Meet the scientists who are hunting for worlds outside our Solar System in an attempt to find Earth-like planets that, like our own, could be hospitable to life.

Written by Jonathan O’Callaghan

Up until 1992 the thought that there might be other sentient life out there in the universe was one that was generally met with incredulity and disbelief. Those branding aliens as real were looked upon disdainfully, and the mere suggestion that humans were just one of many types of life in the cosmos was not one that was given much credibility.

However, the discovery of an exoplanet (one


Set Up Shop

Scouring local guitar stores is far more fulfilling than buying on the web, but as Adi Vines found, it can still disappoint.

I’ve been out shopping again, as I deserved a couple of treats after a busy tour that barely paused for Christmas. I was therefore overjoyed to find a Slash Octave/Fuzz at a bargain price in Scarborough’s Guitar Gallery. The warm welcome and quality of banter immediately made me feel guilty for taking the easy option of buying a AMT Japanese Girl wah and a Korg Pandora online a few weeks previously. I should have been pouring my cash

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Search for life.

The five most important people in the search for extraterrestrial life.

Every month we hear of incredible new exoplanets in planetary systems seemingly like our own, and we learn more in the search for past or present microbial life as missions like Curiosity gain worldwide attention, but for some reason the notion that we might be just one intelligent race among many is yet to receive much support from the public at large.

Many people today still seem to have the same opinion that was prevalent in the mid to late 20th Century, that aliens are something that belong only

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Notes to self

This month, things get personal for Sophie Goodwin and Annabel Rivkin

Some people find joy in sex, others in world peace or at the bottom of a tub of Viennetta. We find it in personalisation. Our names make us… us. They are magic! Personalisation makes everything nicer, see. And the proper joy of it is there isn’t much you can’t embroider, emboss, stamp or paint. Pyjamas with your name hand-embroidered on the pocket? You’ll sleep better. A toothbrush with your initials on the handle? Cleaner teeth. Your monogram spelt out in fishfingers (tricky, but persevere)? Much tastier and definitely less

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Naturalist view.

We delve into Sarah Lewis’s intricate portfolio and take a closer look at her creative view on the natural world.

Where did your love for photography come from?

I’ve always loved photography as a hobby, but I got serious about it while at college. I used to experiment with my dad’s compact camera, and one day took a picture of a toy duck that caught my eye. It was central in the frame, backlit, softly focused, nothing fantastic — but the detail of the image spoke to me, the patterns in the plastic that I’d overlooked, they became so much

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Canon EOS 5D Mk III

Professional photographer Lee Frost has been travelling the globe with anE0S5DMk III for the last few months. Having put it through its paces to find out its capabilities, here’s what he thinks of it so far…


Image sensor: Full-frame CMOS Resolution: 22.3 megapixels

Maximum image resolution: 5760×3840 pixels

Number of AF points: 61

Multizone metering: TTL full aperture with 63-zone Dual Layer SPC

ISO rating: 100-12800 (expandable 50-102400)

Shutter speeds: 30-l/8000sec plus В

Built-in Hash: No

Storage: Dual slots of CF and SD (SDHC/SDXC)

Continuous frame rate: Six frames-per-second

LCD monitor: 3.2in (1,040,000 dots)

Size: 152×116.4×76.4mm

Weight: 950g (body

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G.Atamanov: orange lead Ukraine into NATO

"If overcome orange, so called Democrats, their basic concept is focused on Ukraine’s accession to Europe, first NATO. And it is clear that we have to take certain measures in terms of their security. And if overcomes the Party of Regions, and she together with communists and socialists forms the government, the promises that they made to the Ukrainian people will be executed. A general Ukraine — our neighbor. And God himself is caused. And neighbors and must live together and help, and to be aware each other . "

Opposition rushing to find candidates for deputies

This decision came now presidium United Democratic Forces (SLM) in Belarus. By this occasion accepted advice to regional coalitions, as they had better find a more promising candidates in each electoral environment. Co-Chair of the UDF Anatoly Lebedko explains this by saying that "we can not exclude early elections." Under current law, elections were held in House of Representatives take place in the second half 2008. • All supporters of change are invited to run for deputies, 12.09.2007

Night Siege — September 7

On forums portal discussions are news Minsk Watch Plant "Ray" may implement a foreign investor. This was stated by the agency BelTA Deputy Economy Minister Oleg Melnikov. He also said, what you need find an investor and put him some criterion, for example with respect to preserving jobs. Oh, so these statements react participants forums:"Sorry, it still sell for scrap or he will invest funds investors to re-production?""Again, offshore-onshore … tender shall speak … By the way, pochetaemye plant — state property, in other words with you in our including. He works for our taxes … What it did for

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Ales Storozheva: I see his poems in a dream

Kalinowski: "In the midst of verses that you read on this week for "Radio Liberty" sounded spiritual, patriotic and love lyrics. Say what you lure more about what is currently written? "Storozheva: "You know, I see his poems in his sleep. The idea of writing a poem bought my close people. And I myself have not talked to him would, where are certain words, certain images … But at the same time this case done just neprymusova and can already result of judge, as they say, readers, listeners … "Kalinowski: "What kind of themes for you to come over in

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