This is Liz and Steve Watt’s fifth new build home – and it’s their finest

Liz Watt and husband Steve know that practice makes perfect. Together, they run a property development company, Ardgowan Homes, specialising in large family homes in Berkshire. They, too, have built several homes for their own family, including this, their latest and fifth. While Liz insists that she’s not an expert, she does admit that the results improve each time. ‘I’ve developed a clear idea of what I like and each house is better than the one before,’ she says. Tempted by the one and

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How we feel about paint is changing, and no one even noticed.

Paint transforms. Its one of the easiest ways to turn a wall, a room or an entire house into something totally different. Color is the first part of that transformation, but it’s not the whole story.

Color can be such a powerful force that, for many, it has seemed like the whole story. Whether professional designer or design maven, its easy to see paint as color and little more. Chosen with loving care (how long are those chips or painted squares on your wall before you make an actual decision?) and applied with professional finesse, paint color brings emotions to

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Fluted bowl

My background in green woodworking means I take a relatively unplanned approach to my carvings; this became more apparent to me as I tried to record the process for this article.

For me, carving is about using the wood I have available, which means my starting point is a log still with the bark on. In this case as it had been outside for just over a year it was starting to spalt. This made for a more interesting grain pattern, but again meant I had to adjust my design to suit what I found as I progressed. However, if

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Disc world

Sanding, I loathe doing it, but it is a necessary evil. For finer work and the ultimate finish, hand sanding can be far more tactile than any machine or tool. Even the hint of a hand-sanded arris edge can be enough to raise a piece, and trying to achieve the same consistency with a mechanical sander can be all but impossible, but machines have eased the majority of sanding tasks.

Of course abrasives play a very important part in the finish, but here I’m concentrating on the different types of sanding machines, what they do, and which specific ones you

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A finish to behold.

Double, double, triple and trouble; Lytham reduced them all to rubble. All, that is, except Ernie Els, who has his own scrapbook full of woe to throw on the pile. If Adam Scott had to re-gift the claret jug, at least he passed the family silver on to an older friend who knows only too well what it feels like when a ton of bricks falls on your heart. Surely there’s a place in heaven where champions sit around, sip a shandy and compare old battle scars. When that day comes, calling the roll for the 141st Open at Royal

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Agrotowns or agrahatki?

In geranium Iuye district, which is 3 kilometers from the Belarusian-Lithuanian border, they brought me to the local press about the grand opening of the newest administrative unit here — agrotown. Town with 1.5 tyschami inhabitants comes to number 70 exemplary agrotowns elected at the initiative of Alexander Lukashenko.On the outskirts of geraniums on sight appears neighborhood so called "Presidential houses." They — most importantly, what are going to fix the inhabitants here.The family house Makovsky is believed commissioned turnkey. Spent on its construction 50 thousands of dollars. Wife stood in line two decades. Have three children. Spouse, tractor, whole

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Polish Radio — the reconstruction of Grodno

There were different views. For example, figure unrecognized Belarusian authorities Union of Poles Jozef Porzecki believes that the acts of the authorities targeted against the Polish minority as Grodno preserved the spirit of Poland and recalls the history of the Commonwealth.Also reported that the Belarusian opposition favorite Alexander Milinkevich addressed to the chairman of the Grodno City Executive Committee Alexander Antonenko calling for complete renovation. • In Grodno until no more destroy, 15.05.2007 • Grodno institute require teachers to complete destruction, 14.05.2007 • Ales Krawcewicz: "Blotting out among the unique town of Belarus", 10.05.2007 • Patrons an old Grodno offer

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Privatization would entail layoffs

In-2 to get dividends, workers must themselves seek and improve criterion labor and increase in salaries: "If these companies will be transferred to private owners (but mostly it will be the Russians), we should expect very severe cuts. Will reduce people to try to improve the quantity of product produced with the number of workers. A as for In order to be the best conditions? Generally it will all depend on those who work in these enterprises. But Actually I no cheerful hope, because to elevate something, you need to pursue, you need to pursue. Our people on the present

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As a foreigner — the death, the Russian — standard: the triumph of the Pskov Airborne at Peace March

Pskov paratroopers were winners of the prestigious Peace March, which took place in the Netherlands. This is an annual event held since 1909. They are attended by international military delegations and professional athletes from around the world. They need to cover the distance of 160 kilometers in 4 days. Allowed to move only on foot. This year competed almost 40,000 people. Many due to severe congestion gone the route. However, our paratroopers reached the finish line at full strength. 

Four-day marathon in the ancient city of Holland was originally conceived as part of a military

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S.Skrebets: We have shown that men still have

Sergei Skrabets says that ending the hunger strike has several reasons: "In 1-x, feeling very unwell. On This time hunger has been very hard. We we see, that power not going to make our demands for the release of all political prisoners. Replaced in order to release Kazulin, Parsyukevich, Kim authorities throw new prisoners behind bars. We litsezreem that are sitting youth activists, raided the place-independent publications. In these criteria, we believe it must complete strike. But that does not mean the struggle for complete release of political prisoners, for democratic change in our society. " The younger brother of

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