Turkish retirements

THE T-33A FINALLY left the Turkish Air Force inventory on January 20, 1997, at Eskisehir (1st Main Jet Base) when the final two aircraft were retired. It ended almost 45 years of service which had seen the type fill both the jet training and liaison roles. When the first two T-33As (serialled 51-4058 and 51-4059) were received through the Military Assistance Program (MAP) on December 27, 1951, it marked the beginning of the Turkish Air Force’s (TuAF) jet age.

Further examples arrived from the USA, Canada and France during the intervening years and by 1983 the TuAF had received 100

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Sharpening talons

Anatolian Eagle 2013-2 (or ‘Anadolu Kartali’ in Turkish), at Konya from June 10 to 20, was the latest training exercise in a long-running series hosted by the Türk Hava Kuvvetleri (Turkish Air Force). Three Anatolian Eagle exercises take place there each year for Turkey’s and NATO air forces to sharpen their war-fighting skills.

First held in 2001, Anatolian Eagle was conceived and arranged to mirror the US Air Force’s Red Flag exercises. It aims to verify and evaluate the combat readiness of the Turkish AF’s tactical flying units and its capability to manage the development of tactical air training, and

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Prowling Over Scotland

HMS Illustrious handed back to RN

AS THE aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious (R06) enters the final stage of its £120 million, two-year refit, the ship was officially handed back to the Royal Navy (RN) on July 27 at Babcock Engineering Services’ Rosyth Dockyard. Some 550 new RN crew members will now assist in completion of the refit at Rosyth which will lead to an intensive period of sea training after she returns to the fleet in February 2005 before officially becoming the Fleet Flagship in June 2005.

Once the refit is completed, officially scheduled for November 6, ‘Lusty’ will look

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