor, picked up the largest number of infections have been reported in Melekessky, Bazarnosyzganskom, Veshkaymskom, Inzensky, Nicholas, Pavlovsk, and Sengileevsky Staromaynskom areas.

The peak incidence of fever occurred in November 2011, when the rodents migrate in search of food. Compared with October, in the whole area became more ill by 3.4 times.

In December 2011 in the area has already registered 22 cases. 17 of them have been confirmed by

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This summer, the Russians will sweat and ache




Hot summer, which forecasters had to promise to Russia this year, according to scientists and physicians can very adversely affect the health of our citizens. It is, above all, that the drought threatens to severely increase the incidence of infectious and parasitic diseases. This is the opinion of the Ministry of the main

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