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Fires on either side of the planet

Fires on both sides of the planet Natural Disasters

High temperatures and dry weather caused hundreds of fires raging in different parts of the world. Thus, the two-day battle with the fire element in the three districts of central U.S. states almost yielded results. Arkansas administration had to make a decision to evacuate the entire population of Ola at 1 300, because the fire was threatening the lives of people and almost crept to the building of a warehouse with fireworks.

Despite the fact that the area occupied by the fire, does not exceed 405 hectares, it was

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Peterhof Troopers

After more than 70 years old, walking through the park paths Lower Peterhof, hard to imagine that all the beauty surrounding you in the back October 1941, was the site of the fighting. In the Soviet Union on tactical landings in the Peterhof, Strelna offensive, held October 5, 1941, chose forever forgotten. Their organizers were not able to gain any glory or awards. Tactical landings, which were the main forces to unite assist 8th and 42th armies, did not fulfill its own military tasks (almost impossible), and in fact in full force were killed in the fighting in the environment,

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Residents threatened by forest fires in Croatia

Residents threatened by forest fires in Croatia Danger Zone

Residents Croatian coastal resorts and Krikvenitsy Selce seriously concerned about how quickly to their communities are selected fire in a few days ago in a forest, 2 km to the south. The spread of fire to help the winds speed reaches 100 km / h That is why the fire can not be used by airplanes with water shells, and the fire continues to rage.

Attempts to locate the fire in the vicinity of Selce.

Evacuation of tourists from the coast of the Adriatic Sea

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The July drought in the U.S.: a photo report

The July drought in the U.S.: Photo Weather and Climate


Once the water level in Lake Medina fell to a critical level of 16 meters, and the dry dock was down. Farmers face water shortage in the area of San Antonio, Texas. 2.

Another consequence of the drought are fires. A striking example is the fire in High Park to the west of Fort Collins, Colorado. Fell victim to fire 250 houses, 364 km2 of forest. To replace it by a new fire in the canyon Waldo. As a result, two people were killed and

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The new series of fires in Catalonia

The new series of fires in Catalonia Natural Disasters

After the Spanish north-eastern province of Catalonia fires broke out again, under threat are burning hundreds of acres of woods and fields. There are reports that the fire killed four people, two of them tried to escape the fire by jumping into the sea and drowned.

24 more Spaniard suffered burns and injuries. Some of the people have burns to 80% of the body surface, in critical condition are eight charred. Among the victims are foreign nationals. In the most dangerous regions, such as Girona, organized evacuation. The fire

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Fire and heat invasion in Bulgaria

Fire and heat invasion in Bulgaria Natural Disasters

Is almost a week fighting the fire brigade of Bulgaria's largest forest fire in the country's history that erupted near the city of Sofia. The fire covered 25 hectares in a remote part of the biosphere reserve Bistrishko-Branishte on the slope of Mount Vitosha, and continues to move in the direction of the capital.

Fire on the slopes of the Vitosha mountain near the capital's suburbs Bystrica. Height at 2000 meters above sea level, where the burning of the forest, only complicates the process of extinction. This is why involved

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East Spain on fire

East Spain on fire Natural Disasters

In the eastern Spanish region of Valencia because of the hot and dry weather two fires broke out, forcing people to evacuate 3000. Fires continue to spread, despite a slight decrease in air temperature and humidity, as well as a change in wind direction which is now blowing to the east. The police investigate the cause of a fire. It is assumed that they could provoke uncontrollable as agricultural burning, and problems with the installation of solar panels.

Red in the image indicate locations of existing fires. In a few days the

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Mobile manufacturers will investigate poltergeist




Representatives of the companies that manufacture mobile phones, as well as employees of companies that manufacture household appliances, to urgently travel to a small town in Sicily — where in all seriousness, the real hell is going on. Not otherwise it can not be called a poltergeist,

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Poltergeist occupied the Sicilian town of Canneto di Caronia




. Over the last couple of weeks there have been several dozen cases of arbitrary ignition of furniture and household appliances — from TVs to toasters.

Among the locals are rumors of an invasion of demonic forces, the place of the battle which was a small town

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Fire season resumes

Fire season resumes Natural Disasters

In central and western Africa, the newly resumed land and forest fire season. Since mid-June, it recorded hundreds of new fires. Hardest-hit southern provinces of Angola, north-west of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and south-east Zambia. Over all this territory to lift heavy curtain of smoke from fires that interferes with normal life of local residents. Smoke from the burning land in the Congo drift to neighboring countries, located north-west.

Fires in West Africa. 06/15/2012 In Africa, less extensive fires are not always the cause of extremely hot, dry weather. Often fire

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