In the Vologda region burns peat


27.07.11.Segodnya on the fire place, on the shore of Lake Kolodemskogo employs 15 professionals Cherepovets forestry, involved four pumps — IMA writes "Cherepovets".

The problem is that the lake is peat. Such fires are difficult to put out, the more that the focus is in an inaccessible place.

The fire broke out on Sunday. The fire had spread to the 3, 5 hectares. Rather, in a fire caused negligence vacationers who do not put out the fire.

Source: IA "News of the Vologda region"

Forest fires in Chile

February 28. Strongest wildfire erupted in the Chilean resort city of Viña del Mar, where the International Song Festival, is popular not only in Latin America but also in other countries. The fire started in the forested mountains of the city, where the mainly wooden residential buildings, and destroyed 73 homes. About 300 people were left homeless.

Mayor Vina del Mar Virginia Rehinato left the festival due to the current emergency situation and assist in placing victims in temporary shelters. As the head of City Fire Ricardo Barkhan, now fire eliminated. According to him, the forest fires in

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Ukhta off land. Video


Updated on May 15.

Underground fire in Ukhta winter Posted on 14/05/2012 by user nibiru646

Near the village of Ukhta Water recorded an unusual phenomenon in the earth faults are seen fiery streams — as if the earth burns. This was "KomiOnlaynu" said Deputy Chief of Ukhta Tatyana Filippova.

According to her, this underground "fire" can be seen on the banks of the river a little, on the site, licensed by OOO "Neftegazpromteh." Perhaps this is a rare natural phenomenon, but not the fire, as there is no open flame, no property is off.

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Fire fighting FFS simulator for Sukhoi Superjet 100 passed Aeroflot

March 28, 2013 JSC "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft", JSC "Aeroflot — Russian Airlines" signed the Acceptance Fire fighting simulator FFS (Full Flight Simulator) for the aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100).


Installation of Fire fighting simulator for SSJ100 FFS to Air Staff Training Center Aeroflot at Sheremetyevo allow Aeroflot pilots to train on their own.

"We are confident that Fire fighting FFS simulator will allow Aeroflot, our first customers, successfully train pilots for flying on the aircraft type Sukhoi Superjet 100. Experience in operating the simulator showed that the educational system is one of

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United Kingdom: Find the most ancient forest fire




Scientists have found evidence of the earliest forest fire in the history of the Earth. They are a small plant fossils preserved in the form of coal, which were excavated near the town of Ludlow researchers at the border of Wales. The remains belong to the Silurian

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A forest fire broke out in Turkey

Western Province Turkey Balikes is in critical condition because of a forest fire that engulfed nearly 50 hectares of forest. The fire has to be risen to nearby villages, so almost all the settlements in the mountains of Khaz Havran immediately organized evacuation.

One of the Anatolian news agency reported that the fire by the hour is growing rapidly and continues to go further into the mountains. Therefore under threat gardens with olive trees and land from local farms. Some of them have already suffered.   Fire fighters trying to stop the promotion of high-rise fire in the region, although

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In Melitopol district burned 28 hectares of wheat


11.07.11.Proisshestvie happened July 10 near the village. Plentiful. According to Taras Pavelko, senior inspector sector supervision and prevention activities Melitopol District Department EMERCOM Ukraine in Zaporizhzhya region, the message about the fire came around 16:00. In place of the fire left one fire engine. On the field, Semenov LLC "AF" Lan-2000 "has already worked four agro water carrier. Despite the elimination rates vozgorniya, 2/3 of the field was burned. Damage that caused the fire, farmers estimated at 300 thousand UAH. On the cause of the fire is currently installed.


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Police have received awards for rescuing people from fire

Three police officers from the Novosibirsk region received the medal "For courage on fire" for saving people from burning buildings in August 2012.

As the press service of the State Ministry of Interior of Russia on VAT, at midnight, August 23, 2012 the staff of private security department Krasnozerskoe Vazhenin Sergey and Vitaly Lyosik patrolled the area and saw the lights of a private house, the fire has engulfed the roof and attic.

Police rushed to the rescue, first taken out of the smoky room a woman with a minor son, then began to put

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U.S. fire: there were more than 80 fires

In the U.S. now been more than 80 forest and grassland fires. The largest of them are raging in the west.

In this region, 62 are continuing fire. Fire destroyed dozens of buildings. Killed at least one fire.

The most dramatic situation is in the state of Washington, where for the last two days the fire swept area of 107 sq km. Contributes to the spread of fire, dry and hot weather and strong winds. Burned 60 homes. Evacuated from the disaster area 420 families. Locate the fire is not yet possible, according to "ITAR-TASS" with reference to

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Fires in Spain led to the evacuation of thousands of people

Since the beginning of the fire at the two Canary Islands La Gomera and Tenerife evacuation exposed 5000 people. Many roads are blocked for security reasons. Fire swept the smallest island of the archipelago more than a week ago, but so far the operation to extinguish not yielded results. The flames threatened the safety of local national parks. In one of them, called Garajonay destroyed almost 810 hectares of forest. This is a huge loss, as many of the species of flora have an age of more than 11 million years.

The number corresponds to a

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