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Presentation, which waited 15 years in Kursk city opened Circus

Kursk, 11.11.11g.

After an extensive renovation in Kursk city opened a circus. The old building burned down in a fire in its place built a complex that will be the largest and most modern in the country.


Today transformed not only the building of the circus, but the area in front of him. Work is being completed on the restoration of the fountain. It will be a 13-jet fountain with lights and a huge water bowl. Near the new circus, a monument to Yury Nikulin and his partner on stage Michael Shuydina. These two brilliant

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In Rome burns Station


Photo: EPA

24.07.11.Silny fire that began this morning paralyzed Rome Tiburtina railway station, the second most important transport interchange hub of the capital after the term.

According to police, fire broke out in one of the buildings that are under construction. Station visible over the area of smoke, and among the buildings — the bright flames.

At the site there are 7 fire brigades, but still take control of the situation can not. No casualties and no injuries were reported as not installed and cause a fire.

Movement of transit trains extremely slowed Tiburtina on the platforms they

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Fires in Yakutia and the Arkhangelsk region. Video


15.07.11.V Yakutia due to strong natural fires introduced a state of emergency.

This was announced by the head of the republic Yegor Borisov. The region sent additional forces MOE, including amphibious aircraft Be-200.

As ITAR-TASS reported the press service of the Far Eastern Regional Emergency Center, the burning hearths pilots Be-200 will be reset for each flight of tens of tons of water.

Rescue officers sent from Khabarovsk in the most problematic areas of Yakutia. In May and June of this year, they have worked in the area of the Republic of Sakha Churapcha, they had put out

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In Karaganda region burned 150 hectares of steppe


Karaganda, May 14. About 153 hectares burned in the forest-steppe region Osakar Karaganda region of Kazakhstan for the last day. Fire was extinguished yesterday night, "Interfax" referring to the MOE.

The fire started in the morning last Friday. In extinguishing the fire were employed six personnel and three units of fire fighting equipment service department for emergencies Karaganda region, 16 people, and three pieces of equipment Temirtau forest, six men and one piece of equipment of voluntary fire-forming.

MGTRK "World"

The area of natural fires in the Far East more than 5.2 hectares

Factors of 72 wildfires eliminated for the day in the Far East, but by the morning of Saturday 38 fires going on a total area of more than 5.2 thousand hectares, said the regional emergencies center.

The most difficult situation is in Yakutia, which recorded 19 outbreaks of fire in the area of more than 4000 hectares. Burning wood in the Amur Region and the Khabarovsk Territory, ITAR-TASS reported.

For extinguishing fires in 1188 involved firefighters and 168 vehicles. In Yakutia helps firefighters crew amphibious aircraft Be-200 Far Eastern Air-Rescue Centre Emergencies Ministry, throwing for one flight up to

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Dry and warm weather. Video

Factors thousands of hectares of forest and grassland destroyed by fire since the beginning of the fire season. This area is equal to four such cities as Moscow. Currently, fire tens of thousands of hectares covered around the country. The most difficult situation is stored in the Far East and Siberia. In nine districts of Yakutia-standing emergency. Some fires came close to settlements — a distance of less than ten kilometers. And despite constant warnings to limit access to the forest in fire areas, people continue to burn fires. Siberian Center for Emergency Situations only one day of

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The policemen were burnt alive person in the Tomsk region


Tomsk, March 04 (New Region, Alexey Usov) — A resident of the Tomsk region Albina Ignatenko applied to Kolpashevsky Interdistrict Investigation Department Family Code to check the circumstances of a fire in one of the firms in the town of White Yar, where he died 26 years of Vladimir Ignatenko. The woman claims that her son was burned.

In support of his mother dying dialogue leads Vladimir Woman "Classmates", in which he reports that locked from the outside, the MOE refused to come to the fire, but "on the windows of the lattice are the cops … they set

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In China, there was an explosion at an oil plant


19.01.11.Pozhar caused Wednesday morning at the oil factory of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) in the province of Liaoning, is localized.

It is reported, "Xinhua".

The fire broke out in the explosion. According to the company, the causes of the accident are being investigated.

"Correspondents" Xinhua "on the spot saw the thick smoke from the fire rises into the air and blanketed much of the sky over the plant", — the Chinese agency.


U.S. state of Texas covered by forest fires. Video


28.02.11.Sgorelo has 70 houses, about 45-thousand hectares of farmland destroyed. According to local authorities, the fire was burning all day yesterday. Now fire localized. At the moment, the smoke from the fire is felt in most parts of the state. Reduce visibility on the roads, which caused several serious accidents.

Meanwhile, in the neighboring state of Arkansas earthquake. The strength of aftershocks was almost 5 points. Information on casualties and injuries were received. The earthquake lasted about 10 seconds, according to ITAR-TASS.

Russian News Service

In the Omsk region of the fire killed the animals on the farm


16.11.11.V Sherbakulskom area suffered a major fire, which killed almost all livestock and poultry. The cause of the tragedy was a violation of the rules of operation of electrical appliances.

Tonight, at 00.49 local time, in the village of Borisov Sherbakulskogo Omsk region on fire one of the town houses on Meadow Street. As a result of PE masters monastery suffered major damage.

At the time of arrival of fire occurred flaming barn, also observed the threat of fire to go semi-detached house. The fire had damaged and demolished outbuildings on the area 108 square meters. m

In addition,

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