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PICKLED wild mushrooms.


Fresh or frozen mushrooms — 1 kg

Vinegar 70% — 4 hours. L.

Boiled water — 200 ml

Sunflower oil — 150 ml

Sol — 2 h. L.

Sugar — 1 hour. L.

Garlic — 6-8 cloves

Ground black pepper — 1/3 ch. L.

Coriander powder — 1/3 ch. L.

Allspice — 8-10 peas

Bay leaf — 1 pc.

Dill and parsley — 1 bunch

1 kg, 15 minutes


1 Garlic pass through the press.

2 Mushrooms add to saucepan, add all ingredients, stir and close the lid. Bring to a boil and simmer

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The early activities of the 8th Alt force in Britain in mid- 1942 are less widely known than its later exploits. However, they provided the crucible in which the fighting skills of Army Air Force airmen were honed for the long battles ahead. Photos of the contrails of B-17 streams may define that campaign for many, but the men of the 31st Fighter Group, the first such unit deployed to Britain, and its successors were as important in the successful strategic pounding of the Nazi war machine.

Once the USA finally entered World War Two after Pearl Harbor, the AAF

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Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9

The contender

Whereas the 7in Kindle Fire HD made a great web browser, e-reader and small screen for movies, this 8.9incher should make more sense as a fully blown tablet. That said, it’s necessarily bigger and bulkier than either the Note 8.0 or iPad Mini, and that grown-up tablet feel makes it harder to accept Amazon’s walled garden approach, which cuts off whole chunks of the Play Store from its users. What do you get in return? A mesmerising Amazon shop window, rendered in crisp 1920×1200, with easy access to its prodigious library of books, music and movies, and a

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Mogilev police beat journalist — have beaten, no facts

In the verification process, as indicated in the ruling council, Anna Ilina took offense and her detention was competent, and the facts were not confirmed beatings.For the journalist did not answer police sudden:"I, of course, so it will not leave, I will speak with the lawyers, and will file a complaint to the higher authorities. Now I would expect prosecutor’s where lodged a complaint, and later, I already know the answer will be the same, just write, — and then I will submit to the court. "August 30 reinforced police patrol in the woods near Mogilev delayed group youth activists.

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In the House there was a fire radio

The fire started in the attic of the building to 16 hours. MOE Firefighters who arrived to the building houses the radio rapidly lyakalizavali fire.Huge amount of water poured on top of the walls of the building and inside it — on the ladder transitions. 20 minutes later the fire extinguished.According to our disk imaging, no studio or home radio equipment is not affected, only some time Blackouts.What was the premise of fire and whether the water came up to the music library, it’s unclear.

Damaged by fire STEALTH BOMBER B-2 returned to service

When, in February 2010, one of four engines stealth bomber B-2 Spirit lit based on Andersen (Guam), the U.S. Air Force said that nothing terrible happened, recalls January 2. «Terrestrial services quickly extinguished the fire in the engine department, minor damage,» said a day for the next edition of the Pacific Daily News (Guam) with reference to the statement of service for public relations of the 36th Wing. Plane back into service December 16, 2013 (photo — first off, the base Whiteman, Missouri — approx. «VP»), in other words, almost four years after the fire engine. So a

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Three years ago, the Russians burned Mogilev

Kill "Orthodox capital Rzeczpospolita" as it was called Mogilev, ordered the Russian ruler Peter I.September 8, 1708 fire destroyed the Orthodox and Catholic churches, merchant trading comfortably at home. Burned and then lock Mogilev.Tragic actions since then are described in Mogilev Chronicle Trofim Surt "zakamenevshih people should last sob tears, seeing as God finished burning shrine, God’s little church, taking up fire, fall to the ground … and call bells themselves, and the landlady’s house no salvation without fire to ashes turn around. "Historian Andrew Kotlyarchuk, the overthrow of Mogilev forever lost value naikrupneyshgo shopping center in Eastern Europe, the

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Easter one at all

Extraordinary rite. Crowds of people around with candles waiting to go down to the chapel of the patriarch, then her door sealed. Patriarch has not included any accessories for the extraction of fire. After the prayer, he is now coming to the people with a torch, lit from the beneficial fire. Sound of bells, the torch light their candles Christians in special containers were transported by fire Worldwide.Christians believe that the beneficial fire occurs on the third day after the death of Jesus for the sins of humanity vykuplennya, it means beginning of a new world, Christ’s salvation.Safety during the

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Fire at Naftan

Rescuers said that the fire extinguishing participated 11 pieces of equipment. The fire was localized after 19 minutes and after another 19 minutes to remove. Representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations said that the process to "Naftan" was not disturbed.Preparatory cause of the fire — violationyl fire safety, the ministry said.

Yaroslavsky firefighter handed a new technique

December 21 solemnly handed the keys to the firefighters and auxiliary vehicles structural units of the Main Directorate of MOE Russia in Yaroslavl region.New operational and service cars, trucks, articulated booms and fire staff cars went on duty to protect the area from fire.

Latest designs will perform the priority task of providing security. New equipment worth 120 million rubles just to help firefighters in this difficult task.

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