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Fire in Rakov

All objects are located in the same building at Liberty Square, which belongs to the district consumer society. Fire saw a saleswoman, who came to work at 8 am and. Fought the fire for over an hour. "Very amazed municipal approach: not allowed make products from the store. People uttered:" Let us make all that is — cool, harvesters, grinder … "Nothing was given to endure. Later besides explosions started — from paints or vodka … Byazdarneysha! itself was not since the war, when most of the city burnt, "- said one of the local inhabitants. According to the local

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«Terminator — 2» — World Premiere RAE 2013

September 25, 2013, in the first day of the ninth International Dog Show of arms, military equipment and ammunition Russia Arms EXPO 2013 (RAE 2013), is the global premiere. Scientific and Production Company «Uralvagonzavod» (DC) will present its latest development — the war machine fire support BMPT-72, reports the press service UVZ.   BMPT-72 — a revolutionary modernization of the world famous tank Uralvagonzavod — T-72. When designing BMPT-72 was taken into account the experience of creation and use BMPT, who during his firepower was nicknamed «The Terminator».   As basic model, «Terminator 2» is able to perfectly solve puzzles

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If you do not take off your candidacy, dismiss you and spouse

Chairman of the BPF Lavon Barshcheuski days are sent to the editors of state newspaper "Russian Belarus" Letter to print a transcript of the recording, where the KGB intimidates Party activist Ales Furs of Kobrin. More June 4 Mech put an ultimatum: either role in the election work. When he refused, he was fired from Kobryn department of main gas pipelines.

According views Liavon Borshevsky, Fur example should be an occasion to reflect whether you can take today’s election is not just fair, but at least respectable. "A person who is recognized as the best worker in the company, fired

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The number of units of a voluntary fire brigade in Russia has exceeded half a million people

The number of personnel of public institutions volunteer fire department in Russia this year has exceeded half a million people (526,970).

July 29 in Astrakhan oblaati completed the first all-Russian volunteer fire departments charges of

According to the MOE, in the subjects of the Russian Federation now has 25450 public associations of fire protection. On their arms is almost 15,000 units of the basic fire-fighting equipment and more than 10,000 devices.

Volunteer firefighters provide protection to the 24,840 communities that are home to 9,790,000 people.

rite of initiation into the volunteer fire Orenburg Region (June 2012)

Until the end of

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ACS latest modification «MSTA-S» was first tested in exercises with live firing

In the Krasnodar region on the range during Molkino scale tactical exercises gunners Southern Military Area (JUVO) for the first time used the upgraded 152-mm self-propelled howitzers «MSTA-S», entered service troops neighborhood in May 2013 It is reported by the press Southern Military Service Area on the website For the purposes of applying a massive fire destruction of the enemy forces conditional involved more than 35 modernized self-propelled howitzers. Upgraded artillery system «MSTA-S» has significant structural differences from the previous version. It is equipped with brand new automatic fire control system, increased sighting rate, also has the possibility of

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CHETRA not afraid of fire, cold and rockfall

During the test drive bulldozers CHETRA T-35 of the second generation, which was held on December 6 in Cheboksary, the company "CHETRA — Industrial Machinery" staged outdoor crash test equipment, testing machine fire, cold and cobbles.

Morning test program included testing of private vehicles by consumers from different regions of Russia in winter. Checked power and control of machines, as well as comfort and ergonomics of the cab. Bulldozers opened and moved the frozen ground at the site.

During the test drive was refuted the stereotype that CHETRA technique

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Belarusian Midsummer abroad

Family Peter and Lena Valentine Yakimovitch reddish and, as usual, and this year were the main organizers of the South American Kupalu that there always is carried out exactly in the smallest June night — regardless of the weather. So this year, for example, promised storm, but prazdnichek carry unrealistic — and expected to rain a day or later."The weather was beautiful, had a lot of people — says Lena. — This year was absolutely perfect Midsummer, we do not prevent. Well, we’ve never had a disgusting Kupalu, but this year in particular is excellent — and the mood is

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Fire at the Minsk factory. Picture story

As said Interfax spokesman Emergency Management, Alexander Lapanik

Lapanik explained that in this case was carried out repairs. "The evacuation of people from closely spaced buildings likely, There will be no ", — said the attendant.Fire lyakalizovvali about 10 Single units of rescue equipment, information about victims.The fire started on neekspyuatavanym building where the roof repair. Prerequisite was violationyl fire safety during the fire works when laying roofing felt. Fire enveloped the area of about 200 square meters at a height of about 20 meters. It was extinguished with the introduction of nine tankers, two avtadrabinav, 3

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Holding Helicopters of Russia presented a fire helicopter Ka-32A11VS

At a conference for firefighters in high-rise buildings of modern cities High-Rise Aerial Firefighting &Rescue Russian helicopter holding "Helicopters of Russia", a subsidiary of OPK "Oboronprom", a member of the GC "Russian Technologies", presented an all-weather helicopter coaxial rotor arrangement Ka-32A11VS, provided with a horizontal fire, reported in an official letter to the press service of the holding.

"Today, this helicopter is a unique and highly effective tool to fight fires on the upper floors of high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, — said Dmitry Zuikov, representative of the holding "Helicopters of Russia". — When working in the area of

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KGB claims that the KGB did not burn

Correspondent: Now no sign no fire. KGB, Which culminated in working day and coming out of the building, the question was whether their fire, flatly answered "no."There is a version that can be made on the roof of the KGB any system work — poured resin, with all this usually goes dark smoke. But KGB uttered that about roof repair, they also do not know anything.It may be noted that from the street Komsomolskaya open windows in the building, previously I beheld such does not, but it’s not indicates, that there was smoke in the building. In building a powerful

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