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In the suburbs, killing two inmate Mogilev (refreshed)

Fire occurred in the residential premises of the enterprise "Stalmedkonstruktsii" where slept three of our fellow citizens. But the criminal track in this incident no, says investigator town Balashikha Misha Frolov:Medvedev: "In the preparatory disk imaging, the fire occurred on an open flame source. This means that the 1st of them could be in the hands of nezatushanaya cigarette. Other words, they are not destroyed and set on fire, and they were poisoned by the products of combustion."According to Frolov, poisoned and also the third person, but remained alive and refused hospitalization. Yet, did not go home to Belarus, and

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In Moscow, a fire killed two Belarusian workers

As reported by the main directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation for the Moscow region, another victim, also citizen of Belarus, hospitalized in a state of shock in the Central District of Balashikha infirmary. According to the MOE, the fire started on the second floor of two-storey production hall enterprise "Stalmetkonstruktsiya ‘locker room. BACKGROUND fire turns out, reports BelaPAN.Read Gomel region buried five builders killed in Russia In Ljahovichsky Rheine buried brothers killed in Russia

Fire damaged the church and mosque

Church in Dowa was built in 1864 and is a monument of architecture. Prerequisite for a fire in the church was failure of fire safety rules in making repairs.On the days of the Minsk area damaged by fire wood mosque in the urban village Smilovichi built in 1997. According to the preparatory version, the building caught fire due to a faulty furnace equipment. As a result, fire damaged ceiling.

Yuzhnouralsky foresters have modern forest fire equipment

August 23 ceremonial presentation of the forest fire engineering branches OSU "Center for firefighting and forest protection Chelyabinsk region."

In accordance with the agreement signed in May 2011 between the head of the Federal Forestry Agency Viktor Masliakov and the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Mikhail Yurevich, the federal budget has been allocated almost 70 million rubles for the purchase of specialized equipment for fighting forest fires.

These funds are in the Chelyabinsk region already delivered 15 units of special equipment — 7 cars "UAZ", 4 marsh bulldozers and four fire engines. Another 12 forest fire vehicles arrive

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SOUTH received new fire control system Machine-B

MOSCOW, Jan. 17 — RIA Novosti. The new upgraded systems command vehicle artillery fire control "Machine-B" arrived in Southern Military District (SOUTH), according to the press service of the Southern Military District.

"The new upgraded systems command vehicle artillery fire control" Machine-B "entered service in military units SOUTH Stavropol and Krasnodar regions, Volgograd region, Chechnya and Dagestan, as well as in the Russian military bases in South Ossetia and Abkhazia," — said in a statement .

This complex is designed for reconnaissance and fire control of artillery units in close cooperation

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Liozno flax plant burned?

The fire was extinguished before 7am. Stock company fired 120 tons of flax following properties. But more valuable raw material — 580 tons of flax highest quality — were rescued. Business Administration estimates losses of 10 million rubles.Incidents of fire recognizes the special investigation team. According to a preliminary version of the investigation, the cause of the accident could become premeditated arson state property. Workers LNOZAVOD on criteria of anonymity told that not so long ago the administration dismissed several workers who in private conversations voiced their intention to set fire to a warehouse company in the symbol of protest.Seek

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Vetkovskiy district: fire destroyed half Tumarin

Manages local pensioner Antonina Romashkina: "A terrible war was, and the forest is burning, and the houses are burning. Wind was, the flame flies. Heat — 38 degrees in the shade. Consuming riding flying. Asphalt through the village which won, and threw a fire and the other side.

Lady indicates that fire began to spread at her estate — 100 meters from the house 50. There, behind asinnikam, moor. His fire was extinguished more than once, but he still smoldered.Antonina saw smoke after the afternoon and immediately phoned 101:"I phoned the fire 20 minutes a day or the second,

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Georgia-Russia — mutual vinavachanni

Our homeland Georgia and now in the morning to a cease-fire, but within a day or did not stop traffic announcements Russian tanks in the districts Blaze. Coupled with the fact Tbilisi and Moscow continued to mutual accusations of flagrant violation of international law and the atrocities against the civilian population.A few hours after the merits of the ceasefire agreement of Georgia announced Our homeland that violates this Agreement.Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Tkeshelashvili told reporters today in Brussels:"I can do for you with full confidence to inform you that at the moment is in Georgia in the morning

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Tomsk State airbase filled with pilot-observers

In Tomsk base of aviation protection of forests came two observer-pilot, trained at the Central database of aviation protection of forests in the Moscow region town of Pushkin. Before the arrival of newcomers in the region were only three such specialist.

Now the pilots are trained: to be eligible for independent flight operations, landing paratroopers and commandos they need to "bump" is not less than 100 hours.

During the execution of patrol missions airplane observer plots, acting as the navigator determines the coordinates of the detected fire, decides and makes landing or parachute troopers

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Olympic fire is already in Beijing

Beijing absolutely immersed in the Olympics: it will open officially on August 8 8:00, 8 minutes and 8 seconds. Beijing International Airport — would beehive. Weave volunteers greeted guests around the clock. Sure that their smirks slightly flatten hot weather — plus 35 at very highest humidity. Blue sky over Beijing is not visible — it is tight thick haze, through which the sun can not get through.Parish Olympics and felt in the capital’s roads. Drivers who are not very keen to adhere to traffic rules has become more familiar concept of congestion, because the left lane only given to

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