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Fires in Arizona photographic

Near Springervilla, Arizona. The amount of smoke increases as the cities of Eagar and Springervill. Fires need hundreds of miles. Thousands of people were forced to evacuate their homes.

Tents for firefighters in Eagar, Arizona.

The crew is preparing to send to the line of fire for the night shift.

Father and daughter looking at the smoke from the fires in Apache County.

Firefighters prepare their equipment for reoperation slow the spread of fires, which captured a large part of eastern Arizona. The first fire occurred in the desert.

A man stands in front

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Serbian authorities are asking for additional Russian aircraft to fight fires

The Serbian government on Thursday night decided to ask for additional airplanes to combat wildfires that have engulfed the country.

"To increase the effectiveness of fire fighting again erupted in many parts of Serbia, decided to ask the Russian Federation to send to the airport in Nis another aircraft type" Beriev "and the Mi-26", — stated in the government.

In the city of Nis in southern Serbia is already aviagruppirovka Emergencies Ministry in the fire IL-76 amphibious aircraft Be-200 and Ka-32.

Serbia is forced to seek help, because it does not have its own specialized aviation fire. Usually, fire fighting

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The flames enveloped the highest mountain in Stavropol, no data on victims

Major fire broke out on Monday at the top of the highest mountain Beshtau Stavropol, where the radio station, told RIA Novosti firehouse Pyatigorsk.

Beshtau height — 1,4 thousand meters at the top with 1990 is a radio transmitting station, and is located at the foot of the capital of the North Caucasus Federal District Pyatigorsk.

"The area of fire, according to preliminary data, about 300 square meters, burning grass, data on casualties yet," — said the source. In place of the fire have already left.

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Italy on fire

Half Italian territory on fire. The most difficult was the situation on the islands of Sicily and Sardinia, where tourists evacuated from hotels and block highways, local media reported.

In Italy, the third week is 40-degree heat, which led to the spread of forest fires. On Sunday, fires were reported in half of the country.

The most dangerous situation on the east coast of Sardinia, San Teodoro. According to authorities, were evacuated from the disaster area about twenty thousand, five hundred of them foreign tourists.

In fire suppression in Sardinia involved four helicopters and four planes. On the island

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Due to a fire in Arizona evacuated 5000 people

Over the past day fire area in Arizona has grown, the fire rises to the border of the neighboring state of New Mexico. The sky was clouded with smoke, thick shroud prevents movement on the roads, but the main threat to the health of local residents. They were advised not to go out. For more than a week of fighting the fire two thousand firefighters, but the wind and drought reduce their efforts to naught. According to the authorities of Arizona, is one of the biggest disasters in the history of the state. Natural

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Photographic forest fires in Arizona

Forest fire occurred between the peaks of San Francisco and Mount Elden Sunday, June 20. Residents of the village of Timberline, which is located nearby, completely evacuated and residents of other regions awaiting their turn. (Michele Legg / AP)

Starting June 20, the forests of Flagstaff, Arizona, USA, raging fires. Fire covered more than 2,200 hectares. Hundreds of residents were evacuated. Extinguish the burning wood from a helicopter, but to cope with the fire until it succeeds. In some areas, a state of emergency. In this issue, the most recent photos from the event.Extinguish the burning wood from a

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In Arizona, because of forest fires evacuate thousands of people

Power of the U.S. state of Arizona, where weekly raging forest fires, have announced the evacuation of Eagar and some settlements District Apache to the east of the state.

Fire surrounded and walked right up to the city with a population of 4000 people. Half the population of the city has already been evacuated. For about 7000 people from the surrounding areas are preparing for a forced evacuation in the coming days.

Forest fire spread to more than 800 square kilometers. According to rescuers, the fire element destroyed several buildings of serious injuries among the firefighters and local residents

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In Arizona, burning forests

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has flown by helicopter burning wood Uollou Fire, near the border of New Mexico. It is the third-largest fire in state history. Fire crews are working to protect the people from a fire in southern Arizona.

Source: The time factor, AssociatedPress

In Arizona, because of forest fires evacuated 2000 people

Arizona residents are leaving their home in fire area. © AP Photo

Over two thousand people were evacuated due to Arizona raging forest fires in the state. It is reported by USA Today.

By Sunday, June 5, the fire covered about a thousand

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A metallurgical plant in China explosion


Nanchang, Nov. 17 / Xinhua / — Last night, at a metallurgical plant Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province / East China / leak of liquid iron, which caused an explosion, resulting in 123 people were evacuated. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

In the evening, around 21:50 molten iron flowing from a blast furnace of the plant after the cooling unit burned at the intermediate node oven. Leakage of liquid iron at a temperature of over 1300 degrees, led to an explosion and fire nearby combustibles, said party secretary Liu Chang'an plant disaster.

After the incident, the scene was immediately launched

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The fire took place on 30 hectares of pine forest in the Rostov region — GUMCHS

The fire took place on 30 hectares of pine forest in the Upper Don district of Rostov region, the active burning going on two acres, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, the regional representative GUMCHS Marina Chernyavskaya.

Message about the fire in the forest area Dubrovsky arrived on duty at 18.40 remote environment. Fire area was 10 hectares. Subsequently, according to GUMCHS, it increased to 23 hectares.

"At present, the area traversed by the fire is 30 acres, is actively burning in an area of two hectares at the 69th and 70th sections of forest," — said Chernyavskaya.

She added that

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