Fingerprint police leaves home

Vladimir Krutikova from Lida was summoned to the local police department where the fingerprinted. In Zabolote in Voronovo district, police Vitaly Kuplevicha came home and also took off his fingerprints.Vladimir Kroutikov — member of the BPF "Revival", comes in activities of the group Stanislav Soudnick and currently engaged collecting signatures.Vitaly Kuplevicha does not belong to any party. To him the village of expert Voronov came to take fingerprints: say, for you to travel far to the regional center.

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Police collect fingerprints Minsk liquidators

First week it was reported that due to the explosion of the police interested in people who have already been convicted for possession of weapons or illegal operations with weapons and explosive substances. Reported such checks in the Mogilev region. Now it is clear that law enforcement officers inspect traders in Minsk Zhdanovichi market. Businessman Ales Taustyka said:"What they are most interested? They require documents for the purchase of a switch on the wire for prypayvannya. Where it is acquired. Later require some portion of the wire bite, lay down and take in the envelopes. Those who refuses, threaten to

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Recruitment offices in police service?

In the near future in different regions of Belarus draft-age guys mass produce the draft board agendas in which it is written that this is done to clarify information for military records. In fact the military immediately offer to be fingerprinted and saliva. Minsk is done specifically in recruitment. In the regions, people are taken to the police departments.Military enlistment offices in men of military age and neprizyvnogo take fingerprints and saliva, as suspects in a criminal crime. Military refer to the law, according to which every citizen of the Republic of Belarus can come and be fingerprinted database MIA.

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Compulsory fingerprinting: Why is it done?

All who were detained or summoned to the police in connection with the explosion on July 4 in a day of independence, the police ask to be fingerprinted. This is required even from military service in the military enlistment offices, for example, as not so long ago in Belaaziorsk. Indeed whether "fingers" are interested only investigators in the explosion? How to behave person against such procedures?

Miroslav LozovskiyEvening ransacked, detention, bringing in isolation, before the interrogation fingerprinting — last activist "White Legion" Miroslav Lozovskiy experienced it all in one of the first to have a subsequent day after the explosion

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In Belgorod schools will be allowed to fingerprint


28.09.12.Chleny Regional Youth Government drafted the use of fingerprint, which is offered to apply in Belgorod schools for children's safety.

According to the press service of the Public Chamber of the region, project Acting Governor Yevgeny Savchenko instructed youth government in August this year. Belgorod youth offered guided existing practice fingerprint, which is injected Tyumen scientists. In Tyumen, a machine is used to make purchases in stores and gas stations, after clicking on the scanner screen the customer is automatically withdrawn from the account of the required amount of money. Online shops Tyumen installed about 60 of these devices.

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Why Astrakhantsev be fingerprinted?


10.10.12.Okazyvaetsya for what would have to be fingerprinted, Astrakhan enough to have home access to the Internet, because the service is available on the website of state services. If contact with the internet you do not want, you can apply to the district police department in the community with a minimum package of documents: a written application, a passport or a birth certificate, a document confirming the fact of adoption, custody or guardianship.

Be fingerprinted to those who worry about their loved ones. Indeed, in the case of missing person is very easily identified by the papillary pattern. Police

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Chelyabinsk students will get to the hostel by fingerprints


28.09.12.V Chelyabinsk State University appeared tehnika.Poka fingerprint device to determine the fingerprint is working in test mode.

Know-how can not skip or not to skip the students in the hostel. However, anyone can go to him and find out how it works. But the most daring to even try.

— The students reacted differently to the new product. Someone said, "Hurray!" Some fear that now they will control what we see, when and who goes and comes, — Said, "the first regional" vice-rector for educational and non-educational work CSU Alexander Sazonov.

How long will the experiment, the university

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In school, the fingerprint in Moscow and Vladimir. Video


In the schools of Moscow will be allowed on fingerprints

Uploaded NSlavaK, date: 22.02.2012

Vladimir started experiment "Safe School". Now, to get to class, students must be fingerprinted. Absent from classes is almost impossible to get out of the building, also need to be tested. And all the data on the movements of pupils, as well as information about its performance, instantly appear on a special website for parents.

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Biometrics in Krasnoyarsk colony, Spot the Difference

BioSmart system identifies the fingerprint prisoners in Krasnoyarsk colony. Daily mark of

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Tuva residents are invited to share fingerprints


13.11.12.Otdelenie Federal Migration Service of Russia in the Republic of Tuva invites all people of the region to take an active part in the voluntary fingerprinting. That is left to swipe your finger in the archives of law enforcement.

In the minds of most fingerprinting involves the commission of a crime. Prior to 1998, subject to fingerprinting, only persons detained on suspicion of committing a crime, the accused or suspect, detained as a measure of restraint, persons under administrative arrest and suspected of committing an administrative offense if it is impossible to establish their identity.

Gradually, however, the popularity

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Employees’ SPETSSETSTROYBANK log in to the ABS fingerprint


19.11.12.Kompaniya BioLink Solutions, a world expert in the field of biometric market, today announced the introduction of the software and hardware of biometric identification in the corporate network commercial bank "SPETSSETSTROYBANK."

"SPETSSETSTROYBANK" has by now become a universal credit institution providing a full range of high-tech banking services. He has actively expanded its branch network of over 130 offices in Moscow, Moscow, Kaluga, Tula and Vladimir regions. For all the variety of services (deposits, transfers, currency exchange, utility payments, cash management services to corporate clients, payroll, etc.), the bank focuses on the quality and efficiency of their work. Under

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