The turning point for Syria

Syria — country, conflict in what will soon become a prerequisite for large-scale information war and constant discussions. Not surprisingly, that the condition of the continuing flow of heresy against the Syrian government by the Western media is very hard to realize that in fact still going on in the old country, which has recently time has become one of the most prosperous states Near East. But, despite all the efforts to conceal a turning point in the Syrian conflict failed.

It's no secret that everything that happens in Syria more resembles a protracted counter-terrorist operation on a national

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Pentagon prepares for ekszoskelet light infantry units

Exoskeleton (from the Greek. Exoskeleton) — a special device that is designed to increase strength and abilities through the use of the outer frame. Exoskeletons repeated human biomechanics for proportional growth efforts while driving. For disk imaging, which is contained in the press, working models of exoskeletons in current time have been made in the USA and Japan. Among other things exoskeletons can be built into the suit. One of the main developments is the introduction of military exoskeletons. The purpose of this research is to develop such «shell», which would be increased speed, agility, physical strength, man, combining

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Sergei Voronin — the story of the 1st feat

The modern history of military conflicts of the Russian Federation knows many examples showing the inexhaustible power of the spirit and courage of the Russian fighter's willingness to fulfill the duty to intercede country even at the cost of his own life! Unlimited number of immortal feats were accomplished fighters of Russian federal forces during the war in Dagestan, which was developed in August 1999.

August 7, 1999 the first large groups of insurgents, "the Islamic Peacekeeping Brigade" commanded by already earned the midst of Russian troops notoriety Khattab and Shamil Basayev, numbering about five hundred people invaded the area

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The North Caucasus is on fire

Now the government of the Russian Federation must admit that despite all the claims of restoring order and stabilizing the situation in the North Caucasus, the problem not only persists, but rather an escalation of the military confrontation just ramping up. If at the end of the 90-ies of the last century and the first years of the new language of the fighting in the Caucasus region was only about Chechnya, now a restless and tense situation in the other republics — Dagestan, Ingushetia and South Ossetia. If now on the world map to depict graphically the North Caucasus, the

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Caucasian rebellion: a growing threat to the Russian Federation (The Washington Post, USA)

Policeman which braked at a traffic light in the capital of Dagestan, was shot in the adjoining car. The driver blew himself up on a check-Fri The mayor survived 15 assassination attempts.

Attacks on government officials actually occur every day in Dagestan, the largest and most troubled in the Russian North Caucasus region with a predominantly Muslim population, have become a breeding ground for the spread of terrorism throughout the country, including Moscow.

The separatist movement that began more than 15 years ago as the struggle for the independence of Chechnya, mutated in a power struggle for the establishment of

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