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Extinguish forest fires in Spanish Catalonia is not yet possible

Firefighters, despite all efforts, it is possible to potushitpozhar raging in Spanish Catalonia, near the border with France, said on Tuesday agentstvoFrans Press referring to the statement by the fire service.

"The fire rages on," — said the representative of the fire department. He also said that firefighters aircraft involved in fire fighting, were forced to land because of the strong wind. But in the morning the wind dropped, and it is expected that the aircraft still to come to grips with the fire.

Currently restored traffic on highways, connecting Spain and France.

To combat the largest in Spain over

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Belarus has killed 40,000 chickens


20.11.12.V Monday around 23.00 in the shop of the house in the village Bagritsovschina Dzerzhinsky district on fire killed about 40,000 broiler day-old chicks.

At the time of fire alarm went off. Poultry workers — the duty electrician and two attendant — rushed to the building of the house, but could not go inside because of heavy smoke. Rescuers arrived at the scene, only 40 minutes were able to completely eliminate the fire.

Electric poisoned by carbon monoxide. Fortunately, his health is not in danger.

Flames damaged equipment, running on gas. What was the cause of the fire —

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Environmental disaster in the Danube Delta


22.08.11.V major fire that broke out in the Danube Biosphere Reserve, burned more than three hundred acres of green space.

According to local authorities, fire long time to cope with the fire because of the strong wind. Moorland as an obstacle to quickly extinguish the fire.

Cause of the fire and the cost of the damage is not yet known.

As stated by the reserve staff, most of all because of the fire affected amphibians and reptiles, according to «Romanian Times».

Source: Romania today

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The first family affected by fire pos.Tygda, moved into a new home

In the Amur region tygdintsev first family affected by a fire in April, moved into a new home. Family Moskovitinyh became masters of the new house of 72 square meters. m

"Before the start of the heating season, all 76 houses to be built. Timing is very tight. As long as we go on schedule. For as the next. Then there are people from the technical inspection, the plant supplies the construction of prefabricated houses, SUE "Builder", — said deputy chairman of the Government of the Amur region, Alexander Zhitkov.

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The first batch of the new forest fire equipment sent to Krasnoyarsk foresters

The company "CHETRA-Forest", a specialized unit sales of the Concern "Tractor plants" put in Krasnoyarsk forest fire first two crawler tractors TT4M-23K-02. production of software "Krasnoyarsk plant of forest engineering" ("Kraslesmash"). The contract for the manufacture of a new forest fire engineering concluded with the Government of the Krasnoyarsk region of PO "Krasnoyarsk plant of forest engineering." According to the contract, the company of "CHETRA Forest" will deliver a specialized autonomous institutions of Forestry of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, ensure the protection of forests, forest fires this year, 6 units of modern forest fire equipment. The first two forest

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Spanish province of Valencia has covered a cloud of smoke and ash

In Spain, the raging wildfires. 40-degree heat and wind, as well as the driest winter in 70 years, made the situation worse.

The Province Valencia claimed that the current fires — the most powerful in the past few years. Fire has destroyed thousands of hectares of forest. About a thousand people were evacuated. Stopped traffic on the highway 9.

According to local authorities, the most likely cause of the fire in the province — the neglect of safety rules for the installation of solar panels on one of the houses. In this regard, arrested and detained

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Forest fires in Australia

Forest fires threaten a number of settlements in the Australian state of Western Australia, a fire destroyed 20 homes, according to Broadcasting Company ABC.

Authorities evacuated about 100 people in the town of Perth — the administrative center of the state. The fire is spreading in towns and Rolistoun Kelmskott. Several highways were closed for security reasons. "Life is more important than the house. At this point, ensure the evacuation of people from areas of fire, do not worry about buildings, "- said in a broadcast by radio instructions fire department. Now the elements are fighting about 150 firefighters, backed

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In North Ossetia, alpine meadows burn


Specialists had to extinguish the fire by hand Photo from the archives of "KP"

30.12.10.V North Ossetia near Alagir burn grazing meadows. As the chief of the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the North Ossetian Julia Starchenko, burning dry grass on the grazing ranges. Fire area about five gektrov.

At the moment, the fire did not pose any threat to human settlements as burning grass in the high valleys, which are located far away from residential areas.

Firefighters reached by vehicles to the fire can not be put out the flames have to

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South-west of Australia on fire


January 11 — RIA Novosti. Forest fires are raging on an area of 2000 hectares in the south-west of Australia, a fire destroyed at least four buildings, according to the Associated Press on Tuesday, referring to the fire service of the state.

Information about the victims and the victims have not yet been reported.

A forest fire near Lake Clifton about 100 km from the administrative center of Western Australia in Perth, where he established a dry and hot weather, began on Monday, the agency reports. Now the elements are fighting about 150 firefighters.

The fire was contained, but

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Forest fire in Japan covered 90 hectares


TOKYO, Jan. 25 — RIA Novosti. Erupted on Monday wildfire in Hyogo prefecture on the island of Honshu in Japan has already spread to 90 hectares, there were no injuries, fire continued from the ground and from the air, according to the local fire department.

The fire occurred in a wooded area near the town of Takasago. Now the flame spread along the ridge.

According to firefighters, Tuesday at 5:30 (Monday 23.30 MSK) "burned a total of 90 acres."

South of the fire to a few hundred meters you will find homes. By Tuesday morning 45 local residents took

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