That newspaper article was never written, but it could have been. The reason for its non-appearance at the height of the Second World War can be summarized in one word: Mustangs.

In the two decades before the war, the Army Air Corps developed the theory and practice of strategic bombing. Because there were no long-range fighters, the necessary concept arose around the self-defending bomber, a flying fortress, so to speak, that would escort itself. Thus, the lack of a technology drove the emerging doctrine: the technological tail wagging the doctrinal doggie.

The concept didn’t work. It was demonstrated in Spain


Victims of the Few

Sunday, 15 September 1940 saw the climax of the Battle of Britain when the Luftwaffe launched a massive series of attacks against London, flying over 1,000 sorties. Although the RAF claimed to have shot down 183 enemy aircraft, German losses numbered fifty-six bombers and fighters, albeit many enemy machines returned to Occupied Europe badly damaged. Chris Goss tells the story about two German bombers which only just made it back.

On Saturday, 14 September 1940, Gruppe I and Gruppe II of Kampfgeschwader 76 (KG 76) had a much needed day off from their assault upon the United Kingdom. This was

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Nevermind Nirvana heres Foo Fighters.

Сие внимание еще более обостряет тот факт, что Гроль, известный как барабанщик, выступает сейчас в роли… гитариста! И еще больше примечательно, что в свое время за барабанной установкой Дэйв оказался по совершенно случайному стечению обстоятельств, ибо начинал будущий Nirvana’вец свою музыкальную карьеру все же с гитарой в руках.

“Впервые я взял ее в руки лет в десять», — вспоминает он. «Но учиться по-настоящему играть все как-то ломало до тех пор пока я не услышал ‘Smoke On The Water ‘ — тут все преграды были сломаны. А в 12 лет мы с друзьями сколотили свою первую команду Freak Baby, где играли

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LatAm Sukhoi Sales?

STATE-OWNED Russian arms export agency Rosoboronexport announced on September 28 that it plans to sell Russian-built fighters to Brazil and Mexico. Following Venezuela’s acquisition of 24 Su-30MK Flanker-C air superiority fighters for $1.5 billion, other Latin American nations are thought likely to follow suit. Contracts for deliveries of Sukhoi aircraft to Brazil and Mexico are anticipated to be signed shortly. In addition to unspecified fighters from the Su-27 family, modernised MiG-29 Fulcrum variants will also be offered to meet the future multi-role fighter requirements of the Brazilian and Mexican Air Forces.

As far as new fighters for Venezuela are concerned,

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Future suppressors?

Despite the familiar Wild Weasel mission that continues in the Gulf, the USAF and other are moving to new technology for the suppression of enemy air defences on the ground. Former Vietnam fighter pilot John Roberts surveys the action, and all the changes and new equipment, in the SEAD mission of Allied air forces.

WILD WEASEL is dead, though the popular phrase continues in use. Now the term is officially suppression of enemy air defences (SEAD). The old phrase, created in Vietnam, has been dropped in favour of a less vivid, but more accurate description of the toughest fighter mission

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Denying Flight

Lon O Nordeen and C Scott Barnes look at the build-up to the United Nations’ Operation Deny Flight, and the problems of enforcing it for the NATO combat aircraft involved.

THE UNITED NATIONS, the European Community, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and individually sponsored initiatives by the United States, France, Italy, Greece, Iran and others have united in on effort to end the war in the former Yugoslavia, with particular emphasis on Bosnia-Herzegovina between the Bosnian Serbs and the Bosnian Muslims.

Many diplomats have tried their hands at resolving the conflict, the roots of which go back a thousand

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Col William B. Bailey

The nagging thought returned as I crossed the English Channel: ‘Did I make the right choice?’ As CO of the 352nd Fighter Squadron, 353rd Fighter Group flying the P-47 Thunderbolt, beside and behind me at 26,000ft were an additional 15 olive drab P-47s containing pilots for whose lives I was responsible.

The P-47, although huge in comparison to other Allied fighters, was a delight to fly. With its big Pratt & Whitney R-2800 out front, it was intimidating at first, but once inside this spacious cockpit the ‘Jug’ was a real honest airplane, stable and easy to fly at all

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Khabarovsk company will release in 2011, six Su-35 fighters

Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association named after Gagarin (KnAAPO) in 2011 to complete production batch of six Su-35 fighters for flight and state joint tests, reported on Monday a source in the military-industrial complex.

"It was previously made two Su-35, in May of this year, flew a third plane. Three more aircraft KnAAPO manufacture in the second half of the year "- said the source of the" Interfax ". He recalled that in 2009 was awarded a government contract to supply up to 2015, 48 Su-35s for the Russian Air Force. "Of this number four aircraft manufactured this

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The film The Su-27 best fighter in the world

Su-27 The best fighter in the world

In the 4-series film gives details about one of the best combat aircraft of the world — the Su-27, as well as the subsequent models. Unique footage, interviews with designers and pilots, graphics, exciting story.

Movie 1. Birth of an airplane

The history of fighters from their inception. Prerequisites for the emergence of 4th generation fighters. The confrontation with the United States. First machine layout T-10. Scientists and engineers talk about the innovations that are implemented in the car. The first test flight.

Movie 2. On the way

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Uganda has received the first batch of Russian Su-30 fighters

The first batch of Russian multi-role fighters Su-30 delivered to Uganda, said Wednesday the Center for Analysis of World Arms Trade (TSAMTO) with reference to the representative of the East African country's air force captain Tabari Kikonko.

Was held on the eve of the first test flight.

Uganda is preparing to develop oil fields in the Lake Albert and acquire military equipment to ensure safety in the border areas of the Congo. The British company Tullow Oil PLC, French Total SA and China's Cnooc Ltd. intend to implement projects in Uganda to develop oil fields,

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