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Fire equipment for 17 million rubles was transferred to the municipalities of the Irkutsk region

In the Council of Irkutsk Region transferred technology to ensure fire safety. Thus, of the regional property ownership 22 municipalities passed avtorazlivochnye station, complete with fire-fighting equipment. The total value of the technology is 17.8 million.

Avtorazlivochnye station entered the towns of Irkutsk, Zima, Zalarinsky, Nizhneudinskiy, Nizhneilimsk and Tulun areas. Also, fire safety equipment transferred to the ownership of Ust-Kut, Ust-Ilim, Usolsk, Ust-Uda, Shelekhov, Ekhirit-Bulagat, Alarsky, Bokhansky and Nukutsky areas.

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Fire Service Chelyabinsk region received new equipment

Regional state institution "Fire Department Chelyabinsk region" handed the keys to the nine new fire engines. New tanks are designed to work in remote rural areas and have a maximum capacity for water storage.


Nine cars costing more than 3 million rubles purchased at the expense of the regional budget. They have just come off the assembly line Miass factory fire fighting equipment. Until the end of this year, the regional fire acquire the same number of new tankers.

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Fire Service Amur region received new equipment

Road vehicles, equipped with breathing apparatus and rescue tool, set off on Feb. 16 fire stations in the northern regions of the Amur region. As the head of the civil protection and fire safety of Victor Gerasimov, a car made on the basis of Ural, the other on the basis of GAZ.

Beginning in 2009, the regional government has worked to create 62 fire stations, resulting to date fire divisions reserved all settlements of the region.

In the first half of 2012 according to the plans for the long-term target program "Fire Safety in the year

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Ball lightning burned house in the Moldovan village


Photo from:

16.05.12.V Friday night during a thunderstorm, lightning hit ball into one of the houses in the Moldovan village Nezavertaylovka.

The roof of dried reeds on fire instantly. Because of the strong winds in a matter of minutes the whole roof swept by fire. At this point, the house was empty, so the incident there were no casualties.

In a few minutes the scene of Dnestrovsk arrived just three fire brigades. The fire could not be put out more than seven hours. Only in the morning with the fire brigade managed.

Maria Kovalenko, the victim:

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Fire gets to forge U.S. nuclear

The authorities of South American state of New Mexico to evacuate residents of the town of Los Alamos, which tightly crept wildfires. On the outskirts of the town has burned down several 10-s buildings. Temporary shelter for 12 thousand people organized in one of the adjacent towns. According to firefighters, the recent area Strength can fire twice.

At Los Alamos is the State laboratory, where he conducted research in the field of nuclear physics. Currently her work is temporarily suspended. On duty at the facility only necessary personnel. The band of fire is just 2-miles from the research complex. Constantly

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The fierce tank

On a sunny day on July 3, 1941 in the city of Minsk, a week as occupied by the Nazis, has driven Russian-track tank. Lone already clogged Germans passersby hurriedly pressed close to home — the streets of the town was crawling a large three-turret armored vehicle bristling with 4 machine guns, rather short-track rolling his barrel of the gun.

Hitler's soldiers are not afraid Russian tank — in those days it was a lot verhmahte captured armored vehicles. Cheerful German cyclist even some time before driving a tank-track by pressing the pedal. The driver pressed the gas harder,

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The fiery fist headquarters

Multiple rocket — an instrument of the past and future battles

Multiple launch rocket system — a tool known even purely amateurs and people who are not interested in military affairs. At least as it related specifically to the famous Guards mortars "Katyusha". After all, who would not read, but specifically "Katyusha" — BM-13 — were the first real MLRS, embodying all the main performance characteristics of these weapons: small, simple, the ability to simultaneously engage targets at relevant areas, and the big surprise of mobility.

After 1945, the Russian Army received a number of samples of rocket artillery

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Flame-igniting the ships complex A-22 fire

Complex A-22 "fire" is intended to arm the river and amphibious ships, including hovercraft, and provides: the defeat of the coastal area targets, equipment and manpower in coastal surface targets (boats, watercraft), the creation of fires.

Head developer of the complex — Tula Municipal Research Institute of Machine Building A clear (since 1977 NGO "Fusion", now the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State Research and Production Enterprise" Fusion "). Work was carried out on the basis of the Decision of the Council of Ministers of the USSR of 15.11.71 № 763-234 g and Minmasha order of November 17, 1971 №

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Prairie fire in western Kazakhstan


File photo

18.07.11.V Zhanibekskom district of West Kazakhstan region prairie fire occurred on an area of 780 hectares, the official website of Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic.

"July 16 was 3.14 in the dry grass on fire at" Pail "on the area 530 hectares in the BCH (farm)" Ak Jol "- 250 hectares. The total area of the fire — 780 hectares, "- said in a statement released by the Office.

Locate fire could only be July 17 at 18.20, and completely eliminate — at 21.00. In the elimination of ignition have been involved six

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In Canada, the raging forest fires


19.07.11.Na northwestern Ontario, Canada, 94 raging forest fire. Evacuated from the disaster zone, at least 1,500 people.

Concerns about the possible expansion of the area covered by the fire forced residents of several insecure areas in close proximity to the burning forests, from their homes.

Most evacuees from Indian reservations sent to the village of Greenstone 250 kilometers to the northeast of Lake Superior.

Such strong forest fires in the province was the mid-1990s. In fire fighting involving 2,000 firefighters, about 500 people to arrive in the coming days of the provinces of British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

In extinguishing

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