Soligorsk fined favorite business

Vozhava referee accused of violating Article Tsatsura 23.34 Part 1 of the Administrative Code (violation of the order of organization of mass events or picketing).According to Mr. Tsatsura in This year seven times he appealed to Soligorskiy executive committee for approval to the organization of the rally or picket. Whenever the authorities refused. During preparation for social shares September 30 sovereign Tsatsura used street ads as cardboard ads on poles. For this, and fined.• Police arrested a favorite of businessmen ", 26.09.2007

Navapolack 100 thousand rubles fine for decomposed fire

3rd August, a group of Democratic Youth organized a camp in Volozhin district. But as young people gathered, they were surrounded by police. As a result, the camp was broken up, 9 people were detained. Midst of detainees was novopolochanin Alexei Trubkin. In Volozhin district police department on Young people amounted to a breach of protocols Art. 15:58 KoAPP: lighting fires in the wrong place.Case of Trubkin was mailed in Novopolotsk City Council, then the administrative commission ordered the punishment activist fine.Cases involving public activities Alexei Trubkin mentioned commission considers not the first time. But if earlier he was invited

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Baranovichi: sentenced in absentia 2-public activists

Human rights activist Sergei Housha said Hope Krapivin charged with participating in an unsanctioned rally. She was sentenced to a further fine of 93 thousand rubles.

Administrative proceedings in court cases Baranovichy extend from September 10. In violation of the detainees in the blame trial Malady Yaroslav Hryshchenya. On the day the policy Sevyarinets Paul was arrested for 17 days. Currencies fines over time have already received 10 members of an unregistered organization "Young Front. "

• D.Fedoruk: "The courts collect fines on wages riot", 19.09.2007 • Baranovichi: courts of last every day, 18.09.2007

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D.Fedoruk: Courts collect fines on wages riot

Member of an unregistered organization "Young Front" Dmitriy Fedoruk told us that deliberately ignored the call Baranavičy tribunal. He believes that illegally was arrested September 10 during trial Malady Yaroslav Hryshchenya: "Then in Baranovichi policemen were generally protocols on slips of paper on which was written, to whom and what article needed attributed. Then the courts moved to distant date, as, for example, on September 19. Do well to accurately prescribe penalties and smallness so to speak, tear off funds for wages arbitrators riot police. " Arrests in Baranavichy were planned well in advanceDmitriy Fedoruk absentia accused of hooliganism and

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Young Front

May 29 Russian Tribunal district of Minsk sentenced activists "Junior Front"Anastasia Palazhanka (warning), Dmitry Khvedaruk (a fine of 1 million 240 thousand rubles, or 578 dollars U.S.), Oleg Korban, Alexei Januszewski and Haretski (penalty of 930 thousand rubles, or 433 bucks each). They were found guilty under the Criminal Code for his role in an unregistered organization.

Foreign Ministry: U.S. going in the right direction

Ministry of money the U.S. has allowed South American companies to enter into business deals with companies "Lyakafarba" and "Polotsk-Fiberglass" to 2 March 2009. "The decision of the U.S. side is a movement in the right direction," — said a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Andrei Popov. "Belarus has always stressed that the sanctions completely unacceptable in civilized international relations. This step is also in charge of the U.S. government and American business interests of society."According favorite Free Trade Union "Polotsk-Fiberglass" Victor Stukova, the company expected the lifting of sanctions after the release of political prisoners:"Well, that

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Yanukovych apparently willing to throw Yushchenko again and make the communist system

Man: "Pochetaemy Milinkevich you life talking about, what we will create life. But you serve America, not Belarusian people. Believe you me. You’re doing so that only great live. And poor people. Beggars and you did not remember the word. You bessumlenny man Milinkevich! "Lady: "Hi, pochetaemaya" Freedom! " I wish to tell how prazdnichek met. Smallness was unwell, and I all the same was gratifying. Easter and Christmas I always meet in joy. My family came and sat down at the table, uttered a prayer, crossed himself and began to eat the egg being sanctified. Ate, sat virtually all

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Intoxicated driver was fined 930 thousand rubles

"If earlier it was easier to give many thousand fine for 6 unfastened belt, then pay for such liberties 31 a thousand nobody wants. As a result — virtually all fastened. March 3 was 117 accidents. A a year earlier in today 212. ""Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus" reported that the most the highest penalty for the last days — 930 thousand rubles — have to pay the driver, which caught driving drunk."Intoxication on the road was two times less. Dread — and do right — continues Anna Banadyk. — I think it will continue to This year we preserve the

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Gomel protege opposition to avoid a fight, but not fine

Sovereign Gusakov spent the bus lady. Two guys zapanibratski species began pestering Dmitry: say you’re here you walk through our area.Dmitry owed locked hands to avoid getting hit in the face or head.Here to stop police car arrived."Police these people, who attacked me, not detained, arrested and taken me only in medvytsvyareznik. With all this on the eyes from the police attackers threatened me, insulted ", — told the emperor Gusakov.He was accused that he is intoxicated, claimed to blow into a tube and closed at night in vytsvyarezniku. And in the morning fined — 87.5 thousand rubles.Dmitri did not

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Officer fined 300 million

The court in the Ryazan region declared head of the district administration and the head of the urban settlement guilty of attempted bribe-taking and complicity in it. Officials sentenced to fines of 300 million and 38 million rubles respectively.

According to the investigation, in the spring of 2010 the head of Klepikovsky region Ryazan Region Oleg Arhipochkin agreed with the representative of one of the few companies on the alienation of municipal land for a bribe of 6.5 million rubles. When the transfer of the bribe of three million rubles on 3 June of that

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