Whats depth of field all about?

Depth of field is an indispensable creative tool — but what exactly is it, and how can you control it?

Depth of field, or DoF for short, is the distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a scene that appear acceptably sharp in a photo. We say ‘acceptably sharp’ because only one point will be truly razor-sharp in your pictures, as your lens can only focus at a single distance. However, the sharpness falls off gradually both in front of and behind the point you’re focusing on, and the depth of field is a measure of how far this

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USAF prepares for AEFs.

ON MARCH 5 the USAF announced the structure and changes to be implemented as the force moves from being a US-based air force to a rapidly deployable one. Since the ending of the Cold War the USAF has seen its assets reduced by around 35%, its overseas bases drastically cut back and its personnel levels slashed. At the same time it has been increasingly called upon to meet international commitments — in particular operations in the former Yugoslavia and Iraq. This has put an increasing strain on both the USAF’s infrastructure and its personnel over the past decade and the

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Unique landscapes.

Learn how to shoot scenery with a shallow depth of field.

The lens aperture is one of the three settings (along with shutter speed and ISO) that control exposure, as it determines how much light falls on the sensor. However, it also has an effect on the creative look of the image because it controls the depth of field too — the zone of sharpness either side of the point of focus.

The principle is quite simple: the smaller the aperture, the greater the depth of field.

While that bit is straightforward, a little confusion is caused by the way

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1. Greenhouses are great places to photograph flowers because the lighting is usually diffused and there is no wind. Wind is the enemy of macro photography. Most public greenhouses allow tripods, too, so you can have as much depth of field as you want.

2. Landscape photography requires complete depth of field virtually without exception. I recommend using f/22 or f/32 if foreground elements are close to the camera. If everything in the composition is far away, then you should use f/8 for maximum sharpness.

3. When traveling to another city, stay in a hotel with a great view. You

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Lilliput 663/0/P

Designed for DSLR movie makers, Liiliput’s upgraded 7in field monitor can also be a big-screen companion for tripod-using stills photographers. Damien Demolder tests it.

MANUFACTURERS have become very good at finding the space for large LCD screens on the backs of their cameras, but even the biggest in use on a standard DSLR is only about 3in across. Although this size allows some checking, it isn’t until we view via a laptop or desktop computer that we can feel confident everything is as it should be. If it is up to the job, this Lilliput screen offers photographers the chance

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FIELD REVIEW: Canon EF 200-400 F4L IS 1.4X


Once you take a deeper look at the make-up of this lens, it becomes clear that Canon have chosen to showcase virtually all of their latest lens technology in the EF 200-400 f4L.

The new lens took a long time for Canon to bring to market after a development announcement some time ago.

The lens body does not change size during zooming, with all moving parts inside the magnesium-alloy, weather-sealed barrel.

At the front end of the lens is a bulge in the casing, which is home to the built-in 1.4 extender that is an exciting feature

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Field of dreams.

‘Glamping’ might seem new but British army officers of 19th-century India led the way.

Sue Herdman goes on the trail of the campaign furniture that decorated their homes from home.

Quiz any army officer today on their ‘must-have’ list for going to war and key items, after their weapon, will include a helmet, flak jacket, GPS, night-vision goggles, energy bars and, apparently, extra socks.

What won’t appear will be a dining table and chairs to seat 20, nor a four-poster bed, travelling bookcase, elegant writing slope or a nice set of maple corner shelves.

But for 19th-century postings to the

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Depth Of Field

By varying the aperture on your camera lens, you can control the image brightness, as well as increase the range of objects that will appear sharp at a single focus setting. This band of sharpness is called depth-of-field.

In SLR cameras, you can observe the lens diaphragm change as you vary the aperture. Aperture, as has been mentioned earlier, is shown in f/numbers or f/stops. This is an internationally accepted number scale that runs as f/1.4, f/2, f/2.8, f/4, f/5.6, f/8, f//11, f/16, f/22 and so on. When a lens has an aperture of say f/1.4, it is termed a

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Night Siege. October 4

On forums portal Tut.byobsuzhdayut expression chairman Yuri Tut.by Zisera during the conference "Business Web". Sovereign Ziser among other noted in Belarus Access to the Web "fantastycha expensive", "lightly licensed" and declared that "imperfect legal framework electric dakumentaabarachennya" adstutnasts present electrical trade. Comment: "Breathtakingly overhead" — probably the greatest problem BYnet. I can not stand "Beltelecom": through it we have prices on the web up to 30 times more expensive than for example in Russia or Ukraine. " silverrebel in his diary: Night at the siege of Radio "Liberty." Friend, as at the moment to go to a subject? Previously he

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Belarusian Bialystok

"Belarusian Bialystok" — so called brand new book regionalist from Slonim Sergei Chigrina, what happened not so long ago in Minsk publishing "knigosbor." This is the first in Belarus special study of the history and culture of ethnic Belarusian lands that are now part of Poland. Created by books — Guest "Free studio."Michas Scoble"Sergei, but does not it seem to you that" Belarusian Bialystok "sounds a little provocative? I can imagine how we would react, Belarusians on the book, which was published somewhere in Warsaw under the title, for example," Polish Grodno region. " or not you have sown here,

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