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Presentation, which waited 15 years in Kursk city opened Circus

Kursk, 11.11.11g.

After an extensive renovation in Kursk city opened a circus. The old building burned down in a fire in its place built a complex that will be the largest and most modern in the country.


Today transformed not only the building of the circus, but the area in front of him. Work is being completed on the restoration of the fountain. It will be a 13-jet fountain with lights and a huge water bowl. Near the new circus, a monument to Yury Nikulin and his partner on stage Michael Shuydina. These two brilliant

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ZIL handed Rosrezerva lot of fire trucks

ZIL has put a batch of new fire trucks the Federal Agency for State Reserves. Transfer machines occurred on the territory of car. The delegation was led by Deputy Chief of the customer’s operation and management of capital construction and adviser Anatoly Slizhevskaya head of Alexander Stolyarov.


The party fire tankers AC 3,2-40 (ZIL-433114) for the plant became the first major delivery since the resumption of production machines. As is known, the daily work assembly line restored at the end of August this year. In the near future ZIL put Rosrezerva also party haulers.

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Firefighters Vladivostok updated fleet

On October 25, the central square of Vladivostok in a solemn ceremony was handed a new ad seaside fireman.


Carport fire tankers filled with special equipment Vladivostok brand AC-40, has been successfully used in fire fighting, new tankers "Rozenbauer" as well as a ladder for 50 yards and a crank lift, lift height is also 50 meters required for evacuation from high-rise buildings in case of fire. New fire trucks — domestic production, designed on the basis of KAMAZ. Tanker trucks are equipped with the latest equipment, on-board computers.


In addition, the

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China is beginning to purchase fire-fighting helicopters Ka-32A11VS

Russian Helicopters holding "Russian Helicopters, "Part of United Industrial Corporation" Oboronprom "and the General Directorate of Public Security of the city of Ordos (China, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region) signed an agreement for the supply of civil all-weather multi-purpose helicopter coaxial arrangement of screws Ka-32A11VS the fire protection design. The helicopter is equipped with a sprinkler system «Simplex», horizontal water gun and water drainer VSU-5. Photo

Winning the tender for the purchase of fire-fighting helicopter holding company "Helicopters of Russia" won in August 2011. Delivery of the helicopter to the Chief of the Public Security Ordos City is planned

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In RSU forest fire service, the MEP Chuvashia continues to receive new equipment

In 2010, in order to increase the efficiency of forest fire was a Republican state institution "forest fire service," the Ministry of Environment of Chuvashia. At present, the forest fire service of the Chuvash Republic is strengthened with modern technical facilities. Photo

In the framework of the republican target program "Forest fire protection" for 2011-2015 in RSU "forest fire service," the MEP Chuvashia enters a new technique. In October of this year, received three pieces of equipment: 1 tractor with a dozer equipment CHETRA T-9.01YA1TB -1 2 fire tanker AC 8,0-40 (Ural 4320)

Kostroma region acquired 25 units of new forest fire equipment.

In the region received 12 fire engines, 8 bulldozers, 2 truck tractors and 3 crawler tractor forest fire. Until the end of 2011 in Kostroma region will be put 2 more fire engines and nine forest fire crawler tractors.


For the record: Forest fire equipment purchased as part of the "Agreement on the allocation of the Kostroma region forest fire subsidies for the purchase of machinery and equipment." The agreement was concluded between the administration of the Kostroma region, and the Federal Forestry Agency Russia May 27, 2011.

In the Altai region received a batch of forest fire equipment

Two new wheel tractor TERRION delivered to the First District of the Altai region of St. Petersburg. The main purpose of incoming cars — it opashka the Forest Fund. From other machines of this series TERRION has a higher agility and maneuverability, according to the regional forest management.


Alexander Zverev, head of the department of forest protection forest management Altai region: "The new tractors are the work of Russian tractor builders. Engine power — 180 hp. A wide range of operating attachments can complement the tractor necessary working tools and significantly increase the scope of its

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Fire Service Chelyabinsk region received new equipment

Regional state institution "Fire Department Chelyabinsk region" handed the keys to the nine new fire engines. New tanks are designed to work in remote rural areas and have a maximum capacity for water storage.


Nine cars costing more than 3 million rubles purchased at the expense of the regional budget. They have just come off the assembly line Miass factory fire fighting equipment. Until the end of this year, the regional fire acquire the same number of new tankers.

Tomsk scientists tested a new tool for fighting fires

Emergency Management in the Tomsk region in cooperation with Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) held on Wednesday, September 7, the first test of a new tool for fighting the fire — a solution based on liquid glass, RIA Novosti reported.

The special composition of the water-based, liquid glass, and other components developed by scientists TPU. According to them, it allows you to effectively deal with very dangerous fires. When the train reaches the burning items, they are covered by a layer of liquid glass, which foams up and prevents further burning and smoldering. Part of the formulation components that can

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Volgograd region to open fire-chemical stations

In Danilov district of Volgograd region opened fire and chemical plant third type. This is the sixth set up district forest fire subdivisions "Volgograd forest fire center" — the largest in the Volgograd region. His staff will work in several areas. The station is equipped with three tractor forest fire, fire tankers family-based Ural vehicles, tractors and bulldozers. On the basis of SGBU "Volgograd forest fires center" has already created 16 mobile forest fire brigades and five fire-chemical stations. The agreement between the regional administration and the FFA in the Volgograd region provides for the establishment and equipment of machinery

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