In Kostroma region burned a nursing home. Video


9.10.11.Desyatki firefighters working in the Kostroma region. That night there was burning a nursing home. Inside at the time were 14 people. Rescue from the fire could not all.

A fire in a nursing home village Tikhon Vohomskogo area — about 500 miles from Kostroma — began at night, when his guests were already asleep. The signal received on fire around midnight Moscow time.

Institution designed for 14 seats. Of the building in flames came to the rescue firefighters brought 10 people — is nine elderly people who were living in a nursing home, and one employee. None

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In the Central District of Omsk Fired two transformers


Photo: The fire burned oil

01.11.11. "Yesterday in the Central District of the street 10 years of October burned two transformers, power 14MVolt, the press service of Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Omsk region. The situation is complicated by the fact that each of the transformers contained a 4,000 liters of oil. At the time of arrival of fire burning oil inside the devices. The fire burned oil transformers are damaged and can not be recovered. Cause of the fire is set. Source: AIF in Omsk

Large-scale fires and loss of jellyfish in Odessa


New year is not set immediately.

3.03.12.Nachavshiysya year is not set immediately. The very first night was over for one of Odessa's death. Then the 22-year-old former police officer severely beat clubber outside the club on Catherine, then the guy died. A week later, at the funeral of the deceased, unknown fired from a traumatic weapons at his friend.

Is closer to the middle of the month the city was thrilled information about the mysterious disappearance of 21-year old student in the catacombs. Also died in mysterious circumstances metropolitan journalist Eugene Wild. His frozen body on the

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2000 hectares of forest burned in the Amur region. Video


10.10.11.Bolee 2000 hectares of forest burned in the Amur region this weekend. The fire broke out in the night from Saturday to Sunday in a protected natural area "Muravyevsky park." Fire walked almost the entire territory of the reserve and destroyed habitats Red birds. Details in the report — Catherine Yakunovoy.

Japanese Cranes Kivili Oka and had a very restless night. They live in Muraviovka Park for several years, but never had the fire not pick up so close to their home. Ornithologists, villagers and firefighters managed to stop the flames just a few meters from the aviary.

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Fires in Russia continue. Video


27.09.11. Rain and chill in many Russian regions have reduced the possibility of forest fires in the no. But here and there continues to keep dry, sunny and windy pogoda.Za last day in the country have 44 new hearth.

The fire came upon an area of more than a thousand gektarov.Na fight the fire thrown all forces. Already managed to eliminate most of the new vozgoraniy.Na today remain unquenched fires in Siberia and the Far East.

Source: Channel PIC

Nuclear reactor shut down at the plant in Sweden due to fire


MOSCOW, Oct. 23 — RIA Novosti. A nuclear reactor at the nuclear power plant in Sweden has stopped temporarily due to a fire, according to the Swedish edition of the Local News, citing a spokesperson OKG — the operating company plant.

Inflammation was recorded at midnight in the engine room of reactor No. 2 nuclear power plant in Oskarshamn. The fire was quickly extinguished by employees on duty nuclear facility.

According to preliminary reports, the fire broke out because of that pass on the hot wall equipment fuel lubricant.

"Fires at the plant are always serious. The incident occurred

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Bulgaria. A large fire raging in Haskovo region


15.09.11.Kak reports, a large fire raging since yesterday near villages and Oryahovo Vaskovo near the town's favorite, burning more than 5 hectares of dry grass, brush and forest.

To extinguish the fire attracted special equipment, including a helicopter from the air base Krumovo, expected to come to the aid of the army.

Second fire was recorded in the village Ivaylovgradskogo Kostilkovo. The third fire at the village and Tatarevo Garvanovo was extinguished, burned about 5 hectares of dead trees and forest.

Source: Bulgaria news on-line

In the east and north of the Moscow region 3 peat fire


Photo: RIA "Novosti"

20.08.11.Za past day in the Moscow region have 10 seats of fire, three of them, and seven of peat forest, the website of Ministry of Emergency Situations Ministry of Defense.

To extinguish fires in the MoD was attracted 403 and 126 pieces of equipment

The total area of peat fires was 0.105 hectares of peat fires registered in Orekhovo-Zuyevo Shatura and municipal areas (eastern Moscow region), as well as in the Dmitrov district (north MO).

Forest fires are a total area of 5.08 ha erupted in Egorievsk, Noginsk and Orekhovo-Zuyevo and Shatura municipal areas.


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A forest fire has destroyed 180 hectares of jungle in Ecuador


25.10.11.Lesnoy fire in the province of Zamora Chinchipe, in the south-eastern Ecuador, lasted two days and brought significant damage to the environment, emptying the 180 hectares of jungle.

Yesterday, firefighters managed to maintain control over the hearth fire and prevent it to spread further, but in the vast area of primary Amazonian forest left the ashes. It is not known who was responsible for this disaster.

The fire started on Saturday afternoon, October 22, in the National Park near the village Rodokarpus Sabanilya center, 38 km from the canton of Zamora, the provincial capital, where the research station in

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Colorado forests are dying in large-scale fire


Forest fires rage in the U.S. state of Colorado. For residents of Denver announced the forced evacuation.

As reported, four hundred families have already fled their homes. Some roads in the area had to shut off. Fight the fire element, arrived a few dozen teams from different cities.

But while you can not tame the fire. The flames quickly spread through the forest because of the strong wind.


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