Pioneers & Icons.

The efforts of aviation’s visionary designers have continually redefined the airplane, with some of their efforts going on to become icons that are recognized worldwide.

The Spirit Up Close.

In an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the Spirit of St. Louis was lowered to the floor of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum for cleaning and repair, and Dan Patterson was there with his camera to record history up close.

As Lindy Left It.

The airplane has not been restored and everything is as Charles Lindbergh left it, complete with pencil marks on the panel recording his fuel use.

American Legends.


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Part 2 Fighter Floggers

BEFORE THE introduction of the MiG-29 in 1986, the MiG-23M, ML and MLD successively provided the backbone of the Soviet Frontal Aviation air defence forces in East Germany for around ten years. Based at Wittstock, 33 IAP, which was the presentation unit of the 16th Air Army, became the first regiment to relinquish its MiG-23Ms for the new fighter. In all, eight regiments converted to the MiG-29 prior to the reunification of East and West Germany.

During the final years of the Soviet occupation and subsequent withdrawal from Eastern Europe, two regiments were equipped with MiG-23MLDs, one in East Germany

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Pakistans Cradle of Fighter Pilots. Chinese Style

MIANWALI, IN THE Central Command District of the Pakistan Air Force with its eighty plus aircraft, is by far the largest all-Chinese equipped Air Base in the PAF, and possibly in the world, outside of China.

It has an array of types including the FT-5 (MiG-17) Trainer, the F-6 and FT-6 and, more recently it has received the new F-7P and F-7TP from China.

It is, therefore, not surprising that Mianwali is run entirely on the Chinese system ably commanded by it’s popular commander, Air Commodore Amer Ali Sharieff. The Base is situated some 10 miles (16km) south west of

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Mianwali – The Cradle of Fighter Pilots

Alan Warnes visits Mianwali, where all PAF pilots go to learn to fly fast jets.

FOR THE Pakistan Air Force pilots arriving at Mianwali, situated in the desert scrub some 200 miles (320km) south of Islamabad, the next 20 months are destined to shape the rest of their lives. Becoming a fighter pilot in Pakistan is not just a great honour — it earns candidates a special place in the hearts of their countrymen. They become part of an elite group who put their country before their personal wealth, something which is becoming a rarity in today’s world.

The successful

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Became a legend

Ivan Harlamovich Mickle

«.Vodil Group of 6-18 IL-2 to perform complex and demanding command assignments, each time, despite intense opposition to enemy fighters, repeatedly getting into bad weather, with low cloud cover (100 — 200 meters) poor visibility (800 — 1000 meters) made his way to the intended target, perfectly executed combat missions, dealt a powerful enemy assault strikes and no losses each time returned to their base. All tasks are performed on the set objectives and without a single loss of orientation. «

This is an excerpt from the document Wartime titled «Short specification of the personal combat exploits

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After the war

Postwar production of Yak-9, as well as the presence of a sufficiently large number of Yak-1, Yak-3 and Yak-7 enables up to 1950 to ensure the Air Force of the socialist countries a sufficient number of fighters.

B-end of World War II Yak actively delivers some Allied USSR. Training aircraft Yak-7B were put Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Mongolia and Poland. Albania also received a number of Yak-7. After the war continued mass production of Yak-9 — until 1948 it was produced about 2190 copies. The main goal was the Yak-9P (cannon) that came into production in 1946 and who had

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RAF 16 (Reserve) Squadron Jaquar GR.3A XZ392 ‘PF’ departs RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire, on July 19 after this year’s Royal International Air Tattoo (see pages 78-82). As part of the newly-announced defence cuts, the entire RAF Jaquar fleet will have been withdrawn by October 2007.

DETAILS OF the long-expected UK defence cuts were finally officially revealed in Parliament on July 21 by Secretary of State for Defence Geoff Hoon, when he presented a new Defence Command Paper, CM6269, entitled Delivering Security in a Changing World: Future Capabilities. Unlike the last Defence White Paper (see A New Vision?, February,


All-Weather Warriors

The search for the Ultimate Fighter Aircraft by Mike Spick, Arms and Armour, 175pp, illustrated, £16.99

AS FIRST SIGHT it might well be considered that the story of the night fighter was a bit of a side-show in the development of air combat, but Mike Spick’s book puts it in rather a different context, that of it being the ideal fighter aircraft — the forerunner of the EF2000 or F-22 — but unable to compete on equal terms with the day fighters until the advent of the F-4 Phantom. This parity was achieved through the capabilities of high-power radar and

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Authors MIGs

Even the experts, if they have not worked with Mikoyan and Gurevich, first learn a lot from this book. For example, that about twenty years ago, before Gagarin’s flight, we had buildings and tested fighter SM30 variant MiGa19 — to intercept aerial scouts and saboteurs, taking off with gunpowder boosters, without a run, the rocket first spoke about finding a compact aircraft radar. Bulky, heavy while the ground system with huge antennas had to be immediately turned into a small, lightweight, install it on a fighter, where every gram counts, every centimeter. And without radar fighter was nowhere …

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PENTAGON ANNOUNCES DATES adopting a all three versions of the F-35

The Pentagon announced that the F-35B fighter aircraft for the U.S. Marine Corps will gain initial combat readiness in December 2015, F-35A for the Air Force in December 2016, F-35C carrier-based aircraft for the Navy in February 2019, Defense News reported May 31.   Gaining status initial alert comes after childbirth when these troops will be formed by a single squadron drill with quite qualified personnel and equipment, providing application fighters in hostilities. Number of fighter squadron ILC is 10 machines, Air Force — 12 Navy — 10.   U.S. plans to purchase a total difficulties fighter 2443 3 variants,

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