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SECRET Light Witch «

Mrs. Dickens was also told that once her father was in the snow and lost his way, and the lights in some way to interact with him and said that he had lost his way and headed in the wrong direction. They led him to a small cave where he could hide and spend the night, and the largest of the fires all the time to be near him. Lights were able to "explain" to him that are spirits from the past. Waking up in the morning, her father discovered that the lights are definitely indicated his mistake. He waited

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Ships of 122-mm multiple rocket launcher A-215 Grad-M

122 — millimeter ship multiple rocket launcher (MRL) of A-215 "Grad-M", intended to destroy equipment and troops ashore during amphibious landing, supporting amphibious operations and defense of amphibious ships crossing the sea to attack ships the enemy. Range and provide the highest rate of sea landing effective fire support.

TTP for the development of shipboard 122-mm MLRS A-215 on the basis of multiple launch rocket systems 9K51 "Grad" has approved the Deputy Commander of the Navy 12.01. 1966. First experienced the standard launchers made in the factory number 172 in the middle of 1969 to the third and fourth quarters

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The rites of exorcism to lead to tragedy

In the Zimbabwean capital Harare recently, a massive explosion that killed five people and destroyed 12 nearby buildings. All this was the result of the ritual to drive the goblin who had local sorcerer Spikmor Mandera. Sorcerer tried to save his client from malicious spirit with … call lightning. That was far from secure.

According to the beliefs of the locals, goblins — it's otherworldly entities that live underground and have a repulsive appearance: they have pointed ears, huge eyes and long claws. First goblins help people get rich, and then suck their blood. Last November, a clinic nurse

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HARA — energy center of the body of man. Part 2

Coordination with internal force

Then it was time to follow the practice is more difficult and dangerous. On a long stem, mounted horizontally above the head of a man, hung long mesh with stones, about to step from one another. Late at night from one end of the barrel bright flame lit at the same time, driven by a grid with stones. Young Cossack had to go to the light along the stem and not be hit by the weight of stones that swayed in the grids across his path.

Had to move quickly because the fire was

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Fire at another furniture factory

Society A fire at a transformer substation furniture factory "Progress" in Gomel left without electricity company and dozens of homes.

As the BelaPAN spokesman Gomel Regional Emergency Management Ruslan Gabrilev, December 9 at 22:13 in Gomel Department of Emergency Situations received a report that the burning transformer substation of "Minsk furniture factory" Progress. "Fight fire left eight tankers. Open flame burned transformer building, which houses and plots communicating furniture factory. fire was extinguished. remained without electricity production factory building and 47-storey buildings nearby.

Restore the power supply. The preliminary cause of the fire — a short circuit transformer.

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The complex is managed artillery armament 122mm KM3 Kitolov-2M

The main purpose of the complex — the defeat lightly armored vehicles and enemy targets driven shot from the self-propelled and towed artillery systems and guns of 122mm type 2C1 or D30. Hit in the goal takes place by means of laser-designator rangefinder light. The main objectives for the complex Artillery Guided Weapon 122mm KM3 "Kitolov-2M":— position RZSO;— position artillery units;— position deploying mortars;— position of ACS;— infantry fighting vehicles;— armored transporters; — blindazhnye facilities;— fortifications;— crossings and bridges;— boats and small surface ships;

Ability to combat the introduction of KM3 "Kitolov-2M":— rate of three rounds per minute without zeroing

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Forest conservation in the Far East puts out two wildfires

Experts of forest protection in the Far East are fighting two wildfires, said on Friday the Department of Forestry in the Far Eastern Federal District.

"Over the past day in the Far East there were six wildfires. All of them — in the Khabarovsk Territory. Specialists have been contained four of them," — said in a statement.

As of Friday morning, in the Khabarovsk region continue to blaze two natural fire. Forest protection experts are fighting against them.

"The fire involved 106 people, 18 vehicles, two aircraft. Area affected by fire for the last day, were 141 hectares," — says

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In p. Bagrash-BIGR (Rep. Udmurtia) was opened after reconstruction kindergarten

July 16 the grand opening of a kindergarten in Bagrash-BIGR after reconstruction. In kindergarten, fully restored roof of the building, windows and doors installed lightning protection, fire alarm installation is completed. Carried out all the necessary work to meet the requirements of fire inspection, sanitary rules and norms.

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Irish firefighters armed with drones

Fire Service of Northern Ireland decided to test unmanned aircraft as a patrol of the country for the early detection of severe floods and fires. This decision is justified by the fact that in the period from April to May this year, the country recorded 583 of ignition area, where it grows of flora called gorse. This figure shows that traditional monitoring methods are inefficient.

Gorse is an evergreen, its leaves are in the form of needles, which only contributes to the rapid spread of fire to the bush. In addition, the plant itself contains a lot of

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In the Ryazan region opened a new fire station

In Murmino Ryazan region on October 6 was inaugurated fire station of light structures on two out.

At the time, General Directorate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry in the Ryazan region came with a request to the regional government to allocate funds for the construction of a new fire station in Murmino. Government of Ryazan Region amended the long-term target program "Social development of settlements Ryazan Region for 2010-2014" and provided the money to carry out R &D activities and the construction of a fire station. Head Office of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Ryazan

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