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Fire spread to the south-western United States

Fire spread to the south-western United States Natural disasters

In the 2012 fire season in the United States began early in the mountains of Arizona. May 25, 2012 firefighters were trying to put out a dozen fires in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, California and Utah. Residents of several towns were evacuated. The territory of 440 square kilometers was engulfed in flames.

In New Mexico, a fire in the Gila National Park began as a result of a lightning strike. Strong gusts of winds contributed to the rapid spread of fire. More than 10 summer houses were destroyed

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Fires in the U.S.: photo

Fires in the U.S.: photo Natural Disasters

In the second half of May 2012 in large parts of western U.S. states (Arizona, Nevada and Colorado) are raging fires. A serious threat hangs over many houses, wildlife and historical sites, including the national forest, "Tonto" in Arizona. Firefighters need a few days to put out the rapidly spreading fire. A fire in a national forest, "Tonto", Arizona, spread over an area of 8 square kilometers. The helicopter crew to help stop the fire. According to the representative of the forest David Albo, flame 32 kilometers south Peizona distributed in the north-east.

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Incessant fires in Ontario

Incessant fires in Ontario Natural Disasters

Timminis in the Canadian city in north-eastern Ontario because of continued fighting officially declared state of emergency. Along the border of boreal forest fires are hundreds. Due to strong winds the fire easily conquering new territories, with 8-10 km wide. Near Timminisa already suffered 41,000 hectares of forest. At risk are several freeways. Caustic black smoke continues to spread around the city, creating a lot of problems to local residents.

Burning wood.

Extinguish the fire from the air.

Timminis in the smoke from the fire. Kirkland Lake residents

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Near Vyborg lightning burned house


Touches such deadly beauties

19.08.11.Skolko Whatever people say that man is the master of the planet, but against the weather people are still powerless. Recently over Vyborg storm raged.

Early in the morning on August sixteenth road at the disaster was an old wooden house in the village of Guards. Struck by lightning, he broke out of cards.

— The nearest fire station is located in Vyborg. — Told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in the fire department of the city. — Calculation settlement reached in half an hour.

Alas, by the time there was nothing left to put out. The

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The Russian military in Abkhazia have new fire fighting

To the Russian military base stationed in the Republic of Abkhazia, has received new vehicle AC 6-40 on the basis of KAMAZ-43118-terrain designed to extinguish fires.

The volume of the new tank is 6 thousand liters, which is more than twice that of the previous fire station PNS-110. Pump power AC 6-40 can deliver to the source of fire up to 40 liters of water per second.

High throughput and high volume of transported water tank can be used in remote and arid areas. Interior of the car is equipped with sitting area,

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Military depots caught fire near Nizhny Novgorod


14.07.12.Voennye warehouse caught fire near Nizhny Novgorod. To extinguish the fire in the Ministry of Defense facility left 20 fire brigades.

In the village Yuganets where burst into flames with ammunition left spetsbrigady rescuers. The fire started in an open area around 6.30 am.

— Pre-fire area of 500 square meters, there were 3 open hearth, — reported in the MOE of the Nizhny Novgorod region. — In Yuganets directed fire train and helicopter fire. Conducted pouring structures.

An hour later, the fire was contained and eradicated. No one is hurt. In the basic version, warehouse caught fire due

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In Bulgaria, the burning of the forest. Video


28.07.12.Forest fires are raging in the south-eastern Bulgaria. Local government is the third day could not cope with ognem.Na fight the fire cast army. Now in extinguishing fire in an area of 320 hectares involved 300 people.

To knock down the flames, used helicopters to civil aviation. But localize the fire is not yet possible. The situation is aggravated by intense heat. Bulgaria — traditionally popular among Belarusian tourists. However, as long as they do not worry: the forest burn in Haskovo. This is not a resort area.

Source: ONT Belarus

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Fire fountain Ozhginskogo field. Video


16.05.12.Vchera evening in the village Kylasov Kungur region suffered a major fire. On Ozhginskom field drilling rig caught fire. Burning associated gas.

The field belongs to the organization "Tomskburneftegaz" in contractors whose Permian, namely, the company "Uralnefteservis." Until now, the fire is not extinguished. Victims and victims. That night, on the site of our emergency work crew.

To control fire was reported about the fire drill on the field in Ozhginskom Kylasovskom settlement Kungur region.

(Vladimir Karpov, head of unit 13 PPP) — To place a call manager 143 Fire Department were sent to garrison forces and

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The Russian gunners learn to fire in the mountains of Armenia

About 300 soldiers of missile troops and artillery (MF &A) of the Russian military base stationed on the territory of the Republic of Armenia, study characteristics of fire in mountainous terrain in the mountainous range Alagyaz.

Field trip to the commanders involved in self-propelled artillery howitzer "Carnation", multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) BM-21 "Grad", antitank guided missiles (ATGM), "Competition", mortars "tray" that will work in the field for more than 30 training issues.

Ahead of experts MF &military base in the output field units. As part of activities will be held one day of the

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Arizona is on fire: Photo

Arizona is on fire: Photo Natural Disasters

The fires, which began in the state of Arizona, USA, a few days ago, continue to destroy forests mountainous state.

Raging fire in the lowlands of the mountains of Arizona, May 15, 2012.

Fire along the ridge. May 6, 2012.

Aerial view of the area on fire.

Air tanker is preparing to go to quench the fire, dubbed "Gladiator."

Panoramic view of the fire "Gladiator."

The morning team meeting fire-fighting "Gladiator."

A view of the fire from

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