Ink stains

Discover the art of divination, which is available to all and does not require significant costs.

Answers to all questions are to ourselves. But the problem is that we do not know the right questions to ask yourself as often incorrectly formulate them. How to be? How to turn the tide in their favor? It’s very simple — to start asking yourself the right questions and answer them. Referring to the oracle and making predictions for yourself or for other people, we must always respect the basic principles of the art of divination. The more simple method of divination we

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Make the constructor of PLASTIC CARDS

From time to time we appear unnecessary plastic cards, which once provided us a discount in a particular store. If you declare a collection of cards around the kindergarten, they will be quite a lot. And then these cards can make a play.

The card is now — is «building» element. Because these elements are three-dimensional figures of different shapes and upholstered tape.

These figures are then used for children’s design.

They can be used in individual and group work with children.

Kids can build their own figures on the model, can get a job available to them to

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Or education available in Belarus?

This study — the continuation of the report of the 1998 UN "Education for All?".Then it was noted that since the beginning of the transition period (late 1980s) in the region occurred noticeable increase in inequality in the amount and quality of education. "To address these problems offered "Twelve steps towards education for all."In a brand new study addresses two main issues: the extent to which the trend towards increased inequality in education, and implemented "Twelve steps towards education for all."How to prepare such reports, explains UNICEF’s coordinator in Belarus Natalia Mufal:"Usually it is a statistic, studies that were conducted

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A day or figure: 9,000,000,000 271,000,000 800 thousand

This figure provides the State Bank of Belarus. Since the beginning this yeart debt has increased by 37%, or in absolute figures — 2 billion 531 million bucks. In particular, rapidly during this period grew OUTDOOR debt of commercial banks — by 63% to July 1, number 2 billion 256 millions of dollars.

Official numbers understate?

Are independent observers noted that these numbers have been understated. According to a poll-independent, in the role of premature vote was 21% of voters.According to the CEC, for a day or two early voting in elections has taken the role of 7% of voters. How does this figure may be on the basis of a five-day voting? Human rights activist Vladimir Labkovich Pronunciation:"I think that the official data will, as before, in the region of 15%. But in practice it will be 20-30%. Our observers in Russian Minsk area but know that one of the spots where the voters in

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UNFPA: Belarusian people live longer than in Russia and Ukraine

In the U.S., men live on average 75 years old, and the ladies — 80. In countries such as Sweden, Switzerland, Norway and Denmark, these characteristics are, respectively, 77-78 and 82-84 years.In Russia, the average life of boys is 58.7 years. They live 16 years less than the representatives of their sex in the United States. Russian ladies also live almost nine years less than American.Ukraine ladies live on average 72.5 years, and men — 60.5.In Belarus, these characteristics are, respectively, 74 and 63. So makarom Belarus men live 12 years less than in the U.S., and the ladies at

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Figure a day or 1.4%

1.4% — a share of gross domestic product (GDP) constitute the current defense spending budget of Belarus. This figure announced yesterday Belarusian Defense Minister Leonid Maltsev. By him, is below the average level evrapeeyski. In 2007 defense spending are: Ukraine — 1.74% of GDP in England -2.3% in France — 2.5% in Russia — 2.6% in United States — 3.5% in Georgia — 6.6% of GDP

Suppliers furniture Zhuravkova sat in the dock

Only 3 of the 10-s interrogate witnesses left the military judicial board, the 10th month is considering so referred "Furniture business." In the case of families, and portrayed the company already known by the process of the former managing director of President Galina Zhuravkova. Investigators believe that within a couple of years in Belarus with violations of customs law expensive imported Italian furniture, which later took himself profitably bureaucrats presidential administration and other departments. In including Galina Zhuravkova. Mention on the course and former managers of the enterprise controlled by her "Snow White Rus" Yuri Matusevicha and Alexander Murashko. Recall

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Parliamentary seats may take 76 Democrats

This figure is now described as "Freedom" Managing Information Center SLM Yuri Potemkin:"Until complaints unregistered candidates for deputies CEC we had 76 candidates. CEC added 2-uh — Ira Yaskevich and Misha Selivontsa. But two of our candidates registered Vasily Polyakov and Leonid Sudalenka decided not to continue further campaign. Because the figure 76 has not changed. "CEC "Freedom" now said that according to preliminary data, the 110 deputy mandates will argue 282 challenger. Of the 51 complaints satisfied 8 Tags: elections, percent, deputies

Cost to believe the official statistics?

"There are certain administrative aspects"Counting mechanism of gross domestic product in Belarus for-independent professionals to This time remains a mystery. As the economist at the research center of the Institute for Privatization and Management Lena Rakov, even sample of global banks and international monetary fund to achieve transparency This process did not have the result:

E.Rakovoy: "We have almost a third of the GDP gives refining. As you know, that refining has declined substantially, these numbers are questionable."

"We have the characteristics of GDP, which should be done, and for non-compliance" on the cap, "get everything. Because speak out so

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