In Nizhny Tagil debuted an upgraded super-howitzer 2S19M2

At the IX International Exhibition of Arms, Military Equipment and Ammunition "Russia Arms EXPO-2013" was first introduced deeply modernized 152-mm self-propelled howitzer 2S19M2. This setting is only this year began to arrive in the Russian Army. 

2S19M2 is equipped with a programmable complex mechanisms of loading, the modernized system of guidance and fire control. Place the driver received the required level of automation. Upgrade of the ACS has provided increased (up to 10 rounds per minute) rate, performance protivoognevogo maneuver self-determination of the current position. Equipment improved "Msta" can automatically calculate

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In Nefteyugansk district had his own base of aviation protection of forests

In the village of Salim Nefteyugansk district now has a place basing helicopter Robinson R-44, patrolling the forests to prompt detection of fires. As the press service of the Governor of Ugra, earlier in the municipality did not have its own branch of the District Base aircraft and ground-based forest protection, which is now being carried out in the area of Surgut and Khanty-Mansi affiliates.

 Note that in the present fleet of fire district consists of 8 AN-2 aircraft, 12 helicopters Mi-8, Mi-2 helicopters 8AMT and the same Mi-26. More modern Robinson R-44 will be used

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Large forest fire broke out in the vicinity of Athens

Large forest fire broke out on Saturday night near the town Afidnes, 35 kilometers north-east of Athens, Greece, said fire department.

To fight the fire thrown more than 135 firefighters and support infantry units, more than 70 fire trucks and tankers, four planes and two helicopters.

According to local TV stations, the future home in the fire, but no injuries were reported.

Bermuda triangle of time


About the Bermuda Triangle heard everything. It is a mysterious place in the Atlantic and in direct relationship to us is not. Much less well known is "Bermuda Triangle" — time. It covers about 10 days, until April 15, and is the source of many evils and tragedies of recent times.

Let's start with the most famous disaster XX century — the death of the "Titanic." This tragedy occurred on the night of 14 to April 15 and killed more than a thousand people. The details of the drama are well known. Cold

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Off the coast of the U.S. oil platform caught fire

Off the coast of the United States on an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico on fire. The fire was extinguished quickly. The incident resulted in no injuries. However, for reasons of further on-site security are two emergency vehicle equipped with fire suppression systems. Cause of fire unknown. In the near future to investigate the platform specialists arrive.

The oil platform is located 80 km from the coastal islands of Grand Isle Louisiana. Oil production there was halted two weeks ago.

Last April, a fire explosion on the BP rig Deepwater Horizon in

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About require

Treba— Darren is energy that occurs during the accomplishment of a rite SvyatoDeystva.

Required can be loaf, cake or even a certain toy-image, created with his own hands. When a person is engaged in any form of creativity, something had thought of those he loves, in his creation puts these fertile energy and good strength. They absorb this force. During the ritual acts, betraying require the Fire, we transform the real creation and build-up in force, in the form of energy, which is the food for the shower relatives and Kin Churov. Gods and ancestors are in the Otherworld,

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Iranian umbrella defense asks urgent updates

After the fall of the Libyan regime and the physical destruction of his favorite all the attention of global media, professionals and political scientists has shifted to a new object of Western interests — Iran.

South American democracy, having finished with one more objectionable government continues to implement its growing appetite for oil in South-West Asia, aiming to Iran. Painfully delicious piece — that Iran! The country produces about 180 million tons of oil a year, more than half of which is exported. About 85% (!) Cash receipts to the budget of the country is provided by the sale

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Today in Belarus comes from Bethlehem fire

Society of Fire from Bethlehem Polish scouts give the interstate Belarusian frontier scout who deliver fire in the cathedral church of Grodno, spokesman for the diocese of Grodno, priest Paul Solobuda:

"Now the fire is in Poland, and 15. 00 he will be in the Grodno boat, where the bishop to send mass. Fire will remain in the cathedral before the feast of the Three Kings on January 6. Every believer can take the fire to his home on Vigiliyny table, so as it is the light of Christ. On the feast of the Nativity of Christ Orthodox fire will

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In the Magadan region has received a new forest fire appliances

Another batch of specialized equipment, set in the Magadan region, includes two all-terrain vehicle, two fire trucks, tractor-trailer, side and rotational cars "Ural", three small forest patrol the complex, two forest plow. Later in the region will get two semi — heavy truck and bulldozer.

The purchase of equipment allocated more than 24 million rubles, told news agency «GreenPress» in the Department of Forestry in the Far Eastern Federal District. Forest fire purchased equipment waiting to be sent to the regional units "Avialesookhrana." In the Office noted that the framing of forestry Kolyma new technology is part of the regional

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In Lipetsk region opened forest fires Center (+ video)

New forest fires Center opened on April 19 in the village of Summer Lipetsk region. It is equipped with the most modern equipment. On arms fire fighters and volunteers at the moment there are four of the most modern tanks 4 and 6 tons. In addition, the new center will work specially equipped tractor forest fires, which also installed tank capacity of 4 tons.

Another know-how, which appeared at the fire, it is a special suit that can withstand temperatures up to 800 degrees. Work in the forest in fire suits used to be dangerous due to the fact that

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