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Fire devours forests of Colorado

More than 1.3 thousand people mobilized to extinguish wildfires powerful in the U.S. state of Colorado. The fire, the first centers of which appeared almost a week ago, has already destroyed about 200 square kilometers of forest and at least 30 buildings. Firefighters help of U.S. National Guard soldiers.

According to the authorities, so far only managed to put out the fire in 10 percent of the disaster zone. To combat the elements used extensively cross-burning and aviation, according to ITAR-TASS. Using all the reserves of aircraft is limited because forest fires are raging in the west of the

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Residents of Colorado and New Mexico are evacuated because of forest fires

In the U.S. states of Colorado and New Mexico continued mass evacuation of residents due to forest fires. Their homes were forced to leave hundreds of people, according to ITAR-TASS.

In Colorado, a fire destroyed about 150 square kilometers of forest in the Fort Collins, burned at least 18 houses. In New Mexico, burned 108 square kilometers of forests, 35 suffered severe damage to buildings.

Strong wind and heat promotes the spread of fire to new territories. To fight dozens of abandoned fire brigades, but the wind use aircraft fire is almost impossible.


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Fires kill 339,000 people a year: study

Forest and peat fires killed 339,000 people around the world each year. Most of the victims are in Africa south of the Sahara, where an estimated 157,000 people die from the effects of fire and the south-east Asia, where the number of dead at 110, 000.

The results showed that the "smoke and other emissions from fires are an important component of global mortality."

The study also suggested that a major link between climate and mortality from fires.

About twice as many people die during El Niño, when the sea surface temperature increases in the Eastern Pacific Ocean (on average

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East Asia disappeared under the smokescreen

Over Bohai Bay, over the Korean peninsula and the Tsushima Strait until about. Kyushu in Japan hangs a cloud of smoke. But the reason for its occurrence are not familiar unable or agricultural fires. The smoke came from the burning mid-May Russian Siberia. The main centers of fire, smoke cloud brought to China and Korea, and to the border of the State of Mongolia, located near the southern edge of. Baikal. Although the northern shores of the lake also caught fire, but not so intense. A cloud of smoke over eastern Asia.

Satellite image of fires. Baikal.

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In the U.S., a forest fire destroyed more than a hundred buildings

In the U.S. state of Michigan forest fire destroyed nine acres of woodland and 100 buildings. It is primarily located in rural roadside hotels, shops and houses cottages.

Firefighters still can not locate the fire. It contributes to the increasing spread of heat and strong wind gusts that sometimes reach hurricane strength, the "Russia 24".

Forest fire fighting also in the south-western United States. Suffered the most so-called Mountain States — Arizona and New Mexico. To fight the fire element are directed 1500 firefighters used special aircraft.

Source: Voice of Russia.

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France: Record rainfall and flooding in Nancy

After heavy rains in September-Max by Nancy 22/05/2012 REUTERS

May 22. Heavy rains in eastern France last night led to flooding in the city of Nancy, whose mayor has demanded the government to declare the region a disaster. Flooding in Nancy serious material damage, accident without its casualties.

Last night in Nancy dropped record rainfall — 103 mm in just 4 hours (almost monthly average for the region). At night, 200 local firefighters received more than 800 calls and conducted dozens of evacuations of flood victims. In some places, the water level in the reservoirs up to 2

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Incessant fires in Ontario

Timminis in the Canadian city in north-eastern Ontario because of continued fighting officially declared state of emergency. Along the border of boreal forest fires are hundreds. Due to strong winds the fire easily conquering new territories, with 8-10 km wide. Near Timminisa already suffered 41,000 hectares of forest. At risk are several freeways. Caustic black smoke continues to spread around the city, creating a lot of problems to local residents. Burning wood.

Extinguish the fire from the air.

Timminis in the smoke from the fire. Kirkland Lake residents warned to immediately start evacuation if the

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Fire spread to the south-western United States

In the 2012 fire season in the United States began early in the mountains of Arizona. May 25, 2012 firefighters were trying to put out a dozen fires in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, California and Utah. Residents of several towns were evacuated. The territory of 440 square kilometers was engulfed in flames. In New Mexico, a fire in the Gila National Park began as a result of a lightning strike. Strong gusts of winds contributed to the rapid spread of fire. More than 10 summer houses were destroyed in Willow Creek, about 290 kilometers of forest mass canyon

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Forest fires in Spain

Not far from the Spanish city Raskera, Tarragona province began a spring fire. According to preliminary calculations, the fire destroyed three 081.59 hectares of land, of 76.28% of the area occupied by trees, and the rest were in the pine forests and pastures. In the most affected one Raskere 370.57 hectares of forest. More southern areas where the flame penetrated, such as El Perello, Tivenis Benifallet and lost 1 248.79, 462.12, and 0.1 hectares respectively.

With fire nearly four days more than 300 firefighters fought by promoting rescue east of Tarragona. The situation could have been brought under control much

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More than 350 people evacuated because of wildfires in Arizona

More than 350 people were evacuated due to the wildfires that swept an area of about 70 square kilometers in the central and eastern part of the U.S. state of Arizona, said on Thursday, Reuters.

Firefighters recovered at least four separate fire, the largest of which covered about 49 square kilometers of forest in 64 km from the state capital of Phoenix.

"We expect the situation worse. Forecasters predict dry weather and high winds, which makes the work of firefighters," — said in a statement center to fight forest fires.

Cause a fire, according to local authorities, are unquenched fires

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