Firefighters Ryazan region received new equipment

As a gift to the 190th anniversary of the formation of fire protection Ryazan Oblast region received 14 new fire engines.

Tech was acquired by the regional government and the regional Duma. Tankers AC-40 based on Ural will travel to the Savior, St. Michael, Kasimovskiy, Skopinsky and Ryazhskiy areas.

Car keys handed over the heads of municipalities and Head of Regional Security Valery Dyatlenko. — Over the years, we have formed a powerful and just-in by rescue techniques — he says. — I am sure that in the future the Emergency Situations Ministry will be professionally and decisively to serve

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Firefighters Komi received new equipment

Specialized equipment — 10 units, purchased from the national budget, as part of the "Concept of the fire service in the Republic of Komi in 2009-2014." Until the end of 2012 in the republican fleet of fire will go another 10 machines.

Total since 2009 Fire Service Komi received 75 tankers, which were distributed to all parts of the country.

As noted at the ceremony of transfer of machinery Head of the Republic of Komi Vyacheslav Gaiser, "fire safety — a priority for the Government of the region. Qualitative performance of this task is possible only when

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Firefighters Perm region received new equipment

Firefighters of the Perm region received 10 new cars "Ural" and 12 small lesopratrulnyh complexes based on UAZ Tech acquired by the regional budget in the framework of the regional program "Fire safety in the Perm region".


In 2010-2011. for fire departments have purchased 32 new vehicles. And before 2014 Fire Service will receive equipment worth 335 million rubles.


Firefighters Nizhny Novgorod received depot and two new cars

The regional budget has been allocated for the reconstruction of more than 49 million rubles.

The building is considered an emergency custody and has not been used for five years. Work on the reconstruction will not only create all the necessary conditions for the performance of duty and life, but also to renew the entire fire department vehicles and equipment.

The number of staff of the fire department personnel 63 people, 14 of them every day and will intrude on combat duty. In the inventory of the tank 4 is the volume of

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Firemen’s Black Sea Fleet assisted MOE in firefighting

At the request of the Operations Coordination Centre (EAC) in the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine's Black Sea Fleet Sevastopol fire (BSF) have assisted in extinguishing the fire, which originated in the city TV tower.

Under conditions of strong gusty winds, contributing to the rapid spread of the fire, there was a need for the involvement of additional forces.

Chief of Staff of the Black Sea Fleet, Rear Admiral Alexander Nosatov at the request of the Ukrainian side decided to send to the place of fire, two fire brigades center logistics Black Sea

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Firefighters Vladivostok updated fleet

On October 25, the central square of Vladivostok in a solemn ceremony was handed a new ad seaside fireman.


Carport fire tankers filled with special equipment Vladivostok brand AC-40, has been successfully used in fire fighting, new tankers "Rozenbauer" as well as a ladder for 50 yards and a crank lift, lift height is also 50 meters required for evacuation from high-rise buildings in case of fire. New fire trucks — domestic production, designed on the basis of KAMAZ. Tanker trucks are equipped with the latest equipment, on-board computers.


In addition, the

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Firefighters Amur region received new equipment

Novyk fire trucks went on alert at their bases in Arkhara, Romnensky, Szymanowski, St. Michael, Skovorodinsky, Mazanovsky and Bureysky areas. 20 million of acquisition have been allocated from the regional budget.

First 6 new fire trucks were purchased in 2009, this update to the regional firefighting fleet was 25 years old. In just the last 3 years was purchased 32 fire engines.

Many localities have been rescued from fire thanks 62 firefighter posts, established in 2009,.

This year will be hosted by another 20 fire stations. By July 1, they are all 100% will be provided with breathing apparatus

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Forest fire de-energized village under Chrysostom


18.05.11.Vecherom May 17 as a result of ground fire was left without electricity for village Medvedevka Chrysostom. Fire broke the line 35-kilovolt transmission line Taganay-Medvedevka.

According to the press-service of JSC "Ural MSRK" — "Chelyabenergo" fire spread from the ground on wooden supports power lines and destroyed four pillar. Officers arrived to put out local units and employees of MES Zlatoust grids. The fire was quickly extinguished, but the village was left without electricity.

In the evening on May 17 rescue and recovery team Zlatoust RES works at the scene. Replacement of damaged poles planned for the near future.

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An explosion on a gas pipeline in Canada


OTTAWA, February 20. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Igor Borisenko /. A strong explosion occurred on Sunday night on a gas pipeline in northwestern Ontario.

Airline pilots, flying to Winnipeg, said ground crew about the huge fireball that arose on the outskirts of the village Berdmor, 170 km from the city of Thunder Bay.

According to the TV B-BBC, the explosion occurred within 2 km from the outskirts of the village. Residents of four nearby neighborhoods were evacuated. To fight fire with fire took three hours. In the explosion and fire, no one was hurt. As a precaution, police blocked traffic

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Fire rescue stations Lipetsk region received equipment

13 fire trucks passed separate fire and rescue posts Lipetsk region.

In Lipetsk region in recent years created 37 separate fire and rescue stations. Each post has two fire engines. This is enough for a rapid response to a fire. After the fires in the summer of 2010, the area was created regional management of the state fire rescue service. Its task is to coordinate the work of individual posts, volunteer fire departments and teams.

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