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Digest: FAP, the MFC and the fire station

Modular medical and health post in the village began to work Mitryaeva (Rep. of Tatarstan). The room is heated by gas, there are telephone, all utilities, installed fire and security alarm systems. A treatment room, a medical assistant is combined with children’s and obstetric offices, there are sanitary, utility room, a waiting room for visitors. FAP equipped with all the necessary equipment and medical instruments.

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In the village of Kersey (Novosibirsk region). Opened a separate post fire station number 114. Kirzinsky separate fire post will cover the territory of 8 municipalities and 14 communities with a total population

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Gunners learn to shoot a new

In the Krasnoyarsk region with artillery units of the Central Military District (CVO) begins brigade tactical exercise with live firing.

During the meeting planned to work out new forms and methods of warfare and destruction by fire. Tactical training gunners began April 16, 2012, the press service of the CVO. During the exercises artillery units, equipped with 152-mm howitzers, "MSTA-B," learn to hit the enemy in real-time, reducing to a minimum the time period from the moment of detection of the target to destroy it with a minimum expenditure of ammunition. This is achieved by the use of modern high-tech

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In the village of Maloshuika (Arkhangelsk Oblast) opened fire post

In the village of Maloshuika Onega region (Arkhangelsk Oblast) was inaugurated fire post. To this day in Maloshuika were long.

To achieve the goal of a lot of effort has been spent: redecoration fire post, provision of equipment, technical support, recruitment.

But now Maloshuika residents and surrounding communities can hope that in the event of an emergency to them quickly come to the rescue, and everything will be done to extinguish the fire, the press sluzhbeadministratsii Onega district.

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Firefighters Tver region received new equipment

April 10, 2012 in Tver ceremonial presentation of the keys to the fire engineering heads of municipalities, heads of rural communities and the chief of GPS units Tver region.

A total of 18 units delivered. technicians, and 6 water pumps, which will go to local volunteer fire departments. This measure will further protect against fires 57 villages.

Motor pumps — mobile devices for the water supply of fire water — during the massive fires will be invaluable in rural areas. They are easy to use, but characterized by a large capacity and are being used to extinguish fires.

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On the Onega Tractor Plant arranged production of a new forest fire machine. (+ Video)

A new modification of the famous Karelian tractor "Onezhets 310" is different from its predecessors better maneuverability: it is installed hydrostatic transmission that allows infinitely variable speed, allowing the tractor to be careful to move around on the ground, less damaging soil cover in the woods. Improved and the cabin. She became more comfortable with a good view.

In addition, tractor plow is hung with which the forest can dig the protective strip from the grassroots fire, set winch for removing debris, tank capacity of three and a half tons of water pump that will effectively extinguish fires. In addition

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In Astrakhan, has opened a new fire station

A new fire station was built and equipped in accordance with the latest requirements. Here and exemplary fire fighting equipment, and the latest accessories, and even the ultra-modern teplodymokamera, which will build a training within the garrison to the highest level. For rescuers are equipped with comfortable rooms and showers.

Place the new part of the dislocation is not accidental. The main demand — to cover as many social objects: Heart Centre federal, provincial hospitals, neighborhoods with dense residential development, a dense network of nearby settlements — satellites Astrakhan. But the most important thing is that it is certified by

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In Novosibirsk, opened a new fire station

In the area of coverage of the new parts will be new settlement, Baryshevskaya administrative entity, suburban community of Novosibirsk region and woodlands Botanical Garden Akademgorodok.

In the new building the fire station premises are necessary for the life of fire protection, traffic control and technique.

During the solemn ceremony the Governor Vasily Yurchenko gave the heads of the seven municipalities Krasnozerskoe, Maslyaninsky Cherepanovsky districts and car keys avtorazlivochnyh stations — ARS-14. These cars are designed for voluntary fire brigades.

"Today, the program is designed to provide cover for the area from fires and systematically implemented in the

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Submachine gun PP-90M1

Submachine gun PP-90M1 — brainchild of Tula gunsmiths, which was published in the early 90-ies of XX century. Tula Instrument Design Bureau has received this advantageous, at first glance, the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, which has set a similar task designers to the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant.

The requirement was one — to create a domestic folding gun — gun similar to the American PP FMG (abbreviation in English, translated as "folding submachine gun"), which dealt with the release of company "Ares".

Udmurtskie gunsmiths for some reason, refused to carry out the order, in

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Fire equipment for 17 million rubles was transferred to the municipalities of the Irkutsk region

In the Council of Irkutsk Region transferred technology to ensure fire safety. Thus, of the regional property ownership 22 municipalities passed avtorazlivochnye station, complete with fire-fighting equipment. The total value of the technology is 17.8 million.

Avtorazlivochnye station entered the towns of Irkutsk, Zima, Zalarinsky, Nizhneudinskiy, Nizhneilimsk and Tulun areas. Also, fire safety equipment transferred to the ownership of Ust-Kut, Ust-Ilim, Usolsk, Ust-Uda, Shelekhov, Ekhirit-Bulagat, Alarsky, Bokhansky and Nukutsky areas.

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Ural fire

Commissioned by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation to the Ural-63701 (6×6) developed a unique portable pump-bag set "PANRK 4/130."

New product designed for putting out fires at facilities required to submit the maximum amount of water over long distances (up to 3 km). Feature of the complex is its versatility. After all, "PANRK 4/130" is both a fire tank and pump station with powerful submersible pumps and bag the car for mechanical installation and assembly of the main hose lines. Mobile complex afford to take water from any water source: a depth of 30 to

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