When Smoke Causes a Fire

Knowing an airplane’s flying characteristics


AN OPERATING CONTROL TOWER provides many benefits to pilots. Controllers, of course, separate airplanes on the runway and direct taxiing airplanes to avoid conflicts. The controllers also provide you with IFR clearances, or handoffs for radar advisories. The people in the tower also can pass along pilot reports warning of us of wind shear on final that other pilots experienced, or to be alert for poor braking conditions or other runway hazards.

And tower controllers also keep an eye on airplanes departing and arriving and are in the best position to

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Vietnam Gun Trucks

On September 2 1967, a US Army 8th Transport Group convoy of 39 vehicles was ambushed a few miles west of An Khe by a company of Viet Cong (VC) soldiers. With only weak convoy protection of two Jeeps armed with guns, the results were predictable. Seventeen American soldiers were killed, 13 wounded, and 34 of the vehicles were damaged or totally destroyed.

In another ambush in late 1967, a U.S. Marine convoy of 10 trucks, escorted by tanks, heading for Camp Carrol from Ca Lu on Route 9 was stopped by mines, and then came under attack from small

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Upgraded MiG-31 BM Trials

INITIAL TESTING of the upgraded Mikoyan MiG-31BM interceptor is nearing its end at the Chkalov State Flight Test Centre (GLITs) in Akhtubinsk. A preliminary report is due before the end of the year which will lead to a programme to upgrade the Russian Air Force’s MiG-31 fleet. The first aircraft was upgraded and flight-tested by the Sokol plant in Nizhny Novgorod in September last year before going to GLITs for further trials. The second joined it soon afterwards.

Under Stage I of the upgrade, the MiG-31 receives an improved Zaslon-AM fire control suite with an advanced computer and the latest

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Night Owls

With the Battle of Britain at its height the first Beaufighters were delivered to operational units. The new, heavily-armed, long-range fighters were all destined for night-fighter squadrons. The initial batch was fitted with cannon only but also had the airborne interception (AI) Mk IV radar with its characteristic ‘bow and arrow’ nose aerials and wing blade aerials. These machines represented a step-change in the nocturnal war.

From the Filton production line, the ‘Beaus’ were issued to units equipped with Bristol Blenheim Ifs, most of which had been fitted with AI. Getting the Beaufighter ready for its debut were the following

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As winter envelops us, efficient heating is a must for the home

01 BIG O

Handmade in raw polished steel, the Ante Focus wood fire by Oblica is a beautiful and contemporary option for a fireplace. Pair it with Oblica’s signature accessory, the Big O, which is a sculptural choice for wood storage. oblica.com.au


For something a little more heavy-duty, the Avalon Camano freestanding wood stove by Lopi is perfect. It heats up to 160 square metres and will give a wonderfully homely feeling to your room. lopi.com.au


If you find that you have a

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The fate of the officer

95th anniversary of the Border Troops — a celebration not only of soldiers in green caps and all over the country, which borders under their well guarded and protected. For centuries, the border guards not only protect the borders, but also the first to engage in combat with the aggressors. The peculiarity of the military profession that has to be on duty in all climates, in all the regions, including the Far North, or sultry southern point, in remote places, apart from the settlements. And, of course, the border guards had a chance to take part in combat operations in

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Fire Sensing System

Fire is one of the most hazardous natural forces. Sensing fire and fighting it in the early stages can prevent losses to a great extent. Sensing fire electronically has become one of the most reliable fire-fighting techniques today.

Sensing fire needs reliable smoke/ fire sensors. Thermistors can sense fire depending on temperature increase principle. We can also use opto devices to sense smoke. One of the projects published in EFY Vol.6 used Japanese Figaro TGS gas sensors. Such sensors are expensive and are not easily available.

The system presented here uses the most common yet very reliable bimetallic strip of

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There can be few people who do not stop and look at a fire engine as it passes by. Who can ignore the urgent siren, flashing blue lights and highly polished red machine hurrying along the road to give assistance to someone somewhere? I find it most reassuring that throughout the country there are men, and now women too, willing and able to undertake dangerous rescue tasks for the general public. This fire engine is dedicated to all those who work in the fire and rescue services.

The toy is built from Nordic redwood and has a working steering wheel,

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Fighting fire with fire

Taking action With the successful funding of PACT, we decided to find out what they are trying to achieve for artists — and why

In the aftermath of a panel discussion at IlluXCon, Jim Pavelec, Aaron Miller, Todd Lockwood, Randy Gallegos and Mike Sass have created PACT, the Professional Artist/Client Toolkit. It’s a new website designed specifically to encourage transparent working relationships between artists and clients. This is in direct response to some of the shadier aspects of making a viable living as a professional artist.

«The first thing on the PACT list is to get a cheap membership programme

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Using elevators in emergencies

Due to the growing interest in improving the methods of evacuation after the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 he was held a seminar on the use of elevators in fires and other emergencies, to make recommendations on updating standards and regulations. Two task forces, led by the author, will continue to work on the recommendations of the workshop, one group will explore the possibility of using the elevators to bring people out of the building, and the other — the possibility of using the elevator fire.

Tasks Task Force consists of a review of the proposals received at

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