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Destined to survive

Apocalypse in 2012, for several years has been a popular topic on which were noted scientists, shamans and even Hollywood. It has been proposed a number of ways known to mankind in the bud. However, none of them work.

Thus, we consider the four most popular scenario "end of the world" — a nuclear war, global warming, the change of the magnetic poles and the asteroid.

Stories that nuclear weapons can easily and instantly kill all life on the planet, there for decades. In practice, the maximum number of nuclear arsenals, reached at the height of the "cold war"

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In the wake of the tragedy of the Ural




"UFO", St. Petersburg, n16 (334), 12.04.2004, p.7.

Author: Valentin psalomshchikov

_ * Our reader from Yekaterinburg N.G.Vechtomova sent to the editorial office of the newspaper clippings July issues of "Ural worker" for the year 1990, where it was published investigative journalism S.Bogomolova known history of the death

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A volcanic eruption in Indonesia evacuated more than two thousand people

2 000 209 residents were evacuated in the Indonesian province of North Maluku due to the eruption of the volcano Gamalama. This was reported in the Agency for Disaster Management of the Republic.

Information on casualties yet. At present the volcano, according to experts, is a danger level 3 (which means "moderately hazardous"). At the moment, the intensity of the eruption of lava dropped significantly, according to ITAR-TASS.

As a result, the element of human settlements at the foot of the mountain was covered with ashes. Roads disappeared under lava flows

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Due to the volcanic eruption in Indonesia closed the airport

Gamalama volcano eruption in Indonesia's North Maluku province on Monday led to the closure of the airport in the town of Ternate. This was reported by the Indonesian daily newspaper Jakarta Globe. At the moment, no reports of casualties and possible evacuation of the population has been reported. The eruption of the volcano, 30 km from where the airport is located, occurred on Sunday evening. Streets nearby settlements were covered by a thick layer of volcanic ash.


Gamalama last erupted in 2003. Then Tumult not result in casualties.

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The village Rahja accident on the pipeline and the pipeline break in Khanty


PETERSBURG, October 30. Vsevolozhsk district of Leningrad region there is no heating and gas supply in the village Rahja. Residents suspect that the accident occurred on the pipeline.

As reported Olga to the "People's Line", "News", October 29 from 18:30 till now time off gas Rahja village, including the local gas boiler. In the service of "04" was told that this was due to the accident.

"The question is, what will happen in the winter in case of such an accident, if the heating system is thawed. On the street bonfires will grow to keep warm and cook food?

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Ancient rusichi against UFOs

December 2, 2012 23:31

Hypothesis Hypothesis

With conventional reconstruction of residential buildings first few cities in the world will agree. Traditionally the home Eneolithic-Bronze-Early Iron represented residential cellars and damp dugout. Why there are unresolved questions about the ancient pits, "Are they the remains of a fourth construction horizon? '. High-rise buildings Andronovo still baffles scientists, wondering if there was any at the site of multi-buildings?

My answer is simple. Andronov (Herodotus — Sauromates) lodged in the carcass buildings rising above the man-made mounds of 5-6 floors high. The concept of "floor" on probation. In the cage for sleeping

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Fires in southern Greece

On the Greek island of Kos, located in the Aegean Sea, in the new wave of fires forced the evacuation of three tourist hotel. All visitors had to be expected on the beach near the water, while firefighters tried to control the fire. Among the people there were no injuries, although their health deteriorated somewhat because of thick acrid smoke from the burning wood. As it turned out, there was originally a fire in the forests of Arcadia and spread rapidly through the wind with a speed of 50 km / h and lasts for three days with a heat

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Near Arkhangelsk burning peat


Photo press service emergency department of the Arkhangelsk region

19.07.11.Zhiteli Arkhangelsk in the last few days more often complain about the smoke.

Near the town of forest fires are localized, but the difficulty is that burning peat bogs, which are extremely difficult to extinguish.

This was announced today at a press conference told the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry of the Arkhangelsk region Yuri Trubin.

According to him, one of the largest of these fires — an area of 68.5 hectares — is currently operating near the airport Talagi. The fire is located, its development there,

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Herd of horses in a fire burned in the U.S.


22.01.12. 22 horses worth ten thousand dollars each were killed in a fire in the U.S. state of New Jersey.

The fire started in a barn on a farm in Lafayette early Saturday morning, the animals were locked inside the shed and could not get out.

— I'm just numb, I can not even cry. What happened is terrible. The building was not insured, and now I'm probably selling all of the property — said Betty Hahn.

— Barn was already engulfed in flames when emergency services arrived, the fire was quickly extinguished, but all the horses inside were

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A fire at an oil refinery in Bashkiria. Video


27.03.12.V Internet video was made public, in which the author argues that before the plant UNPZ fire occurred.As a result, the air could get chemicals — in favor of this theory say smoke yellow. Press-service of "Bashneft" (a member of this company includes plant UNPZ) commented on the video.

Said in a statement that one of the units of a catalytic cracking process was short-term disturbance regime, which caused the release of flame and smoke from the chimney. Technological conditions quickly restored. The device operates in a normal mode. Threats to life and health of the population

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