Use a creative film effect on your photos

Make digital photos look like they have been processed from film with DxO Film Pack 4.

Processing your images from a roll of film used to be the only way to produce photos, and different makes of film gave your captures a different look and feel. DxO’s FilmPack 4 editing software makes it easy to recapture the quality, style, colours and grain of some of the most famous analogue films to give your digital images a classic look.

There are 38 colour and 26 black-and-white effects to choose from in the Expert edition, emulating the characteristics of films from the

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Trainspotting. Что?

Если вы хотите посмотреть на то, какими были «лихие девяностые» в Великобритании, фильм Дэнни Бойла «На игле» создан специально для вас.

Когда-то у Дэнни Бойла не было «Оскара» и мировой славы — тогда он и снял свой второй полнометражный фильм, назвал его трудно переводимым на русский язык словом «Trainspotting» и в одночасье стал культовым европейским режиссером. Вслед за ним «матерость» приобрел в далеком 1996 году и шотландский писатель Ирвин Уэлш, автор первоисточника — к слову, роман писавший не только по велению музы, но и основываясь на своих воспоминаниях о жизни в Эдинбурге в период «первой волны СПИДа». Досталось успеха и

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Color form: This graphic abstraction of a woman in a swimsuit was made by Japanese photographer Hideki Fujii as part of a series of images for a calendar. He used a 35mm SLR and a 180mm lens. The exposure, lit by electronic flash units, was 1 /100 sec between f/11 and f/16 on Kodachrome 64 film. The printing process rendered the image more abstract-an unaltered version ran in our 1985 Photography Annual.


Weimar Berlin: This striking portrait of actress Lotte Lenya (who was also the wife of Kurt Weill) was taken in Berlin

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By Edward Platt

“It doesn’t matter if you’re discovering a piece of music or a film—it’s very similar,” says Fabien Riggall, founder and creative director of an organization that prides itself on restoring a sense of drama and mystery to familiar forms of entertainment. Riggall’s first project, Secret Cinema, uses actors and performers to re-create the world of a film as a setting for its screening, and he is now attempting to do the same in music. His new initiative, Secret Music, launched in

July with a

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Jemima Greaves has spent the last few months learning the art of film photography. Now she embarks on her biggest challenge yet as she seeks to capture the delights of this year’s Glastonbury Festival.

After the extraordinary spectacle of the Glastonbury Festival, it was a nervous three-day wait to get my films processed.

I was eager to see whether the magic of those five days would be reflected in my images or get lost in translation. My heart beating faster than it had during the Rolling Stones, I opened the packet of negs to discover an entire roll of film

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Short films are today’s medium of choice for inventive storytellers. Stephen Graves shows us how to direct a taut, honed masterpiece….


Know what to do and when to do it. A film is born in these stages:

Pre-production: scripting, raising funds and planning.

Production: shooting the film.

Post-production: editing, grading and visual effects.

Be resourceful. Dead Mon’s Shoes director Shane Meadows made a short film with his phone. Dedicated cams are expensive to hire, so ask friends if you can borrow their DSLRs and use cheap but capable editing software such as Lightworks (

Take time over

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Everyone can be an honest-to-goodness flmmaker thanks to Lomography, that champion of analogue film. Fancy making a movie for Blueprint? Read on…

In these all-encompassing digital days Blueprint has decided to look in the opposite direction for a while and celebrate the warmth and humanity of the analogue age, when the letter ‘i’ was just another vowel.

Lomography has long-championed the world of film, keeping its eye focused on the world of sprockets and emulsions. A few months ago it launched the Lomokino, a hand-cranked, 35mm movie camera, so we grabbed some and passed them to a hand-picked group of

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Written by Boris Ermolaev, Savva Kulish directors — Vladimir Vasiliev, Boris YERMOLAYEV operator — Valery Mironov artists — Mikhail Shcheglov, ELIZABETH Urlryn choreographer — Vladimir Vasilyev in the film Music by JS Bach, WA Mozart. Tchaikovsky, as well as compositions KARAVAICHUKA O., A. BOLCHEVA verses VALENTINE GAFTA soundman — HARRY Belenky

Roles performed:

Knyazev — Ekaterina Maximova

Novikov — Vladimir Vasiliev Ksana — Natalia Bolshakov teacher-tutor — ANGELINA KABAROVA poet — Valentin Gaft Golubeva — Elena Dmitrieva Klimov — CONSTANTINE Zaklinskaya girlfriend — Alla Osipenko Crumb — OLGA Samoshina Knyazev — Aristarchus LIVANOV


«Lenfilm», 1986

Color. 10 parts, 2736

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Film of the month


Starting September 12

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, but is it worth to risk their lives for the victory?

DRAMA with Chris Hemsworth and Olivia Wilde Go back to the 70s of XX century, the «F1», when the girls lined up to get an autograph from your favorite racers, and even ride with them in their car were riding dreams! Rivalry between two irreconcilable legends in the history of the race — a charming Brit, a sex symbol of James Hunt (Hemsworth) and Austrian perfectionist Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl) — remember everyone! They have no room for error as easy

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JOBS too soon?

«The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.»

The long-awaited biopic JOBS has finally hit theaters. There have been plenty of reviews of the film with some saying the film is more like a timeline of Apple Computer than a movie about Steve Jobs, and with others saying it’s just poorly written. Nearly all are praising the performance of Ashton Kutcher in the title character.

Having used only Apple computers and devices since 1989, and following Jobs’ career since the start of my tech-writing career, this film is of extreme

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