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Can be kept under control if such an unpredictable element, like fire? Make sure the work of firefighters, whose purpose — to prevent the spread of fire in a large California state parks

Cataclysms of earth from space hazards

Multiple rocket launcher LARS-2

Reactive full system multiple rocket launchers (MRL) "Lars-2" (Leichtes Artillerie-Raketen-System) designed for the destruction of the advanced calculations of military equipment, dispersed enemy troops, artillery calculations and remote mining areas.

System "Lars-2" is a result of the modernization programs from MRL LARS-1, adopted by the Bundeswehr in 1969. From 1980 to 1983, in accordance with the applets that have been upgraded everything was in service with the Bundeswehr 209 launchers LARS-1.

A wide range of weapons, including missiles and high-explosive sub-munitions, high-cumulative and flue acts of anti-personnel mines and anti-mining areas provide the opportunity to engage targets of different

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Multiple rocket launchers Smerch

Long-range multiple rocket launcher (MRL) "Tornado" was created for the defeat in the distant outskirts of group goals, vulnerable elements of which are open and sheltered alive force unarmored, lightly armored and infantry armored vehicles and tank companies, artillery units, tactical missiles, air defense systems and helicopters in parking lots, demolition team Fri, communications centers and the military-industrial structure.

MLRS "Smerch" entered service in 1987 and until now ranked as the most powerful in the world. The system was developed in the early 80-ies of SSPE "Fusion" (Tula), in collaboration with more than 20 other companies of the USSR.

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In Elektrostal (Moscow region). Opened a new fire station

Construction of the depot had been planned since perestroika. For a long time outside the Red overgrown with weeds and debris large vacant lot, enclosed concrete fence, but in just a few months in its place was built a modern fire station,

At the city fire brigade had its own "home" with all the amenities: control room, spacious garages, facilities for washing and drying, fire extinguishers, fire tower, a huge area for the training sessions, a sports hall, etc.

In the future, Elecrtostal plans to build another depot. This means that firefighters do not have to

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In Chita, opened a new fire station

October 3 in North neighborhood in Chita opened fire station number 6.

April 25, 2011 in a vacant lot in the neighborhood North solemn atmosphere was laid the first stone, symbolizing the start of construction of a fire station on the 6 car-trips to the fire station number 6 of the federal state fiscal institutions "3 FPS squad Trans-Baikal Territory."

Construction of the new fire station is especially important — the last time fire department was introduced into service in Chita in 1985. The new fire station is designed for the protection of the Central administrative district of the

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Missilemen PF group successfully completed firing at sea targets

Coastal missile and artillery units of the Pacific Fleet (PF) on Friday successfully conducted from Sakhalin group far firing at sea targets, hitting all targets that were at a distance and more than 200 km, told RIA Announcements official dealer of the Pacific Fleet Captain First Rank Roman Martov.

"Group firing antiship missile systems" Redoubt "and" Tolerance "were produced from the south-eastern coast of Sakhalin Island from the Sea of Okhotsk on sea targets. All goals are in the North Sea of Okhotsk, amazed, "- said the agency interlocutor.

According to him, group far shooting sea targets conducted as

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In Chechnya tested radar system Zoo-1M

The soldiers of the Southern Military District (SOUTH) used radar complex (RLC) of the new generation of "Zoo" on maneuvers in Chechnya, said on Monday, September 23, the press service of the county.

Within a month, the gunners' worked through the deployment of radar system at different times of the day and completed more than 30 standards for the reception, transmission and processing of information, "RIA Novosti reported.

RFCs reconnaissance and monitoring of fire "Zoo-1M" is designed for reconnaissance of the enemy firing positions, calculating the trajectories of shells and correction of target indications.

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In Chechnya Grad imaginary enemy positions covered

On the ground in the Shali district of Chechnya are training gunners of the Southern Military District. In the shootings involved multiple launch rocket systems "Grad". The task of the battery — cover fire division imaginary enemy. A characteristic feature of these firings — to scale and fire control system. Orders to the site come from the command center, located in the Astrakhan region.

Sinners of Sodom and Gomorrah killed an asteroid?

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Large forest fires in Moscow extinguished

Large forest fire which started on Friday in Noginsk, Moscow region, was extinguished, there were no injuries, told RIA Novosti the regional government agency.

Information on fire covering about 35 hectares in area-km highway Gorky came to the panel on duty "01" to 13.35. According to preliminary data, the cause of the fire was careless use of fire. At the scene worked eight fire brigades were involved three helicopters Ka-32, Mi-26 and one amphibious aircraft Be-200ES.

"At 16.45 the fire extinguished, the dead and injured there," — said the source.

In turn, the press service of Moscow GUMCHS noted that

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