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Protective suit for Emergency Situations with nanotechnology (video clip)

HOST: Now for the rescuers and nanotechnology. In Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys presented a new protective suit for Emergency Situations with magnetic inclusions. Developers say that in such attire a person is protected from water, gas and radiation. Cyril Hovrin fire checked those words.

CORR.: About this assistance when equipped would not mind, perhaps, no one firefighter. But count on it ever could unless mannequins, and then only in special cases. In the capital’s premier university MISA, the new suit firefighters. Fashionable style, modern look and most importantly — comprehensive protection.

Vadim Tarasov, head. Department

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Firefighters Amur region received new equipment

Novyk fire trucks went on alert at their bases in Arkhara, Romnensky, Szymanowski, St. Michael, Skovorodinsky, Mazanovsky and Bureysky areas. 20 million of acquisition have been allocated from the regional budget.

First 6 new fire trucks were purchased in 2009, this update to the regional firefighting fleet was 25 years old. In just the last 3 years was purchased 32 fire engines.

Many localities have been rescued from fire thanks 62 firefighter posts, established in 2009,.

This year will be hosted by another 20 fire stations. By July 1, they are all 100% will be provided with breathing apparatus

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Opening of the exhibition Integrated Safety (advanced photo)

May 22 in Moscow at the Russian Exhibition Center opened the fifth International Show dedicated to security. The event was a platform for sharing experience and showcasing the latest advances in the field of specialists and suppliers around the world. In 2012, the theme of the event is selected sustainability of the economic system of the Russian Federation in crises and disasters.

Private submarine

In the Salon of 545 participating companies from 18 countries. Among the exhibitors and visitors, as Russian experts, and representatives of foreign companies. So, its latest developments and achievements represent such major companies as SC "Transas"

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Bryansk firefighters got new equipment

May 2nd Division of State Fire Service replenished special fire equipment. This fire fighting equipment is designed for both professional fire departments, and for the volunteer fire groups of municipalities.

Keys to the standardized robotic tank for fire fighting, including in conditions of radioactive and chemical contamination, have been handed a specialized part of the number 14.

General Directorate of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Bryansk region of the Department of Defense received 20 avtorazlivochnyh stations that have been converted into fire trucks and sent to the fire of the Bryansk region.

Of particular importance and

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In the suburbs of robotics center opens

Emergency Center of Robotics, which opened Friday in Balashikha, during the year should be to develop and launch new models of rescue robots, the Russian Emergency Ministry.

As noted in the department, rescue robots successfully cope with the tasks in extreme conditions, where rescuers can not work due to excessive risk.

"It is assumed that due to the opening of the new center of rescue robots domestic production can be seen in a year", — explained in the MOE.

The ministry reminded that only the period from 2010 to 2015 on the retrofitting of modern office equipment, including

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Fire rescue stations Lipetsk region received equipment

13 fire trucks passed separate fire and rescue posts Lipetsk region.

In Lipetsk region in recent years created 37 separate fire and rescue stations. Each post has two fire engines. This is enough for a rapid response to a fire. After the fires in the summer of 2010, the area was created regional management of the state fire rescue service. Its task is to coordinate the work of individual posts, volunteer fire departments and teams.

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Combat training 201 military bases

This morning, the three cities — Dushanbe, Kurgan-Tube and Kulyab under fire drill signals to landfills moved columns of military equipment from each of the military garrison 201 military bases. Thus began the company tactical exercises (RTU) with live fire. Exercises are held at three test sites 201 Russian military base in Tajikistan — Lyaur, Momirak and Sambulov.

More pictures under the cut

In the RTU will be worked out new methods of detection, blocking and destroying the imaginary enemy in mountainous terrain. Also, the military will work out the issues of interaction with the attached and

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Such people need to know everything!

Now many have idols in the characters from the movie, serialov.No in the world today and there are still real heroes who are willing to put their own lives to save the lives of others.

Aldar Batorovich Tsydenzhapov born August 4, 1991 in the village of Agin, Agin-Buryat Autonomous okruga.On graduated from high school number 1 in his native village. Since childhood, he was very kind, calm, considerate and confident man. In November 2009 he was called up for service, was the definition of a military unit number 40074 Pacific Fleet, the city of Seaside

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In Lipetsk region opened forest fires Center (+ video)

New forest fires Center opened on April 19 in the village of Summer Lipetsk region. It is equipped with the most modern equipment. On arms fire fighters and volunteers at the moment there are four of the most modern tanks 4 and 6 tons. In addition, the new center will work specially equipped tractor forest fires, which also installed tank capacity of 4 tons.

Another know-how, which appeared at the fire, it is a special suit that can withstand temperatures up to 800 degrees. Work in the forest in fire suits used to be dangerous due to the fact that

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Digest: FAP, the MFC and the fire station

Modular medical and health post in the village began to work Mitryaeva (Rep. of Tatarstan). The room is heated by gas, there are telephone, all utilities, installed fire and security alarm systems. A treatment room, a medical assistant is combined with children’s and obstetric offices, there are sanitary, utility room, a waiting room for visitors. FAP equipped with all the necessary equipment and medical instruments.

Photo essay:http://aznakayevo.tatarst…tm/photoreport/401610.htm 

In the village of Kersey (Novosibirsk region). Opened a separate post fire station number 114. Kirzinsky separate fire post will cover the territory of 8 municipalities and 14 communities with a total population

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